Light Strip Installation Guide

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The light strip is a special existence among the unmaintained lights. It looks like a belt, but it has a variety of shapes. The home space using the LED strip is very beautiful. The light strip is soft and not dazzling, and it can greatly improve the fashion and design of the space. It is not a lamp that only depends on its appearance, but also has unique advantages in performance. It is the darling of home lighting. With the popularization of light knowledge and the emphasis on lighting atmosphere, the application of linear light strips in home space is increasing.

I. The Performance Characteristics of the Light Strip

  • The light strip has strong weather resistance.
  • Strips can be cut and extended.
  • The light strip has a long service life, about 11 years.
  • The light strip is easy to make graphics, text and other shapes.
  • The light strip can be soft with 360° splits without dead ends.
  • The light bulbs and passages of the light strip are completely covered in flexible plastic, with good insulation and waterproof performance, and use insurance.

II. The Home Application of the Light Strip

1. When the light strip is applied in the living room, it is hidden in the ceiling of the living room without seeing the light. A halo shrouded the living room, like a cold day bathed in the winter sun. The light strip spreads on the ceiling with light source rendering, brightening the entire head space, making the vision have a sense of upward extension. Or use the light strip behind the TV wall in the living room, which is simple and beautiful. Feel the movie-watching atmosphere of a movie theater at home, with subtle lighting to protect your eyesight, so you won’t watch movies in the dark.

LED Strip Lights For Bedroom

2. When the light strip is used in the bedroom, it obediently acts as ambient lighting to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The bedroom is a space for people to relax and recuperate, and the lighting should not be too bright. The light strip is installed in the crevice at the head of the bed, and the color temperature is mostly 3000K warm light, and the soft light flows, giving people a warm feeling. When you close your eyes, it does not glare, as if it does not exist; when you open your eyes, it glows quietly, preventing you from falling into darkness.

3. When the light strip is used in the dining room, it is a more romantic atmosphere light than candlelight. When eating, only turn on the light strip, and a circle of soft light that seems to be absent slowly spreads out like ripples in the water. Create a sense of lighting layering and turn the whole atmosphere into a mood. The area illuminated by the light strip is wider than the candle light, the light source is not bright, and the smudged light is seamlessly connected like star spots. Isn’t the looming sense of sight more romantic than candlelight?

4. When the LED light strip  is applied to the aisle, it beautifies the space and makes the aisle no longer monotonous. The light strip is soft, can be cut and connected, and has always been handy in convex shape. The light strip has a variety of shapes and brings its own light. It exudes its character in the hallway, helping you to create dark and staggered areas, making the hallway a beautiful landscape in the home.

5. When the light strip is used in the cloakroom, it shows the beauty of the high CRI, restores the color of the clothes to the greatest extent, matches the skin tone, and enhances the complexion. The cloakroom is a holy place for women. With good lighting, it can go out beautifully. As we all know, clothes will have color differences under different lighting. The display index of the light strip is higher than 90. Install it in the cabinet, and the clothes are accurate when you pick it; install it next to the mirror to make it look good in the mirror.

6. When the light strip is applied under the cabinet, it is an intimate small light, which will not let you turn sugar into salt and face cleanser as toothpaste. The light strip exerts its prehistoric power under various cabinets, which can weaken the sense of closure of the space and broaden the vision. The built-in cabinet is an excellent place for light strips to easily solve the visual blind spot caused by the built-in.

7. When the light strip is applied under the bed, it will protect your safety, and you will not be afraid of being confused at night. People have three urges. They are forced to wake up in deep sleep. People are in a state of blindness with their eyes open, and they have to touch the switch for a long time. The sensor switch does not have to wait any longer at this time. The light strip is installed under the bed, and people will automatically light up as soon as they land. The light is gentle and not dazzling, only slightly illuminates a small space, does not disturb the still drowsy sleep in the brain, and can quickly return to sleep after waking up at night.

It is also suitable for stairs, corners, and the edge of the ground as auxiliary lighting to enhance the visual sense.

8. When the light strip is applied to a specific space, it connects the space at the junction of this space and that space. Visually, the halo of the light strip will guide people’s eyes. It easily connects different spaces, broadens the vision of the space, and embellishes the boundaries of the space. When it is placed on an irregular object, it highlights the three-dimensional effect. Create irregular light, make the light and shadow interlace, the virtual and the real, and highlight the three-dimensional feeling. Light strips are placed on the irregular space to form a fresh and strange space, and the body seems to be placed in a three-dimensional space.

Other examples:

The space area is distinct, the light extends, and the sense of depth is strong.

Restore the color of the ingredients on the stove and cook in a good mood.

Weakening the sense of closure at the bottom of the cabinet and expanding the sense of space.

Visually increase the sense of picture and increase the three-dimensional sense of the cabinet.

