Why Are Magnetic Suction Lamps so Pupular?

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I. What is a magnetic lighting and what are its features?

Magnetic lamp, the full name is magnetic suction track lamp, is a kind of linear magnetic lighting fixture. It uses magnetism to adsorb the lamp assembly on the track, and the conductive sheet in the lamp assembly is in elastic contact with the conductive strip in the track body, so as to supply power to the lamp assembly.

1. Features of Magnetic Lamps

Minimalist Shape & Strong Decoration

The style of the magnetic lights is minimal, and the appearance of the lamp itself and its lighting method are already decorative.

At the same time, it can create a rich space of light and shadow, full of technology, which is in line with the aesthetics of modern people, and is also the best choice for designers to outline the space lines. In the later stage, when you feel that the brightness of the existing lights is not suitable, you can increase or decrease the lighting modules on the track at the least cost, increase the fault tolerance of the magnetic track light design, and reduce the cost of dismantling and modification.

High Security

Most of the  magnetic flashing lights are designed with 24V or 48V low voltage. There is no danger of electric shock when installing and replacing lamps or directly touching the track with hands. At the same time, The fixture has a safety catch stuck in the inner wall of the track, press the safety button before releasing the catch, no need to worry about the magnetic working light being touched off  accidentally.

Easy Installation & Convenient Maintenance

Just installate the track in advance, and the magnetic LED work light can be sucked up in one second. If the light is broken, release the buckle and directly remove it for inspection or replacement. Widely used in shopping malls, exhibition halls, hotels, restaurants, clubs, supermarkets, office buildings and other open space lighting places. With the popularity of mainless lamp design in home decoration, magnetic track lights are also loved by more and more people.

Powerful Lighting & High Flexibility

The magnetic work light is all on the track, no need for multiple openings, hidden lines, and can be equipped with different lamps. There are many light source modules for magnetic LED lights, including floodlights, grille lights,  magnetic spotlights, pendant lights, etc., which can satisfy various space lighting, and can freely increase or decrease the number of magnetic LED lights, move freely, and adjust the angle freely.

2. Application Scenarios of Magnetic Track Light

The magnetic flashing light has strong applicability. One magnetic suction rail can support different types of lighting modules, so the application scenarios are also wider, and it can be used as basic lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting.

Basic lighting

Basic lighting is mostly used in homes, offices, hotels and other places without main lights, which can make space lighting without dead ends, and the light is uniform and soft.

In the deep living room space, the light and shadow of the whole space are uniform, and the sense of openness of the whole space is enhanced.

It is used in the dining room to make up for the brightness of the space lacking sunlight.

On the bedside and the top of the bed in the bedroom, the light is soft, which satisfies the functional needs of daily life and enhances the atmosphere at the same time.

It is used in the kitchen operation area, so that the entire space has no lighting blind spots.

Applied to the public leisure area of the office area, themagnetic LED light bar is soft and natural, making the space bright and comfortable.

Applied to the public leisure area of the office area, themagnetic LED light bar is soft and natural, making the space bright and comfortable.

It is used in the bathroom to form a rich and layered light and shadow effect with the lighting design of the mirror, the cloakroom and the skirting, and improve the texture of the space.

It is used in the office reception area, and the magnetic light bar is evenly distributed, which increases the integrity and openness of the space.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is popular in commercial lighting and exhibition halls. It is used for accent lighting of commodities or exhibits to make it more intuitive, enhance material texture, and have a more artistic atmosphere.

The magnetic lighting  is used for galleries, exhibition space display areas and museums, so that the exhibits present the most perfect visual effects and enhance the artistic atmosphere.

The rechargeable magnetic work light is used for the shelves in the supermarket sales area, making the items on the shelves more attractive, thereby increasing the purchase demand.

The magnetic LED light is used for shops and shopping mall sales areas. Through the orientation of light, it is skillfully combined with the display design to highlight the texture of the products themselves.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting is mostly used to brighten the wall, enhance the change and layering of the space, and create a suitable atmosphere. By brightening the wall and matching it with other magnetic LED lights, it presents rich light and shadow effects and enhances the design charm of the space.

II. How to match the magnetic lightings? What are the common installation methods of magnetic track lights?

With the continuous rise of the design trend of mainless lamps and the higher pursuit of line aesthetics in modern decoration, many people have begun to pay attention to magnetic track lights in home decoration.

1. The Principle of Magnetic Lamp

The magnetic track light is a way of magnetically attaching the lighting components to the track in the form of magnetic attraction.

Under the condition of ensuring reliable power connection, it is more convenient to install and remove the magnetic flashing light components, and it is also convenient for daily maintenance and repair.

Use the conductive strips in the lamp assembly to elastically contact the conductive strips in the track body to supply power to the lamp assembly, and connect the power to the lamp assembly. Stable and reliable.

Use the conductive strips in the lamp assembly to elastically contact the conductive strips in the track body to supply power to the lamp assembly, and connect the power to the lamp assembly. Stable and reliable.

And it can be flexibly matched with different styles and quantities of track lamps according to various needs, and can be arbitrarily spliced to the track according to the purpose when the power allows.

2. Matching of Magneticlamps and Lanterns

Linear Floodlight

Astigmatic light effect, wide luminous surface, soft light, play the role of evenly illuminating the space, and use as basic lighting.

Grille Light

Concentrating light effect, the light shines down vertically, anti-glare magnetic spotlight role, used as accent lighting.

Track Spotlight

Concentrating light effect, the irradiation angle can be adjusted Casually, and the light can be accurately delivered to the area that need to be highlighted.

Folding Grille Light

Concentrating light effect, can be folded up and down, the light direction can be adjusted, used as accent lighting.

Pendant Light

Concentrating light effect, as central lighting.

Such as background walls, wall paintngs and decorations.

Such as illuminating the background wall.

Use above the dining room and used for reading and decorating next to the sofa.

3. Common design and matching methods of magnetic track lights

Straight line of magnetic lighting: 

Fresh and beautiful.

Back type of magnetic LED light:

Large flat-floor living room, super large.

7 type of magnetic work light:


Ceiling and wall integration: 

Continuous and beautiful.

4. The Installation Method of Magnetic Lighting

Pre-embedded Installation

Reserve a slot in the place where the magnetic LED light needs to be installed, and integrate the track into the decoration base.

This is the most common installation method for magnetic lamps.

Ash Batch Installation

This is a very common installation method for magnetic lamps. It is necessary to reserve a slot first, and then fix the track to batch ash.

If it is not handled properly, it is easy to cause screw points or ash drop, which affects the appearance.

Ceiling Installation

Ceiling installation is often used in places without suspended ceilings, or a remedy plan for installing magnetic light bars but no reserved slots, the same as the installation method of surface-mounted track strips.

The ceiling installation of magnetic suction lamps are used in living rooms.

Hanging Installation

The advantage is that the height of the magnetic LED work light can be adjusted freely to satisfy the needs of different scenarios, but due to the need for force balance in hoisting, folding and track spotlights are inconvenient to install, mainly grille lights and floodlights.

The hanging installation of magnetic suction lamps are used in kitchens.

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