The 6 Most Stylish Wall Lamps

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Compared with table lamps and floor lamps, wall lamps are not necessary lamps in the space, but for walls, they are an extremely important design language. The appearance of the wall lamp has given the monotonous wall a unique design context of its own. While enriching the space level, it also creates a progressive fashion connotation. Today, let’s take a look at the unique lighting design of the wall lamp.

Table of Contents

I. What is a wall lamp?

Wall lamps are mostly installed on balconies, stairs, corridors, aisles and bedrooms, and are suitable for long-term lighting; color-changing wall lamps are mostly used in festivals and festive occasions; most of the bedside wall lamps are installed on the upper left of the bedside, and the lamp head can be rotated in all directions. It is concentrated and easy to read; the wall lamps in front of the mirror are mostly used near the mirror in the bathroom.

The installation height of the wall lamp should be about 1.8 meters above the eye level. The illumination of the wall lamp should not be too large, so that it has more artistic appeal. The choice of the wall lamp shade should be determined according to the wall color. It is advisable to use milky white, light yellow, and brown lampshades, so that a conspicuous wall lamp can be embellished on a large area of the base color wall covering, giving people a sense of elegance and freshness.

The wires connecting the wall lamps should be light-colored, so that it is easy to paint the same color as the wall to keep the wall clean. In addition, you can first dig a small groove on the wall that just fits the wire, insert the wire, fill it with lime, and then paint the same color as the wall.

Wall lamp function distinction

There are several major functions of wall lamps. In addition to picking good-looking ones, you must also clearly understand your own needs, so that you can be more satisfied!

1. Reading function: If you want to install the bedside or next to the sofa in the study to provide lighting for reading, first, you should choose lamps with no stroboscopic and no glare, and finally, there are intelligent switches, and the dimming and color adjustment can be adjusted according to needs.

2. Ambient lighting: If you want to set off the atmosphere, you can choose 3000k warm light to adjust the indoor mood, and even this type of wall lamp can be installed in the aisle and stairwell to set off the atmosphere.<br>
3. Night lighting: Generally, a night light is installed at the bedside to provide lighting for the night.

II. Wall lamps intertwined in various spaces

1. Living room wall lamp


The wall lamp usually plays the role of auxiliary lighting in the living room. Its appearance does not mean to dominate the guest, but as a supporting role, it stands silently on the wall and blooms its own charm.

As for the existence of ambient light, the wall light installed in the living room is quite particular. Under normal circumstances, the installation height of the wall lamp should exceed the eye level, and it is appropriate to be 1.8m away from the ground; in addition, in the choice of shape, it should conform to the overall design style to achieve a balance between decorative embellishment and visual enjoyment.

2. Corridor wall lamp


The quiet corridor is somewhat cold, and the addition of wall lamps adds a touch of warmth and atmosphere to this square-inch place. In the corridor planning, taking the monotonous wall as an opportunity, making full use of the soft light sense brought by the wall lamp as the first element of the design to create a warm and bright base.

With the creative and changeable wall lamp design, a diverse space display is constructed in a unique way, so that this slightly monotonous space presents a rich aesthetic and visual effect.

3. Bedroom wall lamp


Placing a wall lamp by the bedside in the bedroom is the most common design technique. It is an auxiliary light source in addition to the main light, and it is also an exquisite design by the head of the bed. The wall lamp and the bedside design are intertwined and contrasted to form a three-dimensional display relationship, which not only strengthens the soft decoration design of this area, but also highlights the rich sense of hierarchy. The soft light and shadow are released here, and the blend of virtual and real radiates the ultimate beauty.

4. Bathroom wall lamp


In the lighting design of the bathroom, the wall lamp is often chosen as the main light source of the sink. Partial lighting embellishment, combined with the overall design effect, extends a variety of visual senses, pure and minimal, showing individuality in the details. The symmetrical wall lamp design further emphasizes the balanced beauty of this space. The line composition of the façade presents different charms, inadvertently enriching the space in this corner.

