European Style Villa in Kenya

Location: Kenya

Item: Pendant lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, wall lamp and spotlight

Style: European style

Material: Metal

Quantity: Entire house

Living room

The living room is the first area of the house into the eyes of space, living room lamp is an important soft decoration in the living room of the house, the lighting of the living room plays a very important role, is also a very important decoration in the living room, so the choice of living room lamp is very important

Crystal chandeliers are used for overall lighting, surrounded by rail spotlights for regional accent lighting, using floor lamps, wall lamps to embellish the decoration, watching TV or reading, turn off the overhead lights to open the floor lamps are not harsh, but also make the environment look quiet and elegant, when the living room fewer people, you can close the main lighting, open a wall lamp can be.

Dining Room

The chandelier above the dining table is uniquely shaped, softly lit and simply colored. The faint light quietly reflected on the hot and delicious food can stimulate people’s appetite, create a warm out-of-home atmosphere and promote the physical and mental health of the family. The use of spotlights and chandeliers light a clever match to get the lighting needs.


The revolving staircase surrounds a three-story high gold full-sky star chandelier with recessed downlights above the staircase to illuminate the stair steps.

The staircase’s deck area is very wide and designed as a small lounge area with black rail spotlights as the main lighting and a decorative painting on the wall next to it plus a wall sconce to accent it.


The long chandelier above the desk is very atmospheric and can meet the lighting, and the floor lamp is designed to enrich the layering of space and assist in lighting, providing very comfortable office space.


According to the different styles of different rooms, the designer made different designs for different rooms, and the overall color did not leave the simple, basic color scheme of black and white, but made each room very different and distinctive.


The bathroom lighting design is also full of style, with square crystal chandeliers in the main bath showing elegance, and single-headed chandeliers in combination with a sense of atmosphere.

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