Commercial Lighting

Commercial lighting fixtures refer to lighting equipment used in commercial places, such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, offices, institutions, etc., mainly those spaces that are not residential, industrial or manufacturing.

According to different uses and effects, there are many types of commercial lighting, such as LED spotlights, LED light strips, smart interconnected LED lighting, etc. We can provide customization of commercial lighting to create a specific feel or atmosphere in a commercial space. Commercial lighting can be used to convey a level of energy, trigger a specific mood, or increase productivity.

Commercial lighting tends to have a higher initial cost, longer lifespan, better durability, higher maintenance costs, and better energy-saving options than other types of lighting.

Types of Commercial Lighting

Lamp tube

Lamp Tube

Tubular bulbs, there are two main types of tubes, LED tubes and fluorescent tubes. They differ in terms of energy efficiency, longevity, and brightness.
Light bulb

Light Bulb

A device that emits light through an electric current. There are various types of light bulbs such as incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, LED, etc.
Magnetic suction lamp

Magnetic Suction Lamp

The lamps are magnetically attached to the track, and the position and angle of the lamps can be adjusted conveniently.
Office light

Office Light

There are many types and styles of office lamps. You can choose the appropriate office lamps according to the size, style, purpose and budget of your office on our official website.
Light strip and aluminum groove

Light Strip and Aluminum Groove

The light strip consists of multiple LED lights that can emit different colors and brightness. The aluminum channel is an aluminum channel used to install and fix the light strip.
Panel lamp

Panel Lamp

For installation on suspended grid ceilings or recessed ceilings, it provides long-lasting, energy-efficient, uniform light.
Recessed downlight

Recessed Downlight

Usually embedded in the ceiling, it can shine light downwards. The light emitting surface is usually covered by diffused acrylic (PMMA/PC), and the light source is soft and uniform.
Recessed spotlight

Recessed Spotlight

The spotlight with the lamp body embedded in the ceiling, the beam is concentrated and directional, and the angle can be adjusted.
Downlight and spotlight

Downlight and Spotlight

The light source of the spotlight is concentrated, and the light source of the downlight is uniform. Spotlights are used for background walls, while downlights are used for aisles.
Track light

Track Light

The light installed on a similar track can adjust the irradiation angle arbitrarily, can be installed on the wall, and is suitable for various indoor lighting scenes.

Commercial Lighting Exhibition Hall Viewing

We are showing you George Light's lighting exhibition hall.


  • There are three main materials of LED lamp tubes: glass, aluminum-plastic and all-plastic. Among them, the sales volume of all-plastic LED lamp tubes is relatively high, because it adopts acrylic cover with high light transmittance and PC material with excellent thermal conductivity, and is designed with cooling holes, which can effectively reduce temperature and prolong life.
  • LED itself has the characteristics of high conversion rate and low heat generation, so there is not much difference in performance between different materials. Which material to choose is mostly a matter of personal preference and budget.
  • Bulbs can be roughly divided into functions: Basic lighting type, which is mainly used for lighting to improve brightness; decorative lighting type, which is used in conjunction with lighting to create a better lighting atmosphere and enhance lighting art.
  • Bulbs can be roughly divided into types: LED bulbs, which are the most popular products on the market at present, and the power is basically 3W-50W; LED flying saucer lights. Dust-proof and splash-proof water, the power is mostly 18W-50W; LED corn bulbs, the main purpose of this type of bulbs is garden lights, column lights, street lights, etc.; LED street light bulbs, the commonality of these bulbs is E40 The lamp holder, the light source face down, good brightness, waterproof.
  • Other types include: Candle bulbs, suitable for exposed chandeliers or wall lamps, etc.; plug-in bulbs (G4/G9), suitable for post-modern or artistic personalized lamps or mirror front lights, etc.; antique bulbs bubbles, suitable for setting off retro or other special atmosphere occasions.
  • It can increase the layering, design and atmosphere of the space, and highlight the texture of the background wall or other key elements.
  • It can provide soft, uniform and non-glare lighting effects, and reduce the oppression of the space caused by low floor heights.
  • It can save energy, reduce electricity consumption, prolong life, and be environmentally friendly and pollution-free, especially when using LED light stripsor aluminum groove light strips.
  • Different color temperature, brightness, angle, position and other parameters can be selected according to different needs to achieve diversified and intelligent control.
  • Home space: Magnetic lights can meet the basic lighting and accent lighting needs of home space, especially the minimalist style design. Magnetic lights not only play the role of lighting, but also can be used as a part of the background wall or top surface.
  • Office environment: Magnetic lamps can improve the atmosphere and quality of the office environment, and at the same time can achieve flexible adjustment and modular matching to meet the lighting needs of different areas and functions.
  • Kitchen and bathroom space: The magnetic suction lampcan realize the design of no main lamp in the kitchen and bathroom space, and the overall effect is more simple. At the same time, it can also provide a uniform and soft floodlight effect and a focusing effect in front of the mirror.
  • The light should be healthy and comfortable, bright but not glaring, mild but not hot;
  • Appropriate illumination can make employees feel comfortable, and it is generally required to reach A level or AA level.
  • The color rendering index should be high, which can restore the true color of the object, especially for employees who need to draw and draw.
  • The color temperature should be appropriate, and the warm and cold light should be matched according to different areas and functions.
  • The appropriate form, position and quantity of lamps and lanterns should be selected to avoid glare, shadow and reflection and other factors that affect visual effects and comfort.
  • Different areas have different lighting requirements and astyles, such as the reception desk, open office area, personal office, meeting room, leisure area, meeting area, public passage, etc.

