Nordic Style Apartment in Ukraine

Location: Ukraine

Item: Pendant lamp, floor lamp, table lamp and spotlight

Style:Modern style

Material: Metal

Quantity: Entire house

This apartment chooses elegant and retro design inspiration, but also meets the needs of customers, breaking the original design concept, and making the whole space more advanced. At the same time, the low-saturation tone highlights the simplicity of the space.

Choose a gray and white tone for the whole sitting room, let the whole space become purer, and reveal the elegance in the whole space again at the same time. The design of no main lamp highlights the hierarchy in the whole space, the huge floor lamp is even brighter in this space, plus the placement of green plants let the whole space have a natural breath, and the white piano embellished the romance in the whole space.

The kitchen and dining room are located in the same azimuth, stylist chooses a more open design concept, ensuring the unity sex in the whole space. In addition, the white marble shows the simplicity of the whole space, and the decoration of the light luxury metal chain in the whole space highlights the quality in the middle.

Enter the bedroom can see the geometric elements in the whole space, choose a few lines as the ornament in the space, and let the whole space become more administrative sex. At the same time, the large area of French window meets the lighting in the whole space, and the placement of green plants matching with floor lamp has brought vitality and freshness to the whole space again.

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