Nordic Style Hotel in Qatar

Location: Qatar

Item: Pendant lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, light strip and spotlight

Style: Nordic style

Material: Metal

Quantity: Entire hotel


The strong bohemian style can be felt as soon as you enter the hotel. The creamy white Scandinavian chandelier matches the green round table underneath, and the gold wall lamps and black spotlights are alternately installed on the ceiling and walls.

On the other side, green patterned wallpaper and sofas of the same length as the area and golden cylindrical floor lamps add a sense of design to the entire lobby.

Dining room

The style of the dining area is lighter in color, with beige sofas with gold Scandinavian chandeliers and white floor lamps increasing the layering of the space.

Corridor Aisle

The corridor is relatively simple, the door number of each room is illuminated by wall lamps, which is convenient for customers and can play a lighting role at the same time

Guest room

Every part of the room can feel the designer’s intention, although the room is separated from the outside, the overall style is echoed with the downstairs and more design sense. Each green mural is illuminated by black wall lamps, and the chandelier above the bed matches the style of the bed furniture, and there is no large chandelier in the center of the room, but hidden light strips in the ceiling and above the bed for illumination and a sense of atmosphere.

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