How to Design the Office Lighting We Use Everyday?

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For most office workers, most of the time of the day is spent in the office. In this place where dreams set sail, employees are conscientious and conscientious to complete various tasks, but they are often unexpectedly Tired and sleepy!

Whenever drowsiness strikes, you drink cup after cup of coffee, but the feeling of tiredness is still there. You often can’t keep my spirits up at work, and my eyes are tired and dry. Many people are annoyed. Why are you sleepy when you get to the office?

Have you ever thought that the culprit that actually caused these problems is most likely: lights!

I. The importance of office lamps

Commercial office lighting in office, which gives a modern feel.

1. Appropriate office lighting can improve employee efficiency.

Appropriate and reasonable office lamps are one of the keys to improving employee office comfort and efficiency. Many people think that office lighting is the simplest lighting design, and they usually don’t pay attention to those atmosphere renderings. They think that as long as they can illuminate the space, it is not the case. Statistics show that more than 70% of people work in the office for more than 6 hours a day. Good office lighting can not only make the office more beautiful, but also directly affect the work efficiency of employees. Adequate lighting can make employees feel more comfortable, while reducing error rates and reducing eye fatigue, so lighting is particularly important.

Moreover, the intensity, color temperature, and angle of the light will greatly affect the visual experience of employees, and even eye health. This is why many traditional offices always give people a cold and stereotyped impression, while some offices give people a warm and active atmosphere. Most of these are caused by lighting problems. In fact, lamps and lights are very important to people in the office. When the first impression score is scored, it accounts for a large proportion.

Office ceiling lights give people a warm and active atmosphere.

2. Sufficient and uniform office lighting can improve the mood of employees at work.

The demand for public decoration is different from that of home decoration. It does not require cumbersome decoration. An excellent office space can not only assist and promote cooperation when customers visit, but also improve the work efficiency of employees. After determining the overall decoration style, There are some details that cannot be ignored.

The combination of dynamic and static, relaxed and relaxed office space is conducive to the development of collaborative work and independent in-depth work. Among them, the lighting design is particularly critical, which will directly affect the enthusiasm of employees and office efficiency.

Sufficient and uniform lighting is very important in the office. If the indoor light distribution is unreasonable, the illuminance is insufficient or the light distribution is uneven, a strong contrast of light and dark will be formed between the work area environment and the visual target. Homework can be visually tiring.

In addition, the lighting atmosphere is also one of the keys to improving the comfort and efficiency of employees in the office. In order to highlight their sense of technology and cleanliness, many companies like to use positive white light or strong white light for lighting, but this is not necessarily the best choice. The ideal state of office lighting is close to natural light. When the color temperature is 3000-4000K, The content of red, green and blue light accounts for a certain proportion, which can give people a natural, comfortable and stable feeling.

3. Office lighting has a guiding role.

Office lamps can virtually divide the space.

Office Lighting Fixtures for Ceiling

For example, the office area uses bright and cold light, and the leisure area or the pantry will use warmer office pendant light. The two areas are visually different, and employees can easily find different areas.

The shape of the office lamps can guide the flow of people.

Commercial Office Lighting Design

For example, the office pendant light is embedded in the ground or wall, and it is made into a strip shape to give instructions to people; or the light is quoted in the place with steps, which not only reminds employees to pay attention to the safety of the stairs, but also makes the stairs more three-dimensional. Sense, looks very stylish.

Office lamps can focus the line of sight.

Hanging Lights for Office

Through the size, shape, color, etc. of the light, the contrast with the surrounding area is formed, and there is a difference, there is attention. Combined with the wall sticker slogan that needs to be highlighted, it will attract more attention.

II. The language of lighting in the office area

Why buy an office lamp with a large wattage for the office, but it is still not bright enough?

When most people buy lamps, they will naturally judge the brightness of lamps by wattage, thinking that the higher the wattage, the brighter the lamps. But now in the LED era, with the same brightness, incandescent lamps may consume 85W of power, while LEDs only need 12W, so judging the brightness of lamps by wattage does not fully meet the requirements. Now it is more important to look at the luminous flux and Illuminance.

Next, we will briefly explain how to understand the language of light. The luminous flux is like the attack power, the illuminance is like the damage the opponent takes, and the beam angle is the attack range.

1. Lm = Lumen (Luminance/Illuminance)

Lumens are used to measure the light emitted by the bulb in all directions, and the higher the brightness, the higher the lumen value.

2. Cd = Candlelight (Luminous Intensity)

Candlelight is used to measure the light shining in one direction, such as the light projected by a reflector bulb. The brighter the light, the higher the candlelight value.

3. K = Kelvin (color temperature)

Kelvin is used to measure the color temperature of light. That is, how red (warm) or how blue (cold) the light appears. The higher the Kelvin value, the bluer the light.

4. W = Watt (amount of energy consumed)

For example, a 60-watt light bulb consumes much more power than an 11-watt light bulb. But wattage doesn’t represent brightness — it’s just a measure of energy consumed. If you want to know how bright a light bulb is, look at the number of lumens or candles.

III. Office lighting requirements in different areas

Stylish reception desk, the beginning of a good job.

