Lighting Trends 2023: Decoding the Top 10 Brightest Bulb Ideas

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The interior design industry’s best kept secret is its ace up its sleeve: lighting trends. When a room is lit just by a single standard bulb, it will appear stark and lack ambience. Nevertheless, take into account “layers” of lighting and all the possibilities that come with this, and you’re onto a successful room design. 

While planning a great new lighting design scheme, there are a plethora of possibilities at your disposal, including target floor lamps, LED wall lights, table lights, and desk luminaires. How do you even start making decisions? Of course, by observing the anticipated lighting trends for 2023.

Indeed, it’s time to let the light shine into this highly illuminating roundup of interior design trends. With scintillating new lighting options introduced at the recent SuperSalone in Milan, London Design Festival and Decorex International, we’ve honed in on the biggest, brightest, most fabulous lighting looks to hit the interiors market. Dare we say, these trends are in the spotlight?

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I. What are the lighting trends for 2023?

1. Mirror brass

The luxury of mirror-polished brass is reminiscent of the Art Deco era, and after two years of not having to dress up, we’re in love with the glamor it brings to our home. While elements of the era have returned to living room trends over the past few years, now is the time to embrace this look even further.

The high-gloss finish of Cameron Design House’s Torsa chandelier is a great introduction, with brass discs illuminating each other and light bouncing across the room in dramatic fashion. Inspired by the shimmering reflections of Lake Torsa in Finland, this design is a statement piece that perfectly captures this trend.

2. Match the color of the chandelier spotlight and the wall

Pendant spotlights are often added to a room for a focal centerpiece, but designers are adopting a new trend of matching pendants to the color of the walls.

This monochromatic look brings a strong modern feel to the interior and goes well with current kitchen trends like natural woods and finishes. As shown here by Wastberg in his forthcoming collaboration with David Chipperfield, smooth finishes and subtle color palettes blend beautifully to create calming and functional kitchen lighting.

3. Burning steel

Thanks to home improvement specialists Buster & Punch, this striking new finish is making waves in the design world, especially when it comes to dining table trends. Inspired by motorcycle exhausts, once they’re running on an angle, the heat creates an eye-catching iridescent effect on the surface and casts an alluring glow on whoever sits beneath them.

The team developed a new technology that harnesses this effect and applies it to marine-grade stainless steel to create a range of fixtures and fittings for the home. The sophisticated Forked pendant is perfect for an industrial style kitchen, or placed above a bar or as dining room lighting. We think you’ll like it too!

4. Organic silhouettes

As designers push boundaries in exploring unconventional shapes, so does our love for free-flowing forms and softer shapes. Organic modern style breaks the mold of traditional and more predictable aesthetics.

Broste Copenhagen’s new “skirt” pendant showcases the beauty of this trend with designs that mimic the organic movement of the fabric itself. Primary colors add a playful touch to the collection, and combining them helps establish five different light sources in a room, as the Nordic brand encourages, “just the right mood and a nod to the Danish tradition of creating hygge through light, “they said.

5. Light art

Adding sculpture to your home can be difficult due to space constraints and budgets. However, combining art with function can solve both problems, and many designers are incorporating art into all kinds of creations, especially in the field of lighting.

Uchronia presents the “Stolen Objects from the Sea” collection at Paris Design Week, in collaboration with Antoine Billore, with a magical and “otherworldly” aesthetic that perfectly embodies this trend. Topped with a vintage Vallauris fish lamp, the Bisous Stool is both a lamp, table and stool, and a decorative work of art.

When looking to add some living room lighting to a space, think outside the box and find unique ideas like these that really stand out.

6. Dark smoked glass

Black glass is perfect for a monochrome color scheme or a Scandinavian design-inspired aesthetic, contrasting nicely with natural woods and neutral fabrics.

Hadeland Glassverk, Norway’s oldest glassmaker, has added dark glass variant lights and pendants to its archives to bring solid blocks of color to rooms and make them stand out. Smoked glass complements the architectural silhouette and adds further impact when used with matching fixtures and fittings.

7. Embedded LED lighting

Piero de Marchis, the founder of  Detail Lighting, said: “The transition from trap to LED and hidden lighting is quite obvious. Rail lighting is also becoming a very popular choice, enabling homeowners to easily use their lighting schemes from their lighting schemes from one area adjustment and move to another. “

This added functionality brings a new dimension to the home, it provides a subtler and more relaxed ambiance, especially in bathroom lighting which provides a spa feel. Add layers of lighting to complement the softer background lighting for a cozier, more intimate ambiance.

8. Custom extension cords

Since traditional extension cords aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing, many homeowners have had to come up with clever ways to hide and camouflage these useful accessories. But, thanks to brands like Lola’s Leads, it’s possible to buy custom replacements, and once you see it, you’ll most likely never want to buy a traditional extension cord again!

Designed in a variety of fabrics and colours, you can match it with any interior, blend in or create your own striking feature. And, with working from home on the rise, accessories like this can keep a work area clutter-free.

9. Portable LED light

Flexibility, sustainability, and affordability have risen to the top of the priority list as a result of the growing consequences of climate change, rising energy costs, and our houses’ transformation into multifunctional offices. Portable LED lights are the ideal solution to help with all three of these problems. Muse for Tala, in a custom Farrow & Ball colourway, combining LED technology with a sleek aesthetic.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the light is a practical choice for any room and garden, with a battery life of up to 24 hours. Dimmable LED light bulbs are available in a variety of warm shades, again for different purposes. Designed for repairability, this light offers many benefits, including a wireless charging option.

10. Colorful rattan lampshades

While natural materials such as jute and rattan are gaining popularity for their organic aesthetic and quality, designers are now using color to add their own unique flair to materials.

The new Rattan Wave Pendant and Farrow & Ball from Matilda Goad & Co are available in four new shades. Adding color to such a natural material will bring it to a new audience of minimalists, who often eschew untreated organic shades in bolder interiors.

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