The 3 Most Important Points for Buying a Ceiling Lamp

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I. What is a ceiling lamp?

The ceiling lighting is the light source installed in the house close to the roof. The ceiling lamp mentioned in this article is mainly the LED ceiling lamp. This kind of lighting has high efficiency and a high luminous rate.

With the rise of smart homes, many home appliances are connected to the Internet, and ceiling lamps are no exception. Now the intelligence of the ceiling lamp is gradually getting rid of the remote control interaction. It is a little more advanced, and the APP control is launched. The more intelligent is connected to the voice control assistant, which can be turned on and off with a single command, timing, and some even.

II. The advantages and disadvantages of the ceiling lamp

The main advantage of ceiling lamps is energy saving and environmental protection, and LED lamps are used, which will be safer. In the case of one in ten thousand, incandescent ceiling lamps will burst, but LED ceiling lamps are relatively stable, and the probability of this danger is very low. The ceiling lamp has a relatively long life, 30,000-50,000 hours of use.

The ceiling lamps on the market now have the characteristics of intelligence, which were not available in other types of lamps before. The primary intelligent ceiling light just simplifies the operation process of the hand, that is, it is connected to the APP, which is convenient for you to control it from a distance. The mid-level intelligent ceiling lamp adds the function of voice interaction, which will make it look more humanized. The advanced point is to use algorithms and environmental monitoring components to automatically adjust the light intensity based on environmental conditions, room temperature, and brightness.

The disadvantages are actually very few, but they are a bit expensive, and some inferior ceiling light bulbs have poor heat dissipation performance.

III. Installation and use of ceiling lamps

When the embedded wire is ready and the style is determined, it can be installed!

Choose pre-embedded bolts, nylon plugs or plastic plugs for fixing, and the bearing capacity of these should exceed the weight of the ceiling lamp, so as to ensure that it is firm in later use.

Then check the relevant wires. If there is no problem, remove the mask and connect the wires to the lamp head. Be sure to connect them well to avoid problems.

Finally, install the mask of the ceiling lamp.

IV. The purchase points of ceiling lamps

1. Lamp Light Source

There are four common light sources, namely incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and LED lamps.

Incandescent Light Source

Incandescent lamps are common light bulbs with light sources close to sunlight. There are many types of masks, wide usage scenarios, and low color temperature. But the energy consumption is high, because 95% of the energy is used for heat generation, and only 5% of the energy is used to generate electricity.

Fluorescent Light Source

Fluorescent lamps, also known as fluorescent lamps, overcome the shortcomings of incandescent lamps and improve the energy consumption ratio, 60% of the energy is converted into electrical energy, and the color temperature is average. The disadvantage is that it will produce poisonous and highly polluting.

Energy Saving Light Source

Energy-saving lamps are energy-saving and have high luminous efficiency, but they will produce light decay, which affects the light entering the human eye, which means that it is harmful to the human eye.

LED lights are very famous, not only saving energy, but also the light-emitting diodes have low power consumption, environmental protection, non-toxicity and long life. Except for being a little more expensive, other advantages are.

2. Lamp Shape

Lamp shapes are generally divided into two types, one is round and the other is square. The choice of shape depends on the properties of the room and the overall decoration style.

The living room and dining room are important gathering places for many people. The lighting style is mainly loose and generous, and the lighting effect should be the best. Therefore, the choice of the ceiling lamp is mainly square. The color temperature of the light source in the bedroom and study room should be mainly warm, and it needs to create a certain sense of warmth, so the round shape is better.

3. Mask Material

There are many kinds of mask materials, such as acrylic masks, plastic masks, glass masks, etc. Among them, acrylic masks are the best. This material is essentially plexiglass, which has strong light transmission, stability and flame resistance. These advantages are very suitable for face masks.

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