Nordic Style Hotel in Ethiopia

Location: Ethiopia

Item: Pendant lamp, wall lamp, table lamp  and spotlight

Style: Nordic style

Material: Metal

Quantity: Entire hotel

The overall atmosphere of the hotel has a homey feel. The hotel lobby leads to the shopping mall, which contains a bar and a cafe. The public and home-like feeling extend from the public spaces all the way to the rooms.

Living room

The chandelier in white gold color scheme looks advanced and simple, bright and sharp. The ideal height is to form a pool of light over the dining table, forming a focal point, highlighting the deliciousness of the food, drawing closer to the distance between the food, and the bright light gives a warm and pleasant atmosphere; the warm light spills down, the light is soft, warm, comfortable and charming.

The same style but different styles of table lamps and floor lamps bring different feelings to different rooms, and the concealed warm light in the ceiling brings a sense of hierarchy to the overall space of the house, making the whole room brighter but not abrupt.


Warm-toned wall sconces can be partially illuminated, which is comfortable and convenient for reading before bed and getting up; they do not hurt the eyes and also play a decorative role

Warm spotlights with sufficient illumination and soft light, avoiding the central light source to making eyes feel dizzy. Give people a relaxed and happy mood, so that the day’s work pressure at the moment of entering the bedroom gets released.

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