How to Choose Switch Sockets?

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Switches and sockets are the electric equipments that are installed on the wall. They are household appliances used to connect and disconnect circuits. Sometimes they can be decorated for the sake of beauty. Now there are many electrical socket types, how to distinguish and choose the right one for us?

I. Introduction of Switch Socket

Bottom Box

Also called a cassette, it is pre-buried and fixed in the wall to lay a solid foundation for the later panel installation. There are Type 86, Type 118, Type 120 Bottom Box Dimensions.

Type 86

At present, it is the most commonly used in China and has the most styles. It means that its length and width are 86 mm*86 mm, of course, this is not an absolute size.

Type 118

It is rectangular and installed horizontally. Type 118 actually includes: basic type (small size) 118*75mm, derivative products (medium size) 154*75mm, (large size) 195*75mm. The feature is that it can be freely matched with the combination of switches and sockets. Note that the sizes of the large, medium and small bottom boxes are also different.

Type 120

Similar to type 118, it can be freely matched, 120 refers to the height, and there are various options for width.

Blank Panel

Used to seal the wire checkbox reserved on the wall, or the abandoned wall hole, such as the smart toilet lid electric plug socket reserved next to the toilet, the water purifier reserved at the bottom of the cabinet.

Single Control Switch: One switch controls one light.

Double Control Switch: Two switches at different positions can control the same light. It is mostly used in aisles, stairs, room entrances and bedside positions.

Multi-control Switch: With 2 dual-control switches, it can control the same light in three different positions. More than 3 positions to control a light can be realized by adding a multi-control switch, which is not necessary for general households.

Two-position Switch, Three-position Switch, Four-position Switch: Multi-position switch integrates 2~4 switches in one panel, which are independent of each other. The multi-position switch is also divided into single control and double control.

Sockets with Switches

On the basis of the power socket, there is a built-in switch, which is suitable for electrical appliances that are not frequently moved. Reduce the frequency of plugging and unplugging switches.

*Precautions for Socket with Switches: Do not turn on or off the switch when the electrical appliance is working. The working current may cause the switch contacts to sinter, resulting in poor contact.

II. How to choose  switches and sockets?

Switch sockets are an indispensable part of our life. All aspects of our electricity use are realized through them. In order to ensure the safety and convenience of electricity use, we must choose products with guaranteed quality when purchasing wireless light switch. So, how to choose the switch on light? What should be paid attention to when choosing an electrical socket?

The Shell Material of Lamp Switch

The panels of high-quality weatherproof sockets should be made of high-grade plastic products that look uniform and have a smooth and textured surface. Its flame retardancy, insulation and impact resistance are excellent, and the material is stable, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of fires caused by circuits. The general switch will replace the PC material with black nylon material on the base, so that the cost can be greatly reduced.

The Structure of Light Socket Outlet

In order to ensure reliable contact connection and reduce contact resistance, a good smart dimmer switch generally has a hard spring, so it has a stronger sense of force when switching, It feels deft and agile when toggling the switch.while ordinary switches are very soft, and even the switch handle often stops in the middle position, causing a safety hazard. There is a silver-white contact on one end of the rocker of the switch function part, which is used by the switch to turn on and off the current. Good switch contacts are made of silver alloy to enhance the hardness of silver. Raising its melting point prevents the silver from melting when the current is too high.

The Securityof Automatic Light Switch

The power plug socket must be a safety type (with protective panel) socket product, and confirm that the protective panel should have a locking function when the socket is inserted into a single hole (when the plug is inserted into two holes at the same time, the protective panel can be opened to complete the connection between the plug and the socket.) to avoid accidental accidents for children. Secondly, to check the tightness of the socket clips, the stable insertion force is a key factor.

At the same time, strong extrusion makes the plug not easy to fall off, which effectively reduces the occurrence of power failure accidents caused by non-human factors. At the same time, the socket clip is made of high-quality tin-phosphor bronze, which has good electrical conductivity and strong fatigue resistance, ensuring that the socket insertion and removal times can reach 10,000 times (the national standard is 5,000 times).

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