Modern Style Hotel in South Africa

Location: South Africa

Item: Pendant lamp, wall lamp, table lamp  and spotlight

Style: Modern style

Material: Metal

Quantity: Entire hotel

In this almost secluded and intimate place, we find an old building that started as a post office and stables but is now restored as a famous boutique hotel. The aura and traditional appearance of the spaces are preserved and harmoniously blended with a modern and up-to-date language.


The white spherical chandelier extends the vision upwards and enriches the sense of layering of space.

The wall lamps in the dining area stretch the vision horizontally, lighting and decorating the whole area.

The 20 rooms on the first and second floors of the building were designed to blend in with the existing historic structure, retaining as many of the original elements as possible, where you can feel the fusion of vintage and modern, with a combination of table lamps and wall sconces instead of chandeliers to achieve as much simplicity as possible, and bathrooms simply fitted with spotlights for illumination.

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