European Style Hotel Lobby in Qatar

Location: Qatar

Item: Pendant lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, light strip and spotlight

Style: European style

Material: Metal+crystal

Quantity: Entire hall

Hotel lobby reception

The space is large enough, so a certain number of lamps are needed for lighting, but too many lamps will look cumbersome, and too few will be not bright enough and depressing, so the designer made an overall match of the space up, down, left and right.

The designer chose three crystal chandeliers of moderate length for the ceiling, and then concealed two circles of light strips in the ceiling so that the light is not visible.

The warm-colored wall lamps around the walls are of equal length with the mural next to them, and the floor lamps and table lamps on both sides of the sofa are staggered to achieve symmetry and a sense of design, making the whole reception hall elegant and high class.

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