Nordic Style Hotel Rooms in South Africa

Location: South Africa

Item: Pendant lamp, table lamp, wall lamp, light strip and spotlight

Style: Nordic style

Material: Metal

Quantity:45 set hotel rooms

The room bedside design uses black and gold color-coordinated wall sconces, and the design without main lights uses recessed spotlights for mainline lighting.

A screen separates the lounge area from the activity area, and a gold multi-headed pendant light is installed above the round marble dining table to ensure a simple overall style with a strong sense of design.

The bathroom’s golden Scandinavian chandelier is paired with wall sconces for the main lighting, adding spotlights for auxiliary lighting.

This room type is relatively bright colors, but the style is also simple, the design of the lamps and lanterns still uses a black and gold color scheme, the Nordic gold chandelier is the main lighting, and the bed is installed with wall lamps and table lamps respectively to provide the atmosphere at night.

The bathroom is simply illuminated by black wall lamps and recessed spotlights.

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