Saudi Arabia Lighting Retail Store

Location: Saudi Arabia Type: outdoor lights, downlights, spotlights Quantity: 700+ This lighting retail store in Saudi Arabia mainly sells outdoor lights and commercial lights. The store owner divided his store into small areas and laid out the lights separately according to different categories, which is neat and beautiful. The customer informed us of his needs, […]

Russian Small Light Store

Location: Russia Time: 2021 Type: Chandeliers, table lamps, wall lamps, downlights, spotlights Quantity: 300+ This is a lighting retail store in Russia, the store area is relatively small but wants to have a variety of lamps, the store owner told us his problem, we helped him to do some design layout, using the smallest space […]

Melbourne Light Shop

Location: Melbourne, Australia Time: 2021 Type: Crystal Chandelier Quantity: 300+ This is a lighting store in Melbourne, Australia, the owner mainly sells some European-style crystal chandeliers in the area, and of course other styles of lighting. The store owner found us through the website, we learned that his customer feedback that his previous product quality […]

Lighting Store in Malaysia

Location: Malaysia Time: 2020 Type: pendant light Quantity: more than 600 pieces This is a lighting store in Malaysia, we designed his store showroom and provided him with some lighting that the locals liked. The owner not only liked our design, but was satisfied with the quality of our products, and a few months after he […]

Lighting Shop in Thailand

Location: Thailand Time: 2020 Type: pendant light, table lamp, spotlight and downlight Quantity: more than 500 pieces This is a retail lighting shop in Thailand. The client purchased a number of luxury and modern chandeliers as well as downlights and spotlights for lighting from our company. The customer was very satisfied with our products and […]

Lighting Shop in America

Location: America Time: 2019 Type: pendant light, table lamp, spotlight and downlight Quantity: more than 1000 pieces The customer was introduced to us by another customer who had previously come to our showroom to buy lamps, so the customer trusted us very much. The customer told us his needs and we recommended products to him, […]

Lighting Retail Store in Nigeria

Location: Nigeria Type: pendant light Quantity: more than 700 pieces A very big lighting retail store in Nigeria cooperated with our company to supply them. For the first time, they bought a large number of European crystal chandeliers and some industrial chandeliers and gave us some pictures back after receiving the goods. This store is doing […]

Lighting Retail Store in Australia

Location: Australia Type: chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, downlights, spotlights, etc. All kinds of lamps Quantity: more than 1200 pieces This customer in Australia had been to the company before and had purchased lamps for his own house. When he wanted to open a local lighting retail store, he first thought of us […]

Italy Light Shop

Location: Italy Time: 2019 Type: chandeliers, outdoor lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps Quantity: more than 500 pieces This is a lighting store in Italy, it has a very good location and the owner has good taste, she chooses some of our unique designs and well-selling lights, she likes our products, both in terms of price […]

Lighting Store in New Zealand

Location: New Zealand Time: 2020 Type: Various styles of chandeliers Quantity: 500+ New Zealand sea area salt is relatively heavy, so the requirements of metal objects will be higher After we learned the situation, we showed the salt test report of the product to the customer. After a period of communication, we helped him design […]