The Best 4 Floor Lamp Purchasing Skills

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There is always the feeling that when we are in a coffee shop, bookstore, or some fancy restaurant, the mind will naturally calm down, the tone of conversation will be lowered, and the tone will become softer.

Why is that?

Because of the quietness, because of the relaxing music played in these places, and because the lighting atmosphere here can make you feel relaxed!

Not just in public places, lighting also plays a key role in home life. As a functional decorative lamp with soft lighting, different shapes and high appearance, the art deco floor lamp is born to be a master of creating a home atmosphere. So for a long time, you will see a lot of Internet celebrity sunset lights, Internet celebrity lights and shadow lights, etc.

I. How do you choose a floor lamp that suits you?

According to style

1. Chinese Classical Style Floor Lamp

Chinese Classical Bamboo Floor Lamp

The lamp base of the floor lamp is mainly made of bamboo and wood, and the lampshade is mainly made of various flannel and spun yarn with Chinese characteristics. Equipped with Chinese elements such as flowers and birds, ink and wash, the shape is fashionable and dignified, and the light is soft.

2. Modern and Stylish Floor Lamp

Modern Floor Lamps For Living Room

The modern and fashionable floor lamps are mostly made of metal elements, and the shades are mostly solid colors, such as black, gray and white, which are simple and fashionable or unique and modern.

3. Nordic Style Floor Lamp

Nordic Style Unique Floor Lamps

Most of the Nordic-style floor lamps use some natural materials, and most of them are relatively simple. They do not use various patterns and patterns, and pursue naturalness and practicality. Nordic-style floor lamps will give people a strong sense of exoticism, as if they are in a foreign country.

According to the type of light output

1. All-round Diffused Floor Lamp

All-round diffused floor lamp, no lampshade, the light diffuses directly to the surrounding.

2. Direct Lighting Floor Lamp

The direct-illuminated floor lamp, the light directly shines on the target area, and the function is similar to that of the desk lamp.

3. Semi-direct Floor Lamp

The semi-direct floor lamp has the characteristics of all-round diffusion type and direct illumination type. When the downlight is used alone as the main light design, the ceiling will be relatively dark. You can try to use this semi-direct type floor lamp to make the overall light. appear more even.

4. Top-lit Floor Lamp

The top-lit floor lamp is a kind of indirect lighting. The light emitted by the light source is projected upward to the ceiling and then reflected back. Such reflected light is a kind of diffuse reflection, with soft light and strong atmosphere. But pay attention to the brightness of the upward projection to avoid over-illuminating the top of the ceiling, causing incongruity.

When choosing Chinese style or modern style, Nordic style, top-lit or direct-lit style, you should pay attention to the color of the floor lamp, the match between the style and the surrounding space, your own hobbies, usage scenarios, etc. to determine the basic style of the floor lamp. In addition, when choosing a floor lamp, you should also pay attention to the following aspects.

Optical Design

  • Illumination uniformity, illuminance level

The illuminance of the floor lamp can reach the national standard A level or above, and the illuminance and illuminance uniformity can meet the requirements of general lighting reading. The floor lamp illuminates a larger area and a wider space, which is suitable for a larger range of lighting.

  • Glare and Flicker Issues

It should be noted that there is no video flicker, and there is no discomfort such as dizziness under the light, which means that the glare problem of the lamp can be handled.

  • Color Temperature

If it is used for lighting such as reading, generally choose a color temperature of 4000K. If it is used to adjust the atmosphere, the color temperature of 3000~3500K is generally used.

  • Material workmanship, structure and electrical properties

Some floor lamps are made of metal, some are made of wood, and some are made of natural materials or plastics. Lampshades are generally cloth or PVC. The design of the floor lamp is usually very strong, which makes the whole lamp effect more high-end. The structural design of the floor lamp affects its stability, optical properties and heat dissipation.

So when choosing a floor lamp, pay attention to its stability. In addition, whether the light of the floor lamp has an anti-glare design, that is, people will not feel uncomfortable within the illumination range of the floor lamp. There is also the problem of heat dissipation in the light-emitting part of the floor lamp. Poor heat dissipation treatment will affect the service life of the lamp.

II. What principles can you follow when purchasing?

There are many styles of floor lamps, and the materials are also different. If you look at them too much, you will inevitably lose your mind. When purchasing, you can follow the following 4 principles.

1. For up-lit floor lamps, consider the height and color of the ceiling.

The top-lit floor lamp is the light on the ceiling and then diffuses down, and the light is evenly distributed in the room. It is generally used in the living room, bedroom and other areas that need to relax and decompress. Therefore, the height of the ceiling will affect the lighting effect of the top-lit floor lamp. Taking a floor lamp with a height of 1.7m or 1.8m as an example, the height of the ceiling needs to exceed 2.4m to achieve the desired lighting effect.

If the ceiling is too low, the reflected light will only be concentrated in a local area, making the light too bright and not soft. If the ceiling color is dark, the light is absorbed and the reflection effect is not obvious. Therefore, using up-lighting floor lamps, the color of the ceiling in the home should be white, light-colored or with a reflective effect.

2. For direct lighting floor lamps, consider the line of sight height.

Direct lighting floor lamp, the light is concentrated, the local lighting is mainly, and the impact on other things around is small. It is generally used in situations that require a high degree of concentration, such as office work and reading.

When purchasing a direct-illuminated floor lamp, it should be noted that the lower edge of the lampshade should be lower than the human eye. If it is higher than the eyes, the light will hit the eyes and cause discomfort.

