The 6 Best Types of Bedside Lamps of 2022

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A well-designed bedroom often makes people feel very comfortable and decent, but the feeling of comfort is often determined by lighting. In addition to the main light on the ceiling, the bedside light is actually very important. It is the best light to bring out the comfortable and pleasure style of the bedroom.

Bedside lamps are the most utilized lamps in the bedroom. Most home decorations will install bedside lamps in the bedroom. What are the types of bedside lamps? Do you know what problems should be paid attention to when purchasing bedside lamps? At the same time, the bedside lamp is a reassuring existence for those who are afraid of the dark at night, so how to choose the bedside lamp so as not to go wrong, and it is very suitable? Let’s take a look at the bedside lamp with George Light. What are the types of bedside lamps? And master some bedside lamp purchase points!

I. What are the types of bedside lamps?

Bedside lamps are lamps used for bedroom lighting, which are divided into fixed and movable types. Reading a book under the bedside lamp at night, and pouring a drink, is particularly emotional. Ordinary bedside lamps emit soft light, and can make the whole house quiet and romantic. It is not too much to say that they are the night pearls in the bedroom.

Bedside lamps do not refer to a single form of lamps. They can be divided into six types: chandeliers, wall lamps, rocker lamps, table lamps, floor lamps and smart bedside lamps according to different shapes and installation methods. Different types of lamps will bring different space effects.


Beside Modern Light Luxury Chandelier

The vertical chandelier design presents a different visual state. The more unique the shape, the more it can become an existence that cannot be ignored in space, which is the meaning of choosing a chandelier.

In the selection of shapes and colors, it is mainly in line with the design style, avoiding excessively jumping colors and complex modeling structures, so as not to destroy the overall coordination.

The arrangement of its positions can be located on both sides of the head of the bed or in the center of the bed. Whether it exists alone or in pairs, the visual appeal brought by the overall design cannot be ignored.

Wall Lamp

Inside Wall Light

The wall lamp should be installed during the decoration, and it will not be easily replaced after installation. Most of the bedside wall lamps are on the left and right above the bedside, and the lamp head can generally be moved to adjust the light when reading before going to bed. The choice of wall lamps should also be adapted to the decoration style of the bedroom.

The choice of wall lamps is relatively fixed, and the main presentation method is to place them on the walls on both sides of the head of the bed. In terms of shape selection, it is recommended to start with the overall style, taking the Nordic style as an example, and the Nordic style bedroom that pays attention to minimalism and a sense of lines is most suitable for the design of wall lamps that highlight the beauty of lines.

The placement of the wall lamp is determined according to the specific position of the bed. If the bed is in the middle, it is recommended to install the wall lamps on both sides of the bed board; if the bed is placed against the wall, it is recommended to install the wall lamps on the moving line, which is convenient for daily use.

Compared with the flexibility of the table lamp, the wall lamp on the wall has a more three-dimensional beauty. Whether it is a symmetrical aesthetic presentation or a single visual experience, it enriches the level of the space in the superposition of other decorations.

Rocker Light

Modern Light Luxury Rocker Light

The rocker lamp has an unshakable position in the choice of bedside lamps. In addition to freeing up the extra position of the bedside table, the angle can be adjusted at will, making it a designer’s preferred choice.

Its shape design is more than simple presentation, and it pays attention to the construction of lines and the beauty of structure, which can match various styles. The design without too much decoration, intertwined with the bed board, constitutes a fluid aesthetic, full of dramatic tension and interesting layout.

Table Lamp

Minimalist Bedside Desk Light

Table lamp is a common bedside lamp, most of which are placed on the bedside table. When buying a seat lamp, you should buy a seat lamp suitable for your bedroom according to the size, color and style of the bedside table. You can put one or more according to your personal preference. Place the two lamps symmetrically.

The table lamp is small and exquisite in shape and easy to install. It is more than the combination of bedside tables and is the first choice for most people. Its design styles are rich and varied, including classic old models and new Internet celebrity models. No matter which one it is, it has its own unique charm.

Of course, if you like to make this area more individual, you can also choose a table lamp that is quite creative in design and shape, so as to achieve the contradiction between simplicity and individuality, and create a kind of artistic interest.

When choosing a table lamp as a bedside lamp, in addition to considering the line beauty and color composition of the overall shape, it is also necessary to consider the coordination between it and the bedside table. For example, if you choose a bedside table with a more square shape, then in the selection of table lamps, it is recommended to choose a style with a simple design as the first choice.

Floor Lamp

Minimalist Light Luxury Floor Lamp

Floor lamps can add warmth to an empty bedroom, and the brackets are mostly made of metal, solid wood or materials using natural forms. The lampshade and the base should be coordinated with the bracket and should not be obtrusive.

