Nordic Style Apartment in South Africa

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Location: South Africa

Item: Pendant lamp, wall lamp, table lamp and spotlight

Style: Nordic style

Material: Metal

Quantity: Entire house

The designer used minimalistic but uncomplicated details to create a residential space that presents spirituality. The methodical textural details of the interior are perfectly presented, combined with the embellishment of the interior, the whole has a sense of proportion that tends to be perfect, and the materials give the whole space a reflection of the premium texture.

Living Room

The round ceiling lamp provides lighting for the living room, and the window is a huge floor-to-ceiling window with plenty of light, which makes the room bright enough without adding auxiliary lighting, and the white mushroom table lamp next to the sofa plays more of a decorative role.

Kitchen and dining room

A gold chandelier is installed above the not particularly large round wooden dining table to keep the overall tone consistent. The length of the pendant line is at an optimal height for a person standing at eye level.

The kitchen is also well-lit, so simply use spotlights for lighting.


The bedroom’s blue-gray walls and black bedside wall lamps match up very high class, and the decorative paintings add a touch of color to the walls.

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