European Style Villa in Ethiopia

Location: Ethiopia

Item: Pendant lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp and spotlight

Style: European style

Material: Metal

Quantity: Entire house

Understanding the client’s preference for a textured European style, the designer used a large number of crystals to integrate into each room and used a large number of black and gold color schemes to retain the original style of the house while enhancing the premium feel of the space.

Living Room

By dividing the layout of the living room reasonably, the designer built a spacious and flowing public space with a circular migratory movement line, and the whole space has a comfortable sense of scale and freedom.

The designer designed a large crystal chandelier according to the customer’s favorite and requirements and after continuous communication with the customer, matched it with a floor lamp of the same style.

In addition, the designer also matched the table lamp and wall lamp according to the overall style, so that the whole living room has no dead corner of light and gives people an exquisite and noble feeling.

Corridors and aisles

The corridors and aisles are also designed with a large number of light fixtures, with track lights used to illuminate and highlight the decorations on both sides, and decorative wall sconces used as secondary lighting.

The decorative wall sconces are used for auxiliary lighting, and also inject warm colors into the interior to bring out the elegant tone of the space.

Dining room

The unique design chandelier in the dining room is like a dynamic pentagram, bringing a sense of rhythm to the cozy life.

Recessed spotlights and track spotlights are used to increase the brightness of the room.

Kitchen bar

No main lighting echoes the overall dark style

A row of track lights above the bar provides accent lighting on one wall, as does the decorative sculpture next to it


The bedroom is decorated with a white disc crystal chandelier and white spotlights to ensure enough light in the room and to enrich the ceiling level.

The unique table lamps placed on both sides of the bed also add a touch of charm to the room


The long chandelier above the bathtub is one of the most unique designs in the bathroom, allowing customers to enjoy life to a great extent while feeling beautiful.

Auxiliary lighting in the bathroom with some recessed ceiling spotlights

Dressing room

The lighting design of the dressing room is relatively minimalist but not simple, with warm yellow light strips filling every corner of the closet, and the light from the open rail spotlights above the ceiling shining irregularly to different parts of the room.

The two pendant lights above the dressing table are decorative and also enrich the light of the room.

The wall sconce on one side of the wall instead of decorative painting also makes the white wall not monotonous


The office is the most thoughtful place in the whole design process, not a single place at the same time not too complicated, everything should be just right

The white crystal chandelier on the ceiling and the black staggered magnetic track spotlights echo in color.

The gray table lamp also makes the whole room look more qualitative

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