Modern Wooden House Hostel in Namibia

Location: Namibia

Item: Pendant lamp, wall lamp and table lamp  

Style: Modern style

Material: Metal

Quantity: Entire house

The combination of the concrete facade on the ground floor and the wooden facade on the upper level together build this natural place.

The ground floor contains the garage, snow storage, etc., while the upper floor contains the living space and bedrooms.

Living room

The high ceilings bring plenty of light into the living space, the walls and floors are clad in wood, and the light is chosen colorful to harmonize with the whole.


The kitchen as a whole is not as bright as the living room area and needs to be illuminated with a multi-headed chandelier so that it does not appear to be in marked contrast to the living room, and the warm light makes the food look more colorful.

The wall of the stairwell has three openings to bring the outdoor view into the interior, just like three paintings. The walls on either side feature minimalist wall lamps that provide a warm light effect.


The lighting in the bedroom is also very minimalist, with a gold chandelier providing simple lighting, and table lamps and wall lamps adding ambiance, simplicity and warmth to the space.

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