What Is the Difference between Buried Lights and Underwater Lights?

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LED buried lights are similar in appearance to LED underwater lights, but many people will not be able to distinguish their uses and characteristics. Although they look similar, they are quite different in their purpose. Today, with George Light, let’s find out what’s the difference!

I. What are the functions of buried lights?

LED buried lamp is a new type of underground decorative lamp with ultra-bright LED as the light source and LED constant current drive as the driving method. Buried lights are either square or round in shape, and are widely used in parking lots, residential quarters, squares, leisure places, park tourist attractions, urban sculptures, pedestrian streets, building steps and other outdoor lighting, as well as park greening, lawns, squares and other outdoor lighting courtyards, flower beds, pedestrian street decoration, waterfalls, fountains and other places night lighting, add luster to life. Buried lights are mainly buried in the ground, used for decoration or indicating lighting, and some are used to wash walls or illuminate trees, and their application has considerable flexibility.

II. What are the characteristics of underwater lights?

LED underwater light is a kind of underwater light, which simply refers to the light installed under the water. The appearance is small and exquisite, beautiful and elegant. Secure with screws.

Because the LED underwater light is used under the bottom of the water and needs to withstand a certain pressure, it is generally made of stainless steel, 8-10MM tempered glass, high-quality waterproof joints, silicone rubber sealing rings, curved multi-angle refraction tempered glass, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-leakage, corrosion-resistant.

1. LED underwater lighting is a kind of underwater lighting that uses LED as a light source and is composed of red, green and blue colors. Great for fountains, theme parks, exhibitions, commercial and art lighting. It is recommended to use underwater lights to improve the heat dissipation effect of LED underwater lights.

2. The waterproof effect of LED underwater light reaches IP65. Due to its excellent waterproof effect, it can be installed within 5 meters of the water surface. The best throw angle is 25 degrees. The controller controls sync effects and allows you to connect to a DMX console. Each unit has an individual address, and the red, green and blue lights consist of three corresponding DMX channels. There are two control methods: external control and internal control. Internal control does not require external control, and multiple color-changing modes (up to 6) can be built-in, but external control must be equipped with an external control controller to achieve color-changing. Most apps on the market are out of control.

3. The LED underwater light uses the best super bright LED as the light source, and the bulb can emit light for 100,000 hours. Each underwater light consists of 360 light sources (120 red light, 120 blue light, 120 green light). Good light source material makes the lamp life longer and obtains the most satisfactory lighting effect.

4. The LED underwater light uses a five-core wire to connect with the control system. The whole system includes a DMX controller, a distribution box, and lamps and distribution that can be placed in the water. The best combination of the whole light.

5. The LED underwater light has a movable fixing clip, which can adjust the projection angle and position. The whole luminaire is optimally designed to effectively prevent the corrosion of bromine and chlorine.

III. The difference between buried lights and underwater lights

Buried LED lights and underwater LED lights look similar, so many people confuse them. In fact, they are kind of like twins, although they look alike, they also have differences. For LED buried lights and LED underwater lights, their uses are very different.

1. Different Materials

LED buried lights are generally made of stainless steel polished panel shell, small in size, good heat dissipation, high-quality waterproof joints, silicone seals; LED underwater lights are generally made of stainless steel panels, aluminum lamp body, strong corrosion resistance, anti-corrosion Strong impact, and has good impact resistance. roof design.

There are differences in the protection level: the protection level of LED buried lights should reach IP65 or above, while the protection level of LED underwater lights must be above IP68.

2. Different Applications

LED buried lights are often used in parks, squares, flower beds, streets and other places for night lighting; LED underwater lights are often used in swimming pools, fountains, aquariums and other lighting projects.

Underwater lights are lights that are installed underwater. They are small, sophisticated and elegant. It looks similar to some dimmed lights, but has many mounting enclosures. The chassis is fixed with screws. Underwater lights are generally LED light sources, which are more energy-efficient. Environmental protection, long life, small size, etc. After power on, it can emit a variety of colors, and the colors are bright, and it is usually installed in parks and fountain pools. It is very decorative.

3. Different Crafts

Generally made of stainless steel and glass: stainless steel is divided into 202, 304, 316, etc., and different grades of stainless steel are used in different occasions; there are currently two main production processes for stainless steel lamp bodies of underwater lamps: drawing molds, general lamps are thinner and lighter , The production cycle is short, the cost is low, the silica sol is dewaxed, the general lamp is heavier and thicker, the production cycle is long, and the cost is higher. Some high-end lamps are made of copper, and of course some low-end lamps are made of zinc alloy, resin grouting, tempered glass, etc. Stainless steel has good rust resistance, and resin has waterproof performance.

In conclusion, although there are similarities between lamps, the general purpose is different and the names are different. The use is the most important, and the choice of lamps should be based on the choice of use, in order to choose the most suitable one.

The above is the difference between buried lights and underwater lights. After reading it, do you have a better understanding of them? If you have any needs and ideas for lighting, you are welcome to contact us. We would love to talk with you soon!

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