Modern Style Villa in Australia

Location: Australian

Item: Pendant lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp and spotlight

Style: Modern style

Material: Metal+glass

Quantity: Entire house

Situated on a rugged cliff, the villa draws inspiration from the raw beauty and tactility of its coastal landscape, and the interior visually responds to the natural forms of the ocean landscape. It is both minimalist and transcendent. A balance of landscape, architecture and interior in one extraordinary residence.


Minimalist white space with two design senses but not complicated Scandinavian chandelier, a small part of the black lamps so that the wall is not too single.

Living room

With panoramic views of the sea, the first-floor living spaces will turn your head.

Retaining the minimalist style, the living room is not designed with chandeliers, but with embedded spotlights for lighting, while the huge floor lamps are decorative while enriching the layering of the space.

Kitchen and dining room

The open kitchen visually widens the space, and the kitchen with a high usage rate uses recessed spotlights instead of pendant lights to reduce the adhesion of grease to a certain extent and reduce the burden of hygiene cleaning.

The dining room chandelier echoes the corridor and stairwell, taking into account the height of the floor and changing the height of the chandelier accordingly so that the light is at a level where people stand and look directly at.


The bedroom only needs a simple bedside wall lamp to decorate the room while aiding night lighting, and the bathroom is similarly matched to two wall lamps that correspond to the color of the walls for simple lighting.

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