LED light strips have unique advantages in creating atmosphere. LED light strips can well highlight architectural and decorative elements by virtue of their uniform and soft light output. They are often used as contour lights to create a sense of hierarchy in the space, and they also have a certain decorative effect while lighting. The most important point is that the light strip is easy to install and can be flexibly used in various spaces to create a home environment with different styles.

The installation method of lamps without main lights is a point that everyone is concerned about. Why is the installation of light strips deeply related to the selection of light strips? On the one hand, the light output effect is affected by many factors. Such as: flat lamp trough and 45° lamp trough, installation height, etc. Another aspect is that the installation of light strips is not considered before decoration, which will lead to different choices of light strips. If there is a lighting requirement in the later stage, the embedded light strip cannot be selected.

III. Light Strip Installation

1. Paste Installation

Light strip is convenient and easy to tear and paste. There is glue on the back of the light strip. If you paste it wrongly, you can tear it off and paste it again. The handicapped party can easily solve it. Light strip has strong plasticity and can be customized. The stick-installed lamps have a characteristic, that is, the light strip can be customized according to the needs, and the shape can be concave at will.

The light strip itself is mainly used as an ambient light, such as the porch, cabinet, TV background wall, etc. The size of each family is different, and customization is a very wise choice.

The adhesive installation is very suitable for the mirror edge, the light strip is soft, and any shape of the mirror can be easily done. Features that cannot be ignored, IP protection level. If the bathroom mirror needs to use a light strip, be sure to choose a light strip with a waterproof and dustproof level, such as an IP67 waterproof and dustproof silver arc light strip.

Round Mirror Light Strip

There are two installation methods for the silver arc lamp. In addition to sticking installation, it is also suitable for snap installation, which can fix the corners of the silver arc lamp when making special shapes.

2. Snap Installation

In addition to silver arc custom light strips that can be snapped and installed, it is generally the installation method when the light strip is used with the light trough.

The LED light strip is matched with the light groove, which is a perfect straight line. The light trough is equivalent to the shell of the light strip, similar to the mobile phone shell of the mobile phone. If the light strip is used with the light trough, it can only be installed straight.

When choosing a straight light strip, you need to pay attention to the material of the light trough.

The life of the light strip is long, and the light trough can naturally not fall behind.

Aluminum profile + PCD, not easy to oxidize, high light transmittance, temperature and cold resistance.

The material design of the light trough will also determine the light emitting method and anti-glare dimension. The light trough has its own frosted feel, and the light is even and soft without anti-glare, like a good night song humming softly in the ear when sleeping.

The difference of the lamp trough will affect the light output of the lamp strip. Here are two common lamp troughs, 45° lamp trough and flat lamp trough.

In the ambient light around the bedroom bed, the height of the light strip installation and the plane will also lead to different choices of light troughs.

If the height is greater than 20cm, it is recommended to use a flat-angle light trough.

It is recommended to use a 45° light trough with a height of less than 20cm.

Flat light troughs are more convenient and friendly to cabinets within a right angle range, illuminating small dark corners.

The 45° light trough emits light farther and more evenly, and the tail light forms a halo, which provides a large area of ​​ambient light and is suitable for ceilings and curtain boxes.

The above two installation methods are very convenient to disassemble, just stick and install and tear off, and the snap installation only needs to unscrew the screws and fill the wall. The common feature of the two installation methods, the sticky installation and the snap installation, is that they are easy to install and easy to disassemble.

More importantly, after the decoration is completed, the need for ambient lighting is required. Even if the installation of the light strip is not considered before the decoration, you can still choose the light strip installed by sticking or snapping to supplement the decorative lighting of the home.

As long as you want, it can be installed at any time in the cloakroom, by the mirror, under the bed, under the cabinet.

3. Embedded Installation

The most obvious difference between embedded installation and stick-on installation is that the light strip must be taken into consideration before decoration. This is because the embedded installation of the light strip requires embedded parts. After opening the wall, insert the embedded parts and lock them with screws. Paste the light strips into the aluminum grooves of the embedded parts, and then connect the power supply. However, the light-emitting effect of the embedded-installed light strip is also different – the light strip is integrated with the wall, and there will be an illusion that the wall is glowing.

There are three types of embedded parts, internal angle, external angle and flat angle. Inside corners, it is recommended to install in concave corner areas.

For external corners, it is recommended to install in the convex corner area.

Flat angle, it is recommended to install it in flat areas such as ceilings and walls.

The embedded parts will have a matching PC lampshade, which will not directly expose the LED chips of the lamp strip. The lampshade can play an anti-glare effect, and the lamp strip will not be dazzling when viewed directly.

Here again, I would like to remind everyone that holes are required for embedded installation, and it is more recommended for houses that have not yet installed lights. There is time to do the preliminary preparation, and learn more about the lighting atmosphere effect of the light strip. It must be mentioned again that the activity space of the home cannot be static, and the ease and difficulty of lighting installation will directly affect the changes in the later lighting needs of the home.

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