III. Unique wall lamp design

1. Worksted signal sconce wall Light

The worksted signal sconce wall lamp is unique in the choice of shape design and material. The design of its lamp body and chassis is inspired by hieroglyphs, based on a rounded shape, with hand-blown glass spheres, simple and advanced. Brass surface, exquisite texture, with elegant zipper and pull rod design, the minimalist appearance reveals a unique taste of light luxury, placed in the space, full of retro style.

2. Tempo wall lamp

The wall lamps of the Tempo series are composed of simple lines, connecting the lamp bodies in geometric shapes, creating a unique sense of rhythm and balance. The neat lines and simple shapes bring beauty to the space and vision easily. Every element in the Tempo wall lamp design is matched just right. The high-level and elegant black lines and the white and flawless glass bulbs echo each other, showing a three-dimensional realistic meaning, and expressing the simple design language extremely richly.

3. Cirrus sconce wall Light

Cirrus sconce wall lamp, the designer uses a cast resin ring to circle the shape of the lamp body. Each ring has a different length, but in a very harmonious way, the rings are interlocked and repeated, with bright small bulbs, Just like a halo, moving and flickering. After nightfall, the Cirrus Sconce wall lamp glows with warm yellow light, real or virtual, conveying a subtle emotional change, slowly spreading out in the space, deducing an ultimate romance.

4. Clare wall lamp

The design inspiration of Clare wall lamp comes from the early bell shape, simple design, smart shape, with a nostalgic modern feeling, classic and atmospheric. No matter where the Clare wall lamp is placed in the space, it can be easily controlled. Clare wall lamp’s light and luxurious brass material, paired with charming high-end black, inadvertently creates a timeless modern atmosphere, forming a unique picture in the space.

5. Florish wall sconce wall light

This is a fancy wall lamp with a clever touch. Two bowl-shaped lamp bodies of different sizes stand in opposite directions, achieving a balance of design from a unique perspective. Everything is so appropriate, yet flexible and vivid. Florish wall sconce is a combination of matte black and brass, combined with delicate techniques to deduce a simple and handsome style, which shows a smart temperament in the wall.

6. Lights wall lamp

The design of this wall lamp has a taste of industrial aesthetics. The linear shape is very tense, and the overall shape is outlined in the way of circular connection. With the classic lampshade design, it is retro and modern, and it all reveals the connotation of fashion in one piece. The color scheme of the Lights wall lamp collides with the simple appearance to create the ultimate beauty. The layers of progress create rich textures and various moving lines, which are integrated into the space and start a multi-dimensional dialogue.

There are thousands of designs of wall lamps, each with its own unique design language, placed in the space, like a smart elves, creating an indescribable beauty. The gentle and soft lighting brings endless warmth to the corner.

IV. How to choose a wall lamp?

1. Pay attention to the quality of the lampshade

When buying a wall lamp, the first thing to look at is the quality of the lamp itself. The lampshade is usually made of glass, while the bracket is usually made of metal. The lampshade mainly depends on whether its light transmittance is suitable, and the pattern and color of the surface should echo the overall style of the room. Whether the corrosion resistance of the metal is good, and whether the color and luster are bright and full are important indicators for checking the quality.

2. Pay attention to the brightness of the light

Generally speaking, soft light is better, and the degree should be less than 60 watts. In addition, different types of wall lamps should be selected according to the installation needs. For example, if the room is small, use a single-head wall lamp; if the room is large, use a double-head wall lamp; if the space is large, you can choose a thicker wall lamp; otherwise, choose a thinner wall lamp. The last thing to note is that it is best to choose a wall lamp with a protective cover for the bulb, which can prevent the wallpaper from igniting and causing danger.

3. Precautions for purchase

● The style and specifications of wall lamps should be coordinated with the installation site. For example, double-fire wall lamps can be installed in large rooms, and single-fire wall lamps can be installed in small rooms.

● The color of the wall lamp should be coordinated with the color of the installed wall.

● The thickness of the wall lamp should be coordinated with the environment of the installation site. If the surrounding area is large, thick wall lamps can be selected; if the surrounding areas are narrow, thin wall lamps can be selected.

● The power of the wall light source should be consistent with the purpose of use.

● The installation height of the wall lamp should be slightly higher than the human head.

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