The 8 Most Classic Chandeliers That Will Never Go out of Style

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Table of Contents

I. Serge Mouille Chandelier / Duckbill Lamp

This is the first lamp designed by Serge Mouille, also called duckbill lamp or claws chandelier, a lamp that combines design beauty and functionality.

All the shades and arms of the Serge Mouille chandelier can be rotated according to the needs to achieve reflection and direct light. It can be used both as direct lighting and as ambient lighting, which was an advanced idea in the 50s and even now. The three-headed duckbill lamp looks larger, but the large-area blank design brings a stretched visual sense, so there is no need to worry about damaging the space.

The lamps designed by Serge Mouille are more than three-headed duckbill lamps. Whether they are table lamps, wall lamps or floor lamps, duckbill lamps with different shapes perfectly show the sculptural aesthetics and the sense of space movement.

II. Irregular Molecular Lamp / Agnes Chandelier

Irregular molecular lamp (Branching chandelier) is the early representative work of designer Lindsey Adelman. The molecular lamp body can be freely combined and has various colors.

The lampshade of the irregular molecular lamp is made of glass raw material, and the iron frame is sturdy and durable. The repeatedly verified mechanical design ensures the balance of the lamp body.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the irregular molecular lamp is the most popular chandelier. The casual and pure shape is the perceptual embodiment of industrial elements in the home space.

Another chandelier from the Lindsey Adelman studio, Agnes Chandelier, also has a unique design. This chandelier usually adopts aluminum alloy/copper bracket and glass lamp tube, and it is composed of 6, 10, 14, and 20 lamp heads in different shapes.

Agnes Chandelier is an elegant design. The joint part of the lamp body and the bracket can be freely rotated (vertically or at any angle) and arranged to present various shapes. The concentrated lighting area makes it more suitable for dining area lighting.

III. Vita EOS Feather Light

Scandinavia has always been full of good designs, and this Vita Eos feather chandelier from Denmark perfectly exemplifies what it means to spend time with beautiful objects. The goose feather material makes the light softer in the space, and through the feathers, there is an unstoppable fairy energy.

This Vita eos feather light has a diameter of 45 cm and is available in three colors of white, brown and gray. For daily care, you can use a hair dryer or directly dust off the surface.

Similar to the Vitaeos feather lamp design is IKEA’s Kronin paper lampshade, which can have a good Nordic design for less than 100 yuan, which is the greatness of IKEA.

IV. Muuto Chandelier

Muuto is derived from the Finnish word meaning new perspective. Muuto is a well-known Danish home furnishing brand established in 2006. Although it is very young, it has its unique recognition in the field of lighting design.

The Muuto brand transforms each household item into a clean and warm work of art through its bold use of color and perfect consideration of detail. The design concept of Muuto is to continue the minimalist Nordic style with calm lines and bright colors. The shape of the chandeliers is basically a combination of rounded lines and advanced color matching.

It is worth noting that the Muuto lampshade is basically made of environmentally friendly silicone or resin.

The variety of colors and the silicone lampshade that is different from the cold industrial modernity make it a versatile lamp that does not stick to a certain style.

V. PH Series Chandelier

PH is not just the name of a lamp, but a lighting design concept, named after the initials of its designer, Poul Henningsen.

The PH series chandeliers emerged at the Paris International Exhibition as early as 1925. They are known as the best footnotes in the style without a time limit. After nearly a hundred years, they are still loved and concerned by everyone.

The diffused design principle of the light source alleviates the excessive contrast caused by the dark background, making it more visually pleasing. The main body of the PH series lamps is three kinds of lamp umbrellas with different sizes and shapes. The laminated lamp umbrella objectively avoids the irritation of the eyes from the glare of the light source.

Art and science are not irreconcilable, only mutual inclusion can create a truly classic design. The most notable feature of PH lamps is that all light reaches the work surface after a single reflection, in order to obtain a uniform lighting effect and avoid sharp shadows. PH Artichoke is another lamp designed by him, also called “Chiba Pine Cone Lamp”. IKEA also has a similar model, which refracts each other through each blade so that the light source is evenly distributed in the space, which is suitable for ambient lighting.

VI. Flos IC Light / Stellar series lights

The IC series lamps designed by designer Michael Anastassiades for the Flos brand, the ultra-thin brass bracket is matched with the white spherical lampshade, which brings the minimalist aesthetics to the extreme.

When the light is not turned on, this stellar lamp is still a unique ornament in the whole space. The geometric beauty composed of spheres and lines is always irresistible.

In addition to chandeliers, Flos’ stellar series also includes floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps and other home lighting lamps. Simple squares and triangles can be combined to create many interesting combinations.

VII. Vertigo Lamp / Straw Hat Lamp

Vertigo lamp from France, the elegant and smooth line design is exactly the same as the wide-brimmed hat that French women often wear, also called straw hat lamp. Since the diameter of this chandelier is not small, it needs a high enough floor height to support it.

Vertigo lamp is an eye-catching tool for the entire space no matter where it is placed. The largest diameter can reach 2 meters. The swaying light and shadow effect makes it more suitable for bedrooms.

VIII. Cowhide Hat Chandelier

There is a strong Japanese MUJI style, but this cowhide lamp is an authentic original design domestic product. Brass lamp caps, braided braided threads, pine bases and leather buckles for height adjustment, every detail has been carefully selected.

The hat-shaped lampshade made of natural primary color vegetable-tanned cowhide has to go through complicated hand-made steps such as designing, patterning, cutting, and polishing the stitches, so that the sense of simplicity can be reflected.

Since it is a natural leather lampshade, there will be some scars or traces left by hand on the surface. The color of cowhide will get deeper and deeper with time, and the color texture polished by this time is the most beloved.

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