European Style Hotel in Libya

Location: Libya

Item: Pendant lamp, table lamp, wall lamp, light belt and spotlight

Style: European style

Material: Metal

Quantity: Entire hotel

This is a European style hotel, with buildings surrounding a small square to provide leisure for guests. The essential outdoor night is lighting, which gives light in the darkness and extends the time for people to move around at night. The first and second floors are decorated with warm wall lamps on the exterior walls to provide illumination while reflecting a strong humanistic atmosphere, complementing simplicity and elegance.

Interior corridors and lounges

The arched corridor with some downlights will ruin its beauty, but the European wall lamps can balance and decorate the walls well, and the table lamp on the bar also decorate the space.

Guest room

The same style can be matched with a different effect, in this hotel rooms are reflected in the room, the room lighting is minimalist but not simple, the same European-style chandeliers as the main lighting and table lamps used for night reading and night lighting design, but each one is very different.

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