What Is the Difference between Lawn Lights and Garden Lights?

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In modern landscape design, landscape lights play an increasingly indispensable role. Both lawn lights and garden lights belong to landscape lights, so what is the difference between them?

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I. What are lawn lights and garden lights?

Lawn lights are widely used in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential quarters, tourist attractions, parks, squares, private gardens, courtyard corridors and other public places for road lighting on one or both sides of the road to improve the safety of people traveling at night. It is used to increase the time of people’s outdoor activities and improve the safety of life and property.

Garden lamp is a lighting product that provides lighting for residential quarters, parks, campuses, gardens, villas, zoos, botanical gardens, etc. Garden lights have the characteristics of landscape effect and lighting effect at the same time, especially suitable for landscaping projects, landscape lighting, campus lighting and park construction.

II. What are the types of lawn lights?

Lawn lights are divided into Chinese lawn lights, European lawn lights, modern simple lawn lights, antique lawn lights and so on. We can choose different types of lawn lights in different use environments in garden landscape design. Nowadays, with the development of LED light sources, the wide application also extends the types and styles of modern LED lawn lights, solar lawn lights and so on. In the application of LED light sources, our conventional garden lawn lamps can also use LED light sources. LED light sources can choose LED corn lamps and LED bulb lamps, while many modern LED lawn lamps use LED light sources directly integrated into the LED lamp body. There is no need for another interface, so the style of LED lawn light is more novel, fashionable and simple.

Most of the traditional lawn lamps are made of plastic or hardware, and the shapes are mainly simple and classical. The craft lawn lamp integrates the elements of handicrafts on the basis of the traditional lawn lamp, and the shape is more abundant. Its design is mainly based on courtyard decoration, supplemented by lighting functions. Product materials cover glass, iron, resin, Eva, plastic and comprehensive materials, with flowers, animals, characters, festival themes, etc. as the main design elements.

A good outdoor lawn lamp, the light source provided should not only be of high quality, but also stable. If it is unstable, the flickering light source will not only affect the user experience, but also easily resemble a distress signal, causing unnecessary trouble. The durability of an outdoor lawn lamp is usually determined by the firmness of the shell and the overall waterproofness of the lamp.

III. What are the characteristics of lawn lights and garden lights?

1. Lawn lamps and yard lamps have various shapes. They can be used as public sculptures during the day and play a good decorative role. At night, the combination of nighttime and the environment can play an indicative role. They are also very beautiful and generous, giving people beauty.

2. The light of lawn lamps and yard lights is relatively soft, and the colors are more diverse. With the continuous improvement of personalized needs, there are currently more design styles of lawn lamps.

3. The equipment process of lawn lights and courtyard lights is very simple, easy to install, and has a good decoration effect. They are usually used around lawns such as parks and garden villas. Of course, if there are green belts in modern commercial streets, pedestrian streets, parking lots and squares, lawn lights and courtyard lights will also be installed.

IV. What is the difference between lawn lights and garden lights?

In the courtyard, we can see all kinds of patio lights and garden lawn lights. For many laymen, the lamps installed in the community courtyard or park are called garden lights, but they are installed in the lighting subdivision. There are also garden lights and lawn lights in squares, parks or residential quarters. The main difference between garden lights and lawn lights is that the height of garden lights is generally above 2 meters. Conventional heights are 2.5 meters, 3 meters, 3.5 meters, 4 meters and 5 meters and so on. The garden lights are mainly installed on both sides of the community or park trails, the main function is the functional lighting of the trails, the lawn lights are also installed on both sides of the trails, the height is between 0.3 meters and 1.2 meters, and the conventional height is 0.6 meters. Most of them are 0.6 meters and 0.8 meters. The main function is to play the role of garden landscape lighting and decorative lighting.

V. What is the distance between lawn lights and garden lights from the roadside?

1. The lawn lights with light on all sides generally use 18w energy-saving tube light sources, which are suitable for various gardens, courtyards, sidewalks and trails lighting, providing pedestrians with night lighting. The lighting time is usually 18:00-6:00. The distance between the commonly used lamps is 6-8 meters, and the distance from the roadside is not clearly specified, but the general design is between 0.2-1.5 meters.

2. One-way light-emitting lawn lights are applied to wider roads, using 26w energy-saving tubes or 35w metal halide light sources. The distance between commonly used lamps is 8-10 meters, and the general design is between 0.5-2 meters.

3. Garden lights generally use 70w metal halide light sources, which are suitable for active
courtyards, wide sidewalks, and lane lighting in residential areas. The distance between lamps is usually 10-15 meters, generally about 2 meters away from the roadside. For small-scale courtyards, It can also be evenly arranged in the center of the courtyard according to the number of lamps designed, without being constrained by the distance from the roadside.

4. Other landscape lights are generally selected according to the project style and the owner’s preference, or non-standard design, and the distance to the roadside is generally between 1-2 meters.

5. Street lights with high light poles use 150w metal halide light sources. The distance between the lamps is usually 15-20 meters. It is generally set in the road isolation belt. The distance to the roadside should be determined according to the width of the road isolation belt.

In addition, some special lamps, uch as aluminum cast light pole explosion-proof glass lights, surface-sprayed landscape-style lights, etc., are often set directly on the edge of the garden road, the corner of the garden road, the edge of the path, the dead corner of the light, etc., and no longer leave a distance from the roadside.

VI. How to choose garden lights?

Many buyers always step on the thunder when buying garden lights, either they buy inappropriate ones, or the effect is not good. In order to help you solve these problems, today I will tell you what you should pay attention to in the process of buying garden lights.

1. Pay attention to the type of lamp

➢ There are many kinds of courtyard lamps, which can be divided into European style, Chinese style, classical style, etc. according to the style. Customers can choose according to their own preferences and courtyard decoration style.

➢ According to the light source, it can also be divided into solar garden lights and LED garden lights. Different types will have different effects. Of course, garden lights come in very different shapes and sizes.

2. Pay attention to lighting effects

When choosing garden lights, you should also pay attention to the lighting effect. First of all, the illumination area of ​​the light should be wide, so that it will be more convenient to walk at night. Secondly, the brightness of the light should be appropriate, not too dazzling, otherwise it will make people dizzy. It is recommended to choose a warm color light source, which is conducive to creating a courtyard atmosphere.

3. Consider special venues

When choosing garden lights, site conditions should also be considered. The courtyards of different families will have different environments, some are humid and dark, some are dry and hot, and the lights suitable for different environments are also different. Therefore, the corresponding lamp should be selected according to the environmental conditions. Protective measures should be taken to prevent accidents such as electric shock and burns.

4. Pay attention to the shell material

The housings of garden lights are made of different manufacturing materials, the most common being aluminum, iron and steel. Different materials will have different characteristics and different decorative effects. Steel feels strong and durable, while aluminum and iron are great decorative in addition to lighting. Consumers can choose according to their own ideas and garden decoration.

5. Consider economics

Price is a factor that people care about. Choosing garden lights should not only pay attention to quality and appearance, but also consider whether it is economical. Try not to choose cheap lighting fixtures. Because of poor quality, leakage and abnormal use often occur, which will increase operating costs. Conversely, high-priced lamps are guaranteed quality, durable, low-cost to operate, and save money and effort.

6. Pay attention to decoration

The courtyard is also a part of the family, so the garden lights should also have a certain decorative effect, which can make the environment more elegant and beautiful, pleasing to the eye, and highlight the life taste and style of the householder.

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