Once a symbol of power and wealth, chandeliers are now symbols of modern elegance where everyone can have their own. Place it anywhere in your home in your bedroom, living room, dining room or patio to enhance your interior design.

Adding a chandelier to your home can add to the beauty of your interior design. There are many different styles of chandeliers to choose from, so it's important to be familiar with each one.

Chandelier Style

Luxury style chandelier

Luxury Style Chandelier

The crystals are made of glass containing lead oxide, which provides a brighter and prismatic appearance. The luxurious style of a crystal chandelier adds drama to any space in your home.
Design style chandelier

Design Style Chandelier

The size of the chandelier can be customized according to the space size of the specific area, and the choice of color is not limited, so that it is not only more coordinated and beautiful from the layout point of view, but also more classy.
Modern style chandelier

Modern Style Chandelier

A modern chandelier exudes a more futuristic feel. They are a minimalist presentation with a very stylish style. The clear edges and geometric shapes of modern chandeliers perfectly complement the world of the digital age.
European style chandelier

European Style Chandelier

European-style chandeliers pay attention to the carvings on lines, shapes and colors, and some will deliberately create an old-fashioned effect with artificial rust, dark paint, etc., giving people a classical feeling visually.
Small-scale style chandelier

Small Scale Style Chandelier

When you feel like a large chandelier doesn't fit in your space and you need to improve the lighting of any smaller space, a small-scale style chandelier is the way to go when it's small and sophisticated.

Don't Know How to Choose the Right Chandelier for You?

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Different styles need to be matched with different chandeliers. For example, you can choose glass lamps and fan lights for rural style, and you can choose European classical crystal chandeliers for European style. If you are still uncertain about the style of the chandelier, you can choose the fastest way, which is to contact us to customize the chandelier for you. We have a professional lighting design team to meet your needs.

The installation height of the chandelier should be determined according to the floor height and function of the room. Generally speaking, the bottom of the chandelier is 2.2m~2.6m from the ground, which is an ideal space. If the floor height of the room is low, the height of the chandelier can be appropriately reduced, but not lower than 1.9m, so as not to affect people’s activities and sight.

The size of the chandelier should be selected according to the installation location and the size of the space. Generally speaking, the size of the living room chandelier is larger than that of the bedroom chandelier, because the area and height of the living room are usually larger than that of the bedroom. The specific selection methods are as follows:

  • Living room chandelier

The diameter is determined according to the area of ​​the living room. Generally, each square meter corresponds to a diameter of 2-3 cm. For example, if the living room is 20 square meters, you can choose a 40-60 cm chandelier.

  • Bedroom chandelier

The diameter is determined according to the width of the bedside table or mattress, generally no more than 80% of the width of the bedside table or mattress. For example, if the bedside table or mattress is 1.5 meters, then you can choose a chandelier under 1.2 meters.

For chandeliers, it is recommended to choose lamps that allow the light source to shine downward. The color rendering index should not be lower than 90Ra, the higher the index, the stronger the reduction.

The brightness of the chandelier should be selected according to the size, function and atmosphere of the room. Generally speaking, the living room needs bright and uniform lighting, the dining room needs warm and comfortable lighting, and the bedroom needs soft and soothing lighting. Specifically, the following suggestions can be referred to:



Color Temperature

Living room



Dining room






The service life of the chandelier is related to the material, quality, power, light source and other factors of the lamp. According to different use environments and conditions, the life of LED lamps may range from thousands of hours to tens of thousands of hours.

  • Do not install the chandelier in a humid or high temperature place, otherwise it will be corroded or damaged.
  • Do not switch the chandelier frequently, otherwise it will affect the stability of the circuit and light source.
  • Clean and dust your chandeliers regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust and grime.
  • Choose a light source with appropriate power and color temperature to avoid too bright or too dark to affect the visual effect.

Wipe gently with a clean soft cotton cloth. Chandeliers can be restored to luster without water or other cleaning agents. When wiping, pay attention to gently hold the chandelier with your hands, and pay attention to your own safety at high places.

Chandeliers have the following common faults and solutions:

  1. If the chandelier does not light up, it may be caused by a broken power line, damaged switch, loose socket or damaged light source. You can check and replace the corresponding parts;
  2. The chandelier flickers, which may be caused by voltage instability, poor contact, dimmer failure or light source aging. You can adjust the voltage, clean the connectors, repair the dimmer or replace the light source;
  3. If the chandelier falls or tilts, it may be caused by loose installation, insufficient load-bearing capacity or external force impact, etc. The chandelier can be reinstalled and strengthened.

There are several ways and suggestions for environmental protection and energy saving for chandeliers:

  1. Choose high-efficiency and low-consumption light sources such as LED lamps and energy-saving lamps, which can save electricity and reduce carbon emissions.
  2. Choose to use dimmable or intelligently controlled chandeliers, which can adjust the brightness according to different times, scenes and needs, so as to avoid wasting light energy.
  3. Choose chandeliers made of natural or recyclable materials, which can reduce resource consumption and pollution.
  4. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the chandelier can prolong its service life and reduce the frequency of replacement.

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