Service Process

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After sales
We have over 20,000 products with a very complete range. so you can choose the products you like through our website.
Of course, if you have a favorite product picture, we can also customize or match similar products for you.
We have a professional sales team, we will give you a multi-proposal quotation according to your list or drawings as soon as possible.We will provide the estimated delivery date, weight, and cubic meters when we initially confirm the proposal.
If you have no experience in international import/export, we are happy to assist you with delivery and shipment issues.
Place an order
After confirming the order and delivering the deposit, we will give you feedback on the production situation at 3-5 days intervals so that you are clear about the progress of the goods
We have a strict quality control team
George has established a set of quality standards consistent with our European counterparts and a sophisticated quality management system to keep the standards on track. We oversee every process that affects quality, such as supplier selection and evaluation, raw material selection, and finished product inspection. We provide quality inspection reports and pictures of loaded containers
Quality inspection process
Raw Materials Testing
Salt Spray Testing
Aging Testing
Sample Testing of Finished Products
We have a professional after-sales service team to provide you with global service. Our service team will help you with all after-sales services