Modern Style Villa in Ethiopia

Location: Ethiopia

Item: Pendant lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp and spotlight

Style: Modern style

Material: Metal

Quantity: Entire house

The design of the space revolves around the interconnection between the building and the natural environment. By reducing decorative and colorful elements and using soft lines, neutral tones, and organic materials, the space is integrated with the landscape, creating a natural canvas of tranquility and distance from the hustle and bustle.

Living room

The living room as a whole is relatively high, and the pendant line lights can visually reduce the height of the floor, and the pendant line can also be adjusted at will according to the customer’s preference, and the material of bamboo echoes the house as a whole, adding natural elements. The room also uses black floor lamps for auxiliary lighting.

Kitchen and dining room

This area can be connected to the outdoors in a large area with plenty of light, so only the pendant lights were simply designed for lighting and decorating the space.


The bedroom is facing a huge floor-to-ceiling window, so the lighting in the room is more for decoration. The designer simply designed two white single-headed chandeliers to echo the style of the room and then installed two black bedside wall lamps to provide convenience for the client’s reading at night.

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