How to Choose the Main Lights of the Living Room?

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The living room is the main place for us to rest, entertain and meet guests at home, so the visual experience of the living room becomes particularly important. Modern home decoration pays attention to the overall matching design, among which the modern chandelier lights in the living room play the finishing touch in the overall decoration of the home.

Contemporary chandelier lights mainly show their lighting artistic effects from the shape and lighting. When purchasing home main lamps, pay attention to whether the color and shape of the modern led chandeliers are consistent with the overall decoration style, and whether the lamps can be integrated into the entire home environment. It is very important to be able to match and set off each other.

Generally, the main light should conform to the mainstream style of modern home furniture. Only when home lighting, home decoration and home furniture are matched with each other can they create a better and fashionable home space atmosphere. Then, in the decoration, you need to pay attention to the choice of living room modern lighting. Is it better to install contemporary chandeliers or modern ceiling lights in the living room?


From the appearance point of view, if you choose the right style of modern chandelier, then the appearance of the chandelier is definitely better than the modern led ceiling lights. If you are after high-end style, a luxurious and crystal clear luxury chandelier is the best choice. Although contemporary ceiling lights are now rich in styles, warm and elegant, they are slightly less coquettish in front of delicate luxury crystal chandeliers.


If only from a practical point of view, the light distribution from the modern flush ceiling light is very uniform and soft, which is more suitable for daily home use. And most of the current modern ceiling lamps can provide three kinds of light sources: warm white light, positive white light and warm yellow light, which can be freely selected according to different seasons and different preferences!

House Type Conditions

Floor Height

Generally, if the floor height is less than 2.5m, it is recommended not to make a suspended cool ceiling light. You can use gypsum lines to make some decorative flat ceilings and partial ceilings; otherwise, after a certain floor height is occupied by the ceiling, the whole room may feel depressed. With a floor height of above 2.4m, you can try modern ceiling pendant lights.

Why not install contemporary crystal chandeliers? Because the general chandelier lamp body will be about 40cm-60cm, and the distance between the bottom of our lamp and the ground is between 1.9-2.3m. Auxiliary light sources can choose downlights and spotlights.

For those with a height of 2.8m, a luxurious and crystal clear chandelier is the best choice. Although modern high ceiling lightings are now rich in styles, warm and elegant, they are slightly less delicate in front of delicate luxury modern chandeliers. Modern minimalist lamps, light and luxurious and simple crystal luxury lamps, grand and luxurious all-copper lamps, and retro and romantic European-style lamps can all add a different and unique beauty to your living room!

The floor height of 2.8m can also be used as a first-level luxury ceiling light with less height.

If a ceiling is installed, light strips or downlights can be installed. Downlights will be more suitable. It is recommended to choose neutral light and warm light, which will be more warm. If possible, try to choose a light-changing light. Guests who come to the house can change it to white light, which is simple and bright, and watching TV at night can be warm and quiet.


For a small apartment below 80 square meters, it is not recommended to consider modern contemporary chandeliers, unless you choose a pocket model; if the height of the living room is low, luxury chandelier lightings are not suitable. Otherwise, not only will it fail to bring warmth and harmony to your living room, but also it will make the originally limited space even more cramped and create a sense of depression.

If your house is a large duplex building, don’t hesitate to install a large modern luxury chandelier directly in the living room! The floor height of the living room of the duplex building is very high, and the large modern chandeliers that take up a lot of space just come in handy. Of course, the cleaning of the modern chandeliers for high ceilings will be a little difficult.

Home Decoration Style

The significance of choosing a luxury modern chandelier, in addition to being used for lighting, is very important for decoration. Therefore, the style of the modern chandelier must be consistent with the overall home style. European-style chandeliers are suitable for magnificent places, funky ceiling lights are suitable for modern and simple style. Inconsistent styles will make the living room give the impression of a mix and match, and it will look out of place.

Nowadays, the luxury lamp for the living room is not only solved by a main light. More and more people choose the combination design method of the main light and the auxiliary light to create a light and shadow space with scattered layers. An exquisite small chandelier in the atmospheric and fashionable living room will show a different quality of life.

Lampholder Material & Lampshade Material

Choosing a modern ceiling light fixture depends not only on the lamp type, but also on the material of the lamp holder and lampshade. Some non-standard modern hanging ceiling lights are unqualified, which poses a fire hazard. In particular, modern led pendant lights with incandescent tubes are more likely to cause fires due to heat. In the product description of some regular brand lighting, it will directly indicate the use of flame retardant materials. We need to pay more attention in the purchase process and learn to identify.

Energy Saving & Power Saving

The main lamp should not only have good illumination, but also save energy and electricity, and not emit too much heat, so a multi-head chandelier that can install LED bulbs is more suitable. Most of the LED light sources are standard, while the chandeliers have various diameters, There are usually E27 E14 G4 and G9, pay attention when choosing.

Another thing to note is that if you choose a ceiling-mounted flat panel light, try to choose a stepless dimming style with a remote control, so that when you sit on the sofa and watch TV, you can adjust the light to the brightness suitable for watching TV without getting up. If your home is smart, it will be easier to control.

Cleaning & Maintenance

When the modern flush ceiling light is lit, it will produce some electromagnetic reactions, which not only easily absorb the dust in the air, but also make some small flying insects dizzy, and keep hitting the lamp body; and the beautiful luxury modern chandelier is more complicated. The shape and lampshade, if you leave it alone for half a year, the bulb will be covered with dust and worms.

Therefore, when we choose the main light, whether it is a luxury ceiling light or a modern crystal chandelier, we should try to choose the kind which is fully enclosed at the light source, or the kind with the lampshade facing down, which is easy to take care of and not easy to dust.

Safety Factor

When choosing the main lamp, you should not blindly be greedy for cheapness, but first look at its quality and check whether the quality assurance certificates of conformity are complete. Sometimes the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but too cheap is often bad. Many cheap main lights are of poor quality, and there are often endless hidden dangers. Once a fire occurs, the consequences will be disastrous.

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