Light Bulb Knowledge You Have to Know

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The plasticity of LED gives lighting a great imagination space, and LED light bulbs are also very subdivided, that is, specific light bulbs have specific uses. Today we will talk about light bulbs.

First of all, let’s understand the common civilian lamp sockets: E14, E27, E40, B22, G4, G9, etc., where E is the screw, the number is the diameter of the thread, B is the bayonet, and the number is the screw shell bayonet The diameter of , G is the plug-in lamp head, the number is the center distance of the two pins, the E40 lamp head is often used for outdoor lamps, and the others are basically used indoors.

Light bulbs can be roughly divided into:

1. Basic lighting type: Basic lighting bulbs are mainly used for lighting to improve brightness.

2. Decorative lighting type: Decorative lighting type bulbs are used in conjunction with lighting to create a better lighting atmosphere and enhance lighting art.

3. Specific function type: other specific function bulbs.

Table of Contents

I. Basic lighting bulbs

1. LED bulbs

LED bulbs are the most popular products on the market at present. The power is basically 3W-50W. Due to the relatively large market demand, the competition is extremely fierce, and the price and quality are mixed. If you don’t have much research on the bulbs, try to choose a brand to buy. Some workshops and factories fighting price wars are extremely cheap. The so-called 36W bulb is less than 10 yuan. Of course, don’t expect quality and light effects.

2. LED UFO light bulbs

The advantages of LED flying saucer light bulbs are that they have a large luminous surface, and can prevent mosquitoes, dust, and splashes. The power is mostly 18W-50W, which can be used in places with relatively high brightness requirements. LED flying saucer light bulbs are made by various brands, workshops and factories, and the quality is also uneven.

3. LED corn bubble bulbs

The main uses of LED corn-bubble bulbs are garden lamps, post lamps, street lamps, etc. Because there is no milky white acrylic lampshade, the light emitted is not subject to any optical reflection, which is relatively dazzling, so it is not suitable for household use. You can choose a low-power 20W The following is used with lamps with milky white cover, the main power range is 10W-200W.

4. LED street light bulbs

The commonality of LED street light bulbs is the E40 lamp head, the light source faces down, the brightness is good, the waterproof, but this kind of light bulb family is basically useless, just understand it.

II. Decorative light bulbs

1. Suitable for chandeliers (the bulb is built into the lampshade)

The bulb built into the lampshade is suitable for chandeliers whose lampshade can completely envelop the light source. The shorter the connection between the lamp head and the light-emitting area, the better the effect, so that the lampshade of the chandelier can realize no dark area. The common power is 10-16W, and the common color temperature: positive White, warm white, neutral.

2. Suitable for chandeliers (the bulb is exposed to the lampshade)

Candle bulbs are suitable for chandeliers with exposed bulbs. Most of these bulbs are E14 lamp caps, and the power is roughly 3w-7w. The commonly used color temperature is warm white. Now the candle bulb has evolved to emit light up and down, so as to solve the problem of darkness under the light.

3. Plug-in light bulbs (G4/G9)

The most commonly used plug-in bulbs in China are G4/G9. These bulbs are small in size, high in brightness, and easy to replace. Most of the power is 3w-5w. The quality of the headlights is also mixed.

4. Antique light bulbs

Antique light bulbs are generally used to set off retro or other specific atmospheres, rather than pursuing brightness, and the light color is around 2700K (warm yellow light), mostly used in industrial wind, European and American wind, and lamp-specific environments, with a power of 2-6W.

III. Specific function light bulbs

1. Colorful light bulbs

The colorful light bulbs have built-in red, blue and green LED light sources, and the multi-faceted diamond lens is rotated by the motor to scatter the KTV-like colorful effect.

2. Festive light bulbs

Festive bulbs are pure red bulbs used in lanterns, holiday atmosphere bulbs, etc.

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