Office Light Fixtures

The reception desk is responsible for the company’s facade and an important area for displaying the corporate image. In addition to sufficient illumination, the lighting methods should also be diversified. Therefore, the office lighting design needs to be organically combined with the corporate image and brand to highlight the sense of design.

Common office area, always comfortable.

LED Office Lighting

The open office area is a large space shared by many people. It is best to set it in a location with good lighting. The lighting should be combined with the design principles of uniformity and comfort. Usually, fixed-style lamps with uniform spacing are regularly installed on the ceiling. Uniform illumination can be obtained.

Alternatively, the light source can be controlled by means of diffused light transmission and shading, or strip lamps (flat, panel, linear lamps) can be used to make the light in the working space uniform and reduce glare.

Personal office, artistic atmosphere shows taste.

Office Desk Lamp

The personal office is a relatively independent space, so the lighting requirements of the ceiling are not very high, and comfortable natural light should be used as much as possible. If the natural light is not enough, then the lighting design should focus on the work surface, and the rest should be assisted. Lighting can also create a certain artistic atmosphere.The personal office is a relatively independent space, so the lighting requirements of the ceiling are not very high, and comfortable natural light should be used as much as possible. If the natural light is not enough, then the lighting design should focus on the work surface, and the rest should be assisted. Lighting can also create a certain artistic atmosphere.

Flexible meeting room, focus more efficiently.

The conference room is a high-yield place, which will be used for customer meetings, mobilization meetings, training and brainstorming, so the office ceiling light above the conference table should be set as the main lighting, and the illumination should be appropriate. To help focus, auxiliary lighting can be added around, and if there are exhibition boards, blackboards, and videos, local targeted treatment should also be provided.

Relaxing lounge with a warm atmosphere.

The lighting in the leisure area should be mainly based on comfort. It is recommended not to use cold light, because cold light can easily make people feel nervous, while warm light sources can create a friendly and warm atmosphere, make people feel happy, and let the brain and muscles. For relaxation, modern office lighting can generally be used in the leisure area to enhance the atmosphere.

Cozy reception room, friendly welcome to guests.

In addition to office ceiling lights and office chandeliers, other types of downlights and spotlights are commonly used non-main lights in the decoration of the reception room. The design is relatively modern, and the lighting is mainly to create a business atmosphere. It is necessary to use downlights with better color rendering to set off the atmosphere of the reception room. If products need to be displayed, use spotlights to highlight them.

Wide Bright Corridor

The corridor is a public area, and its office lighting requirements are not high. In order to avoid affecting the line of sight when walking, it is recommended to use anti-glare lamps. The illuminance can be flexibly controlled at about 150-200Lx. According to the structure and height of the corridor ceiling, a hidden type can be used. Lamp lighting.

Excellent office lighting design can not only make people happy, but also protect the health of employees and improve the corporate environment.

IV. How to design the lighting of the office space?

1. Choose the right light

How to choose different lighting for the work area and leisure area in the office space?

Color Temperature

To put it simply, the lower the color temperature, the warmer the color, and more reddish; on the contrary, the higher the color, the colder and bluer.

A simple example:

The working area is suitable for white light with a color temperature of about 5000K, and the leisure area is suitable for yellow light with a color temperature of about 3000K.

The color rendering of white light is more realistic, the contrast of illumination is large, it tends to sunlight, and the color temperature is colder, so it is suitable for lighting use of work, and the ambient light source is brighter and clearer, which can boost the spirit. Because of the color temperature, yellow light has a warm visual feeling, and the contrast of lighting is small, which is suitable for shaping interpersonal relationships and atmosphere.


Illuminance refers to the amount of luminous flux of visible light received per unit area of ​​the illuminated surface. The unit is lux, 1ux = 1 lumen/square meter. We often say that the working desktop is bright enough, which usually means the illumination is not enough. In the case of the same area, the higher the luminous flux of the light source, that is, the higher the lumen value, the higher the illuminance.

Generally speaking, if the lighting environment is required to be bright and clear, the requirements for illuminance are also higher.

The state stipulates that the illuminance of the office area should not be lower than 300lux at least. The general space illumination brightness is not less than 100lux, and the local lighting brightness is not less than 600lux.

2. Choose the right light fixture

Strip Lights

Most office desks in companies have a rectangular design, in which case strip lighting (flat, panel, linear) is best. And this kind of light has high brightness and is not too dazzling, and the irradiation area is uniform.

Round Lamps

In the leisure area, most of the round lights are used. The brightness of the lighting here is not so important. The main reason is that the lighting is soft, which can make people feel relaxed. Moreover, the round shape can also soften the atmosphere of the space compared to the angular office overhead lighting.

Modeling Lamps

In the tea area or coffee area, you can choose electric lamps and modeling lamps. Lamps of different shapes can set off a leisure and relaxing atmosphere.

Finally, to make a small summary, a good office lighting should meet the following points:

1. The office lighting should be healthy and comfortable, just like natural light, bright but not dazzling, gentle but not hot.

2. Appropriate illumination can make employees feel comfortable.

3. The installation position of lamps and lanterns should be scientific and reasonable to avoid direct or indirect glare that affects people.

4. Understand the office lighting needs of different areas and make a reasonable match.

5. The office lighting of the partition should be cautious, so that the room has a reasonable brightness distribution, so that employees can combine work and rest.

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