The Most Comprehensive Light Strip Classification

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Table of Contents

I. According to the type of SMD lamp beads of light strip

The LED strip light is generally composed of a substrate (flexible or hard bottom), lamp beads, and other accessories. The core part is the LED lamp beads, which are generally dominated by SMD chip lamp beads. Then, we can divide into:

1. SMD 5050 light strip

The 5050 light strip is the earliest form of lamp bead package that appeared. The initial power is very low, generally 0.1-0.2W, but with the development of technology, there are already 1W-3W SMD 5050 light strips. Moreover, because the 5050 lamp beads are large in size and have many changes, they can be made into RGB and RGBW.

2. SMD 2835 light strip

The 2835 light strip is the most widely used and most mature package form besides 5050. Power from 0.1W to 1W, widely used in various downlights, brackets, light strips, and even outdoor lamps, floodlights and so on. 2835 is generally dominated by monochrome temperature lamp beads. Generally can not do dual color temperature, or RGB. However, it has stable performance, good heat dissipation and high luminous efficiency, and is the most common type of light strip.

3. COB light strip

COB is the meaning of chips on board, which means that the light-emitting chips are directly placed on the substrate, and the heat dissipation is good and the life is longer, so there is no need for gold wires and brackets. A layer of phosphor powder is then potted on the surface. This is a relatively new light strip product, with high brightness, uniform light-emitting strips, and no graininess. Moreover, the unit area and distance between the lamp beads in the SMD form are relatively large; the LED strip of the same specification has a COB that is 2~3 times that of the SMD lamp beads, and the difference in the number of lamp beads is directly reflected in the lighting effect of the strip. Compared with ordinary SMD light strips, COB light strips are more tensile, and of course COB light strips are also more expensive.

II. According to the voltage of light strip

1. High pressure light strip

High-voltage light strips are one of the most common light strips on the market. They are cheap and have many specifications. There are common single-row, double-row, three-row, 5050 lamp bead models and 2835 lamp bead models. The power range is roughly 5-10W.

Because it is a high-voltage light strip, it is usually used in places where the ceiling light is not easy to reach, and it can be used safely with a plug on the ceiling. Many high-voltage light strips still have stroboscopic, but now the non-stroboscopic drive has been very popular, you can DIY it yourself, or you can buy the finished non-stroboscopic light strip. The high-voltage lamp has one power supply and can be up to 50-100 meters long. With the power head, you can directly connect to the mains.

The cutting unit is relatively long, usually 1m, which cannot be used in places with high precision requirements, and it will be more troublesome if there is a dead light in the middle. If all of them are replaced, it will not only cost time but also money. But now there are also many high-voltage light strips that support a cutting unit of more than 20 cm.

2. Low voltage light strip

The specifications and models of low-voltage light strips are similar to those of high-voltage light strips, but low-voltage light strips are much wider in terms of use.


Now most of the low-voltage light strips are driven by 24V safe voltage, whether it is a ceiling, a wall, a cabinet, a laminate, or a platform, etc. can be used.

Low-voltage lamps with glue and rubber sleeves are waterproof, so they can also be used in bathrooms. There are also bare strips with adhesive backing, which are mostly used with aluminum grooves.

The power range of low-voltage light strips is large, and common ones can be purchased from 4W-20W, because the difference between the CRI of low-voltage light strips is very large, the low CRI may be 60, the high CRI may be 120, usually according to the conventional CRI 80- Choose between 90.

The cutting unit of the low-voltage light strip is small, usually 5-10cm as a cutting unit, which is more practical.


Low-voltage light strips are relatively expensive, and low-voltage light strips are much more expensive than high-voltage light strips. Not only are the light strips more expensive, but accessories are also more expensive, mainly the power supply. Generally speaking, each section needs to be equipped with a corresponding wattage power supply; Secondly, the light strip with adhesive back usually needs to be equipped with an aluminum groove, and the unit price of a good aluminum groove is also more expensive than that of the light strip.

III. According to the voltage of light strip

1. Monochrome light strip

The so-called monochromatic light strip is a static color that is always on. Now the most common ones in the market are 3000K warm white light and 4000K natural white light, the light color is comfortable and the light effect is warm.

2. Color light strip

In addition, the light strip can also be used as colored light. The colored light in the general sense is illuminated by the LED chip holder that directly emits this color light. Commonly used colors are: red, yellow (different from warm white), blue, green, purple, ice blue, pink, amber and so on.

3. Two-color light strip

The same lamp bead of the two-color lamp strip has two lamp cups respectively. Different lamp cups point to different fluorescent glues to achieve different color temperatures and achieve different effects. For example, 5050 two-color temperature lamp beads can achieve warm white (3000K) and natural white ( 4000K) collocation, there are pure white (6000K) collocation, or natural white (4000K) and pure white (6000K) collocation, 2835 two-color temperature lamp beads are also the same in principle.

4. RGB light strip

RGB light strip means that each LED light bead is composed of (R) red, (G) green, (B) blue three chips, they can emit (R) red, (G) green, (B) blue, etc. Three kinds of monochromatic light can also be composed of two color mixed light RG (yellow light), RB (purple light), GB (green and yellow light), and three chips can also emit light together to form a white light, commonly known as colorful.

If the RGB light strip is added with a controller, the four colors of red, green, blue and white can change and flicker in turn. RGB light strips include marquee strips and RGB light strips, all of which need dimmer control. The difference is that the marquee strip ic chip controls the changes of the light strip to chase, open the screen, run water, and run horses, while RGB can only be gradient, breathing, strobe.

IV. According to the lighting method

1. One-sided lighting light strip

Generally speaking, the light strips are single-sided, and there are two directions of light: front light and side light. The main difference is the structure of the silicone sleeve.

2. Double-sided luminous light strip

In some special applications, the substrate has lamp beads up and down, so it can achieve double-sided lighting.

3. 360° fully illuminated light strip

Using the round silicone sleeve, plus the bottom light strip, the factory can manufacture a 360° fully illuminated light strip.

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