Nordic Style Apartment in Libya

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Location: Libya

Item: Pendant lamp, wall lamp and spotlight

Style: Nordic style

Material: Metal

Quantity: Entire house

Living Room

The designer has designed the open space with sophisticated furniture and clean lines. The open space brings comfort to all the design, not only satisfying the needs of daily life but also reflecting the aesthetics of art. All the spaces in the living room are unpretentious and highly rational with reduced elements of decoration and color, showing the beauty of handwriting and modern minimalism.

The kitchen is connected to the living room, and the same combination of open spotlights and recessed spotlights is used on the ceiling, and a long pendant line light is added to the kitchen to increase the sense of space hierarchy.


The lighting in the bedroom will be more designed, the bedside Bamboo hanging line light echoes the greenery on one side, and the other side is installed with black wall lamps to match the overall furniture style, no main light in the ceiling, is designed to install embedded spotlights for the main lighting.

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