There are two types of panel lights: direct-lit and side-lit.

  • The advantages of the direct-type panel light are sufficient brightness and cost control, but the disadvantages are that glare is inevitable, there are dark areas, the light body is thick, and transportation and installation are relatively inconvenient.
  • Side-emitting panel lights have the advantages of light weight, thin body, convenient installation and transportation, etc., but the disadvantage is that they are prone to uneven light emission. The price of side-emitting LED panel lightsis more expensive than that of direct-type ones, because the technology of side-emitting LED panel lights is relatively complicated.
  • When choosing a recessed downlight, the appropriate size and power should be determined according to the size and height of the installation location, as well as the desired lighting effect. In general:
    1. The larger the size, the larger the luminous area and the softer the light; the smaller the size, the smaller the luminous area and the more concentrated the light.
    2. The higher the power, the higher the brightness and the higher the power consumption; the lower the power, the lower the brightness and the lower the power consumption.
    3. The higher the installation height, the higher the required power; the lower the installation height, the lower the required power.
  • It is important to choose the appropriate size and power according to different occasions and uses. In general:
    1. 2-4 inches (5-10 cm), 5-15 watts of LED downlightsshould be used for home lighting;
    2. Commercial lighting should use 4-6 inches (10-15 cm), 15-30 watts of LED downlights;
    3. 6-8 inches (15-20 cm), 30-50 watts of LED downlightsshould be used for engineering lighting.

One is to change the relative position of the light source and the reflector by rotating or pushing and pulling the lamp head, thereby changing the size and shape of the light outlet. The other is to change the size and shape of the light outlet by installing lenses or color filters of different shapes and sizes. When adjusting the beam angle, care should be taken to keep the seal between the lamp and the opening to prevent dust from entering.

  • Living room, dining room, bedroom and other spaces that need to create a warm atmosphere are suitable for choosing warm colors (2700K-4000K).
  • Neutral white (4000K-5000K) is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, study rooms and other spaces that require clear and bright spaces.
  • Cool white (5000K-6500K) is suitable for display cabinets, picture frames, handicrafts and other objects that need to highlight details and textures.
  • Installation method: The magnetic track lightattaches the lighting components to the track through magnetic attraction, while the ordinary track needs to fix the lighting components on the track with buckles or screws.
  • Installation effect: The magnetic track lightlooks more concise and beautiful because there are no exposed parts such as buckles or screws; while ordinary tracks will have some parts that affect the overall aesthetics.
  • Convenient operation: Magnetic track lightsare easier to adjust or replace lamp components because of the magnetic suction method; while ordinary track lights require tools to disassemble or install.

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