Fan Lamp

Ceiling fan lamp is a creative lamp that perfectly combines lamp and ceiling fan. It can be used as a lighting fixture. It has the decoration of lamp and the practical function of fan. It perfectly embodies classic and modern, and it is the first choice for interior decoration.

The lamp and fan of the ceiling fan lamp are controlled separately, but two electrical appliances with different functions are combined together. As long as the installation is firm, there will be no problems and it can be used very conveniently.

Fan Lamp Style

Luxury style fan lamp

Luxury Style Fan Lamp

Decorative fan lamp, combined with exquisite lampshades, pendants, carvings and other elements, create a noble and elegant atmosphere.
Classic style fan lamp

Classic Style Fan Lamp

Fan lamps with elegant style and cultural atmosphere are usually designed in wood, copper or antique, creating a classical atmosphere.
Modern style fan lamp

Modern Style Fan Lamp

It usually adopts a simple, stylish, and functional design, with functions such as LED lighting, remote control adjustment, and forward and reverse.


Fan lamps can be installed in living room, dining room, bedroom, study and other spaces, but fan lamps with appropriate size, style, material and performance should be selected according to the area, height, style and needs of the space.

The advantage of the fan lamp is that it can provide lighting, ventilation, heat dissipation and decoration functions. At the same time, it can be used with air conditioners to reduce indoor temperature and promote air flow, improve comfort and energy saving effects. The disadvantage of the fan light is that it may take up a certain amount of space, and it is troublesome to install and clean. The quality of the motor and fan blades will also affect the service life and noise of the fan light.

The motor is the core component that affects the performance of the fan lamp. Generally, a silicon steel motor with a pure copper coil should be selected. This kind of motor runs smoothly and smoothly, with low friction, low noise, and longer service life. In addition, compared with ordinary DC motors, DC inverter motors have much lower energy consumption. The structure of the fan blade has a great influence on the service life of the fan lamp and whether it is easy to clean. Generally, the design of bearing + spring or four-axis linkage should be selected, so as to ensure the smooth opening and contraction of the fan blade, and it is also convenient to wipe.

The quality of light mainly depends on whether there is blue light, whether there is strobe, whether there is dimming function, etc. Blue light and strobe can cause damage to the eyes and should be avoided as much as possible. The dimming function can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light according to different scenes and needs, and improve the lighting effect. The material of the lampshade mainly depends on whether it has high light transmission, whether it is soft and not dazzling, and whether it is not easy to yellow. Generally, you should choose a lampshade made of PMMA acrylic, which has the above advantages.

The installation of the fan lamp requires a professional master to operate, do not do it yourself, so as not to cause safety hazards. When installing, ensure the firmness of the suspension rod and hook to avoid loosening or falling of the fan lamp. After installation, check whether the circuit is normal, whether the remote control is effective, whether the fan light is running smoothly, whether the noise is normal, etc.

The cleaning and maintenance of the fan lamp should be carried out regularly, generally every six months or one year. When cleaning, first disconnect the power supply, and gently wipe the lampshade, fan blades, motor and other components with a clean soft cloth or a feather brush. Do not wipe with water or a wet cloth to avoid leakage or short circuit. During maintenance, check whether the boom and hook are loose, whether the circuit is aging, whether there is abnormal noise in the fan lamp, etc., and repair or replace it in time if there is any abnormality.

The service life of the fan lamp is related to factors such as its quality, frequency of use, and use environment. Generally speaking, fan lights with good quality can be used for more than 5 years, and fan lights with poor quality may only be used for 2-3 years. High frequency of use, humid environment, large temperature difference and other conditions will shorten the service life of the fan lamp. Therefore, pay attention to the brand and quality when choosing a fan lamp, and pay attention to cleaning and maintenance when using it.

The following aspects should be considered in the purchase of fan lights: size, motor, fan blades, lighting, style and after-sales. The size should be selected according to the area and floor height of the room; the motor should be DC variable frequency brushless motor, which is energy-saving and quiet, and can also be reversed; the fan blade should be made of PC material, which is tough, durable and easy to clean; the lighting should be selected A light source with no flicker and no blue light, it is best to be able to adjust the color temperature and brightness; choose the style that suits your home decoration style and preferences; after-sales service depends on whether installation and warranty are included.

As an independent lighting category, fan lights have many professional brands worth recommending. For example, Philips, OP, Panasonic, Yongyi Yufeng and so on. These brands have their own characteristics and advantages, and the quality is relatively reliable. For specific model recommendations, you can refer to some shopping guides or articles on the Internet.

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