Compared with other lamps, the floor lamp is particularly prominent in the shape design and interesting creation. Choosing it as a bedside lamp is a deeper expression of visual aesthetics.

Contemporary floor lamps are mostly designed with minimalism as the main line. The neat lines outline the classic lamp body shape, which is placed on the side of the bed, with a serene beauty away from the hustle and bustle, giving the space a sense of tranquility.

Smart Bedside Lamp

The smart bedside lamp can collect bedroom environment data, can remotely control and change a variety of colors, and most importantly, it can help you fall asleep quickly. It can be executed automatically, and it is a good home assistant.

II. Bedside lamp purchase points

1. Styling

From the perspective of expressing the atmosphere, the bedside lamp should have a warm and romantic atmosphere. From a practical standpoint, a bedside lamp should be able to meet your reading and dressing needs. The shape of the bedside lamp is both practical and decorative!

Choose according to room style

The shape and color of the bedroom table lamp need to match the overall style of the room. The classical style bedroom generally chooses the European table lamp, but it looks classical and elegant. If the style of the table lamp does not match the style of the bedroom, it will appear out of place and affect the overall decoration style.

2. Lighting

When choosing a bedside lamp, in addition to looking at the style, the choice of lighting is also very important. This should be selected according to your own needs. The most common ones on the market are white light and yellow light, but now there are also adjustable light styles.


The lighting effect of the bedside lamp should be bright and soft, which can create a warm style. The light of the bedside lamp tends to be calm, mainly to adapt to the psychological state of people at night. The harsh light will only make your eyes uncomfortable and sleepy. Normal bedside lamp colors should be warm or neutral, such as pale yellow, orange and cream.

White Light

If you often read or work in the bedroom, it is recommended that you choose white light, because this light is like sunlight, it is bright and gentle, and the lighting effect is very good.

Warm Light

Then there is the bedside lamp that emits yellow light. The light emitted by this kind of light is relatively soft, which is suitable for small partners with poor sleep quality or frequent insomnia. This color of light is very easy to bring drowsiness.

Adjustable Light

Adjustable light bedside lamps, the light color of this bedside lamp can be adjusted at will, we can choose according to our own needs, it is really convenient to use.

Light and ark

The color of the bedside lamp should be soft, warm and neutral colors are the best, and the light should not be too strong, or even a little darker. Too cold colors will make people feel lonely and afraid; too bright colors will mobilize people’s emotions, which is not conducive to rest and calm; it is best to adjust the lighting.

3. Place

Also follow the principle of convenience when arranging bedside lamps. If you’re used to reading before bed, you may want to increase the range of your bedside lamp a bit. That is, the bedside lamp is higher than the habitual position when reading. Bedside light switches should be within easy reach. This can be considered from the point of view of convenient control. It’s handy if you need to turn on the light before bed or at night because you can operate it with your fingertips.

4. Size

The choice of bedside lamps is generally based on the size of the room, the placement of furniture, the overall decoration style and personal needs to determine the type of lamp. You shouldn’t choose a bedside lamp based on your own personal preferences. As a result, it doesn’t match the whole bedroom.

5. Material

The light of the bedside lamp focuses on softness. Therefore, when choosing the style of the lamp, we must pay attention to whether the material of the lampshade can soften the light. For example, the lampshade made of frosted glass, parchment, PVC material, silk cloth, etc., its translucent texture can create a warm atmosphere of semi-darkness and mottled light and shadow in the bedroom, which makes people feel peaceful and quiet inside.

Because the bedside lamp is close to the place where you sleep, if its material has poor heat dissipation, or her temperature rises faster, it will not be conducive to your sleep, and the radiation will be larger, so choose The material that is radiation-proof and heat-resistant at the same time is the most suitable.

Perhaps as far as a single bedside lamp is concerned, the visual aesthetics it brings are not so obvious. But don’t forget that an enduring space beauty requires a stacking of various beautiful things, and the bedside lamp is such an existence.

The right bedside lamp design integrates the design aesthetics with the overall style, and makes a seamless connection with the space plane through the design features of the lamp itself, forming a perfect painting.

When choosing a bedside lamp, try not to buy a bedside lamp with strong light, because this kind of lamp will not only not have the effect of lighting, but will hurt our eyes and reduce our eyesight. Therefore, I would like to remind everyone that when buying bedside lamps, you must pay attention to the softness of the light, and also pay attention to the quality of the lamps.

The above are the buying skills about bedside lamps. If you have any ideas and needs about lighting, please contact us! We would love to talk with you soon!

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