The 3 Best Advantages of Buried Lights

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LED lighting products have gradually replaced the past lighting products. LED lighting products have many advantages and are the development trend of the 21st century. There are many LED products and their application fields are also different. Today we will introduce the various public LED underground lights that are more common in occasions, so what is the function of buried ground lights, and what are their features?

I. What are the functions of buried lights?

The LED buried lamp adopts a stainless steel polished panel shell, small size, high heat dissipation, high quality waterproof joint, silicone seal and tempered glass. The shell and the aluminum alloy lamp body (stainless steel optional) adopt an integral molding process, and the heat dissipation effect is excellent. The mirror surface is made of 8mm tempered glass, which has excellent compression resistance. Waterproof grade IP67. We use a super bright LED as the light source, and choose a new embedded decorative lamp with LED constant current drive mode.

II. What are the features of buried lights?

1. The LED buried light has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, long service life, sturdy and durable. Low power consumption, long service life, easy installation, unique and elegant shape, anti-leakage, waterproof, dustproof, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance.

2. The LED light source has a long life, and there is almost no need to change the light bulb without accident. One construction, several years of use.

3. Low power consumption, no need to pay high electricity bills for lighting and beautification.

4. The light source adopts high-efficiency and energy-saving LED, which has the advantages of high brightness, low energy consumption, large irradiation area and long life.

III. What are the advantages of buried ground lights?

1. The circuit is equipped with overcharge and overdischarge protection functions, so that the battery has a long service life and the product is in a stable and good working condition for a long time.

2. Using high-performance nickel-cadmium batteries. It has large capacity, high efficiency and a safe exit indicator. Product overview: When the AC power supply is working normally, the fully automatic fire emergency indicator light will automatically charge the battery. When the AC power supply fails to supply power normally, the indicator light will be in Within 1 second, it will switch to the emergency state of standby power operation, and always use the standard direction, the right direction, the double-sided and so on.

3. The shell and panel of the lamp are made of non-combustible materials, and the internal connection is made of flame-retardant wires with a temperature resistance greater than 125 °C.

IV. Precautions for installation of buried lights

The lamp body of the LED buried light is made of high-purity aluminum alloy material, and the surface is treated by electrostatic spraying, which is cured at constant temperature and has strong adhesion. Generally have good waterproof and dustproof. Before installation work, you should prepare from several aspects:

1. Before installing the LED buried light, the power must be cut off. This is the first step in the installation of all electrical equipment and is the basis for safe operation.

2. Before installing the LED buried light, you should sort out the various parts used for the lamp. LED buried light is a special landscape LED light that is buried underground. Once installed, it is very troublesome to re-install if there are fewer parts installed. So it should be ready before installation.

3. Before installing the LED buried light, it is necessary to dig a hole according to the shape and size of the embedded part, and fix the embedded part with concrete. The embedded parts play the role of isolating the LED underground lamp body from the soil, ensuring the service life of the LED underground lamp.

4. Before installing the LED buried light, you need to prepare an IP67 or IP68 wiring device to connect the external power input to the power cord of the light body. In addition, the LED buried light power cord requires a certified waterproof power cord to ensure the longevity of the LED buried light.

5. The sealing of the wire connection should be done well: Generally, the wiring port of our buried light has a special sealing rubber ring and stainless steel fasteners. Tighten until the wires cannot pull out of the sealing rubber.

6. Do a good job of infiltration of groundwater during construction, do not let it soak in water, because it is not an underwater light.

7. Open the cover after the buried ground light is installed, and cover the lamp after lighting for half an hour. This step is very important.

The above is the introduction about buried lights. Have you increased your understanding of buried lights? If you have any ideas and needs for lighting design, we welcome you to contact us. We would love to talk with you soon!

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