Modern Style Hotel in Sudan

Location: Sudan

Item: Pendant lamp, wall lamp  and spotlight

Style:Modern style

Material: Metal

Quantity: Entire house

The hotel has a huge lounge and dining area on the first floor, with a white ceiling that is preserved as much as possible with a modest amount of chandeliers as the main lighting, and additional wall lamps for secondary lighting. White curtains separate the lounge area, adding a touch of warmth to the room while adding an airy, pure and fresh atmosphere. Different areas are matched with different chandeliers according to the style of the furniture, which have different shapes but can integrate the whole space well.

The hotel has 50 rooms, each closely connected to the outdoor scenery. The lighting in the rooms is mainly in white and original wood colors, with pendant line lights as the main lighting and open spotlights as auxiliary lighting, while bedside wall lamps are added to provide an atmosphere for reading, and every detail is carefully designed to allow visitors to experience the comfort of nature in an immersive way.

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