Mirror Lamp

Mirror lamp is an auxiliary lighting fixture installed on or around the mirror. It is mainly used in toilets, dressing tables and other places to provide clear, soft and natural light for people looking in the mirror, which is convenient for makeup, dressing up, washing and other activities.

There are different types, styles, light sources, materials, etc. of mirror lamps, which can be selected according to different needs and preferences. The installation and maintenance of mirror lamps also need to pay attention to some details to ensure the beauty and safety of the lamps.

Mirror Lamp Style

European style mirror lamp

European Style Mirror Lamp

Mirror lamps inspired by European classical culture are usually made of copper, iron, crystal, glass and other materials to create a noble, luxurious and romantic atmosphere.
Luxury style mirror lamp

Luxury Style Mirror Lamp

Mirror lamps characterized by luxury, magnificence and nobility are usually made of crystal, copper, glass and other materials, with complex shapes and dazzling colors.
Modern style mirror lamp

Modern Style Mirror Lamp

Mirror lamps characterized by simplicity, fashion and practicality are usually made of aluminum, iron, acrylic and other materials, with smooth and minimal shapes and plain colors.


  • According to the style, the mirror lamps have various forms such as strips, chandeliers, wall lights, and light strips, which can be selected according to the decoration style and personal preferences.
  • According to the light source, there are various types of incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and LEDs in front of the mirror. Generally, LED light sources are recommended because they are energy-saving, long-lasting, and highly designable. According to the usage scenarios, the mirror lamps have various uses such as bedroom dressing table mirror lamps, washbasin mirror lamps, bathroom mirror lamps, etc. It is necessary to pay attention to the waterproof and anti-fog functions of different scenarios.

It is necessary to install the mirror lamp, because it can improve the lighting effect of the bathroom or dressing table, so that people who look in the mirror can see the details of their face clearly, and it is convenient for makeup, skin care, washing and other activities. At the same time, the mirror lamp can also increase the beauty and atmosphere of the bathroom or dressing table, match the decoration style and furniture style, and show personality and taste.

  1. Consider the decoration style of your home and choose colors and shapes that match it.
  2. Consider the quality of mirror lamps, choose high-quality light sources, driving power and materials, and pay attention to waterproof and anti-fog functions.
  3. Consider the optical performance of mirror lamps, choose high color rendering index, moderate brightness and color temperature, uniform and soft light.
  4. Consider the size and function of the mirror lamp, choose the appropriate length and height according to the actual space and needs, and whether functions such as rotatable or adjustable are required.

Mirror lamps should choose LED light sources, because LED light sources have the advantages of low power consumption, long life, high brightness, high color rendering index, and true color restoration. In addition, the mirror headlight should choose a linear light source or a lamp that diffuses light to avoid glare and ghosting.

The natural light color temperature of about 4000K should be selected for the front light of the mirror, so that the person in front of the mirror can look more natural and comfortable. Too high or too low color temperature will affect people’s skin tone and makeup effect.

The mirror headlight should be installed above or on both sides of the mirror, about 20-30cm higher than the mirror. If it is a strip light, it is generally slightly narrower than the width of the mirror. If it is a chandelier or wall lamp, it should generally be parallel to the mirror. The angle of the mirror headlight can also be adjusted as needed, so that the light is evenly distributed on the face.

  1. When decorating the house, reserve the mirror headlight line, then fix the mirror headlight on the wall or mirror, and hide the wiring on the back of the mirror;
  2. Use the mirror headlight without punching, and use double-sided tape or screws to paste or hang the mirror headlight on the wall or mirror;
  3. Use removable mirror headlights, use suction cups or clips to fix the mirror headlights on the wall or mirror, and use batteries or sockets for power supply.

Mirror headlights should be wiped regularly with a dry cloth to avoid moisture intrusion. If it is used in the bathroom, it is best to choose a mirror headlight with waterproof and anti-fog functions. Also, do not hang items or dry laundry on the mirror. When the mirror headlights are found to be aging, discolored, damaged, etc., replace or repair them in time.

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