3. Shape the floor lamp, consider the style collocation.

Choose a modeling floor lamp, mainly to set off the atmosphere of the space, and take into account the lighting.

In the home, it is more like a “light sculpture” in the environment. When purchasing, you can match it according to the overall decoration style of your home.

4. Product quality depends on the light source and driver.

No matter how you choose, the material and shape only play a decorative effect, and the floor lamp, like other lamps, the light source, chip, and driver are the keys to determine its quality.

Choice of light source

The light source of the LED floor lamp is divided into an integrated light source and an independent light source. Generally, LED light sources are used. A good LED light source is optimistic about the parameters of luminous flux, color rendering index and color temperature. Therefore, the floor lamp with independent light source can be replaced by itself if the light source is not good, and the floor lamp with integrated light source is selected according to the above parameters, and the quality is passed.

Chips and drivers are the core

The quality of LED light source is composed of chips (determining the lower limit of quality), driving power (stability and lifespan), phosphors (important influence on the CRI), etc. The chips and drivers themselves are not good, there is no way to make the light source well, and there are not many manufacturers with R&D capabilities. When purchasing, you can consult the relevant after-sales service. Some brand floor lamps are repaired by lifetime warranty. If there are quality problems, the light source can be replaced free of charge.

Living Room Floor Lamps

The floor lamp is light and easy to move, which also makes it more practical.When reading or working, the softly focused light of the floor lamp will make people more focused.When watching TV, place a floor lamp in front of the TV to reduce the irritation of the TV to the eyes.

Bedroom Floor Lamps

It is placed in the bedroom, and the floor lamp is independently illuminated without affecting the rest of other members of the family.

If the home is not designed with main lights or the light source configuration in the early stage is insufficient. Combining floor lamps with other light sources is a wise decision.

When it comes to floor lamps, everyone also thinks of table lamps.

Reading Floor Lamp

Compared with the two, the floor lamp is more atmospheric, and the illumination area of the light is wider. It is more decorative when placed in the living room, study, etc.

And table lamps are generally placed on some cabinets or countertops, not as flexible and free as floor lamps. Of course, floor lamps and table lamps are sometimes used together to complement each other. Some floor lamps are also combined with side tables to increase functional properties.

III. How to place the floor lamp to look better?

The placement of the floor lamp is very particular, and it has a more decorative effect when placed.

1. Avoid the active area so as not to affect the daily movement.

2. It should not be placed next to tall furniture.

The floor lamp is placed next to tall furniture, the light will be blocked, and the lighting range formed will be greatly reduced.

3. Pay attention to match with other furniture.

If it is well matched, it will have a positive effect, but if it is not matched well, it will be ugly!

4. Can be near sofa or desk.

Do not place objects with reflective functions, such as mirrors, around the direct-illuminated floor lamp. Reflective objects will diffuse the light, and the eyes will be easily fatigued after a long time, which will also affect the atmosphere.

IV. Use & Maintenance

1. The place where the floor lamp is installed should reserve the socket in advance.

2. Disconnect power before cleaning.

3. Pay attention to cleaning and maintenance. You can wipe it with a dry rag, or you can use a feather duster, a vacuum cleaner, etc. to remove the dust on the surface.

V. Minimalism, the floor lamp of your dreams is here!

A floor lamp is an essential little item in everyone’s home. Not to mention the convenient and practical natural attributes, it can also create some beautiful atmosphere. The magic of light focuses the focus of the night on a certain corner, making people instantly calm down.

Looking at the design of modern floor lamps, we will find that the decorative and interesting characteristics of floor lamps are particularly prominent. In addition to the basic lighting functions, people also have higher aesthetic needs for the shape, design and materials of floor lamps. Among them, the simple style of “less is more” is very popular, and the momentum is very strong, and many classic and versatile handed down works have been born.

In this issue, we will take a look at some of the most common minimalist floor lamps in home beauty pictures. They range from 100 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. The important thing is that they are all beautiful, and there is always one suitable for you to bring back.

1. IKEA Lesta Floor Lamp

The Lesta floor lamp is made of aluminum. The overall shape is simple and neat, with no extra lines. The flexible arm design also allows you to adjust the direction of the light at will, whether it is beside the sofa, workbench, bedside, wherever you go. It’s super versatile.

2. Grasshopper Floor Lamp

The biggest attraction of this lamp is the shape. Does the tripod structure remind you of some kind of animal? Yes, because it looks like a grasshopper, it is affectionately called “grasshopper lamp”. Putting a Grasshopper can add a lot of interest to a dull space.

3. THE AJ Floor Lamp

It’s not an exaggeration to say that AJ lights appear in one out of every 10 home pictures. The AJ lamp was born in 1957 by the hands of the Danish design master Jacobsen. Many classic products were born in the beautiful era of the master blowout, and now they are shining with a timeless halo, and AJ lamps have become the favorite choice of millions of home furnishing experts because of their low-key personality and high matching degree.

AJ and the egg chair often appear in pairs, and they almost match each other.

4. FLOS IC Light F Series

The geometric beauty composed of spheres and lines is always irresistible, and the exquisite brass lamp holder improves the temperament of the home environment by several levels.

This series also has desktop models. The designers of FLOS make good use of shapes to illustrate the architectural space. Behind every seemingly simple shape, there are actually ingenious and not simple shapes.

5. FLOS ARCO Floor Lamp

Parabolic lamp in Italian Minotti furniture showroom.

FLOS’s best-selling parabolic lamp has fine and just right proportions, thick and elegant marble texture, and exaggerated lines with its own aura.

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