Nordic Style Villa in Oman

Location: Oman

Item: Pendant lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, wall lamp light strip and spotlight

Style: Nordic style

Material: Metal

Quantity: Entire house

The owner wanted a living space that was both soft and elegant, where the family could interact warmly and let a comfortable and pleasant feeling flow through the home. The designer used textured black, white and gray, wood and earth tones to create a light, elegant and simple living space without altering the hard framework, creating an artistic and textured space.

Living Room

The magnetic suction lamps have a strong orientation, freshness and design, in line with the customer’s ideal decoration style, magnetic suction lamps can also be adjusted according to the needs of the type of lamps to increase the number of lamps, the use of very flexible, so in the living room to install multiple rails to place different magnetic suction lamps, and use white lamps and black rails for a color clash design.

A linear chandelier in the center of the living room and a golden floor lamp next to the sofa enrich the space with a sense of hierarchy.

The warm light strip is hidden in the ceiling and the golden wall lamps on the back wall add color to the living room while aiding in the lighting.

Kitchen and dining room

The open kitchen is equipped with two square pendant lights that fit the size of the marble countertop, with the height staggered, basically at the level of the line of sight when a person stands.

Above the dining table, two white chandeliers with special designs are used, so that the whole space will not look monotonous because of the color and more design sense.

In the lounge area, a white mesh chandelier echoes the white sofa below, and the 3D shape increases the three-dimensionality of the space.

The overall space is illuminated by white spotlights, making the room more transparent and bright.

Master bedroom

The bedroom is designed without a main light, and like the living room, magnetic track lights are installed to ensure the brightness of the room lighting.

An invisible light strip above the bed adds a sense of atmosphere to the room

The designer also designed three small chandeliers in the same style above the bed, which are full of design and auxiliary lighting.

The main bathroom is designed with a flowerless lamp, keeping a simple style, using only the strip and spotlights for lighting.

Second bedroom

The overall furniture of the second bedroom is white, so the designer used more black lamps to echo it, wall lamps and floor lamps according to the customer’s needs to choose some basic minimalist style, the whole space is more qualitative.

The second floor of the space as a whole uses a dark color, the lamps also match the dark color echo, the open downlight makes the ceiling looks not so single, the living room uses a floor lamp with little presence to add to the design, the small chandelier in the room on the basis of the design of the minimalist style, but not lose the monotony of simplicity and casual.

The kitchen was designed with track lighting in accordance with the customer’s preference, so the spotlights used for auxiliary lighting were replaced with recessed installation, which does not make the ceiling look too complicated.

The light strip on the sink counter is used for lighting while adding a sense of atmosphere.

The bathroom uses both yellow and white light sources to make the overall black color less dull.


The bedroom as a whole is black, so the lamps do not add too much design in addition to the basic lighting, making the whole space more qualitative

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