The Most Indispensable Mirror in Your Daily Life—Mirror Light

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I. What is the mirror light?

A mirror lamp is generally a light fixture that is parallel to the mirror. Most of the linear lamps are used. Mirror lights are generally fixed on the upper or both sides of the vanity mirror or bathroom mirror.

The mirror lights are used well, which can add a lot of bright colors and increase the joy of life. After daily dressing, the mood will be greatly improved, and men and women can work and live in a better state.

II. Why you should buy mirror lamps?

Are mirror lights necessary? Mirror lamps still need to be installed. According to the American academic journal “Behavioral Research and Therapy”, the average number of British women looking in the mirror is as high as 38 times a day, while men have reached 18 times.

If there is no mirror light and only the main light, due to the limitation of the beam angle, the light cannot be evenly distributed. When people look in the mirror with their backs to the light, it is easy to form shadows and blind spots.

It’s not easy to see yourself clearly. The mirror lamp can make the outline of your face in front of the mirror clearer and three-dimensional. This can better facilitate our activities in front of the mirror such as makeup, dressing, and looking in the mirror.

III. How to choose the mirror lights?

1. Types of Mirror Lamp

It can be divided according to style, light source, use scene and material.

According to Shape

Long Mirror Light

The most common is this long strip of LED mirror lights. The long mirror lights are also more diverse, with different styles. The strip lights with simple shapes are more suitable for simple decoration style or Japanese style.

Chandelier-Type Mirror Light

The chandelier-type mirror lamps are available in various formats and are suitable for European style.

Wall Mirror With Lights

Wall mirrors with lights are placed on either side of the mirror.

Light Strip-Type Mirror Light

Light Strip-type LED mirror lamp looks fashionable and surrounds the mirror.

Hole-Free Mirror Light

It is also more popular, that is, paste the double-sided tape, paste the lamps on it, and provide the necessary front lighting for the mirror.

➢ According to Light Source

There are incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, LEDs, etc. LED light sources are now commonly used.

➢ According to Usage Scenarios

There are bedroom vanity mirror lights, wash basin mirror lights, bathroom mirror with lights, etc.

Makeup Vanity Light

Bedroom Mirror With Light

Wash Basin Mirror Light

➢ According to Material

Iron, gold-plated, aluminum, acrylic, etc., generally choose aluminum.

Iron Bathroom Mirror with LED Light

Gold-plated Bathroom Lights and Mirrors

Aluminum Large Mirror With Lights

Acrylic Makeup Mirror With Light

➢ According to Style

First of all, pay attention to the style, color, shape, etc. of the mirror lights to match the decoration style and furniture style.

Nordic Style Mirror Light

Round Mirror With Light

Nordic style mirror light is generally simple, with a style that advocates nature and pragmatism.

Chinese Style Mirror Light

Vanity Mirror With LED Lights

Chinese style mirror light is classical and elegant, calm and dignified.

Modern Style Mirror Light

LED Makeup Mirror Light

Modern style mirror light is simple and stylish, most often geometric shapes.

Light Luxury Style Mirror Light

Bathroom Mirror With LED Light

The general color of light luxury mirror light should be copper or gold.


Pastoral Style Mirror Light

The common shape is the flower plate design, which is classic, elegant and noble.

Romantic Style Mirror Light

The common shape is flower design, which brings romanticism to the fullest.

2. Quality of Mirror Lights

Light Source Part

Try to use LED light source, LED light source is the current mainstream lighting source, LED light source has the advantages of low power consumption, long life, strong designability and so on. Try not to use point light sources, but use linear light sources, or lamps that reflect light diffusely.

Optical Part

The spectrum needs to be as full as possible, full spectrum lighting, more real and natural. Try not to use lights with more red spectrum, because it will make you look good in front of the mirror. For example, in some cafe lights, even if you have a normal complexion, you will look good under this kind of light.

But that is not the face in its natural state. Most of the time, we are under normal natural or artificial lighting. Therefore, it is better to reflect your facial features more realistically, so that the self displayed in front of the public and the self in the mirror are more natural.

Color Rendering Index

The color rendering index should be as high as possible, so that the color reproduction degree is high.


Try to be as high as possible, so that the details can be better illuminated, which is conducive to personal dressing. Generally, the illuminance is required to be about 200lx, and the light should be uniform and soft, so as to avoid the formation of glare.

The color temperature of the mirror lights is generally not suitable for yellowish warm colors, but natural light with a color temperature of 4000 can be selected. This makes the makeup look more natural.

Electrical Part

Mirror wattage The wattage of the mirror light needs to be selected appropriately, so as to avoid over-brightness or insufficient brightness. Power factor, indicating the power saving performance of mirror headlights. Choose high-quality driving power to ensure the service life of mirror lamps.

3. Size and function of mirror lights

Size Section

Need to refer to the actual situation, strip lights are generally slightly narrower than the width of the mirror. Others need to determine the appropriate size according to the style of the mirror lights.

Anti-Fog Function

If it is used in the bathroom, the mirror light should preferably have an anti-fog function.

4. Mirror light height and installation

It is generally recommended that the bar light be about 20-30cm higher than the mirror. The installation of the mirror lamp is generally for the sake of beauty, and the wiring will be hidden on the back of the mirror. Of course, there are also some mirror lights without punching holes, most of which are rechargeable LED strip lights. There are two installation methods, one is permanent glue strip installation, and the other is screw installation.

Generally, the installation position should not exceed the sink. Strip lights are generally installed above, while other styles of mirror lights can be embedded, wall mounted, etc. The vertical angle of light is better.

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