Fan Lamp Purchasing Guide

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In recent years, some users have more and more ideas about installing fan lamps in the kitchen and dining room. As the weather is getting hotter and hotter, people tend to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner too low for the coolness, even if it blows directly in the case of profuse sweating. Air conditioning, it is easy to catch a cold. However, the floor fan not only has the limitation of air flow, but also takes up a lot of space and other problems. In addition, there are long wires, which are neither beautiful nor easy to trip over the family.

The new generation of young people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of home life, and gradually pay more attention to the utilization of space. Therefore, fan lamps with invisible fan blades are more and more loved by many people, and many people take a fancy to its versatility. But after all, most people don’t know how it actually works, so they dare not buy it. Therefore, we have to mention the reasons for purchasing fan lamps, introduce the styles and advantages of fan lamps, and finally guide you how to buy fan lamps.

Bedroom Ceiling Fans With Lights

I. Why do you need to buy fan lamps?

1. The problem of floor space: As a household appliance, the first consideration for everyone is cost-effectiveness and practicality. They must want to make their home decoration more perfect. The fan lamp combines lighting and air supply, and is installed on the roof. The fan lamp covers a large area, which greatly saves space costs.

2. Safety issues: The fan lamp is easy to install, stable and firm, and there will be no potential safety hazards.

3. Power consumption problem: Most of the current fan lamps use DC motors, which are more energy-saving.

4. Noise problem: The fan blades used in the fan lamp are very thin, and the low decibel operation of the metal bearing motor can achieve quiet operation.

II. What are the common styles of fan lamps?

At present, the most common styles of fan lamps are invisible and straight-blade.

Invisible Fan Lamp

Invisible chandelier fan light

Invisible fan lamps are one of the more popular styles at present. When the fan function is turned on, its fan blades will open; when the fan is turned off, it will automatically retract, and it looks like a light from the outside, which is more beautiful.

Straight Blade Fan Lamp

Straight Blade Wooden Ceiling Fan Light

The straight blade fan lamp is a typical combination of a fan and a light, and the fan blades are exposed and cannot be retracted. The fan blades of this fan lamp are mostly made of solid wood.

III. What are the benefits of buying fan lamps?

1. Strong Decorative

In terms of appearance, it is more fashionable and avant-garde and has a unique shape. It contains both lamps and electric fans. If it is arranged in the living room or dining room, it can give people a refreshing feeling. Fan lamps come in a variety of colors and styles, including fashionable Italian style, classical European style, luxurious Roman style, and Chinese classical cultural style. The most popular ones are modern minimalist style and antique ceiling fan lamps. We can choose suitable fan lamps according to the decoration style of our house to achieve a better decoration effect.

2. Strong Practicality

Fan lamp is a product that combines a fan with a lamp. In summer, the fan can be turned on to bring cool air to the room, and the light can be turned on directly at night, killing two birds with one stone. Fan lamps can speed up air circulation, whether it is summer or winter, it is suitable. The cold air of the fan lamp is higher than that of the air conditioner. If the indoor temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, a chandelier fan can completely achieve cooling and heat dissipation, because the fan lamp not only blows evenly, but also has a large air supply area, which is comfortable and cool.

It is understood that one air conditioner is equivalent to the electricity consumption of 20 ceiling fans. If the ceiling fan lamp is used in conjunction with the air conditioner, it can effectively reduce the load of the air conditioner, save energy and protect the environment. The temperature difference will not be too large, and the comfort level can be improved. Children are weak in constitution, love to run, and when the temperature of the air conditioner is set too low when sweating, it is easy to catch a cold and stuffy nose.

3. Save Space

Since it is a combination of lighting, usually the fan is on the top and the lighting is on the bottom, which can effectively reduce the space occupied. And the fans and lamps are controlled separately, we can use them separately. Generally speaking, most of the fan lamps are made of high-quality silicon steel sheets, which will not produce a lot of noise during use. Compared with ordinary fans, its sound is much smaller. If it is a wooden blade, it is safer to use. Now many fan lamps also have a sleep timer function, which is suitable for use at night.

Everything has two sides, and although fan lamps have many advantages, they also inevitably have disadvantages:

Although it has strong usability, it is more difficult to maintain and clean. Since it hangs directly from the ceiling and is difficult to disassemble, we have a particularly hard time cleaning it, and it is also difficult to clean. Although the fan lamp will not occupy too much space, it will occupy a certain floor height, so it is not recommended to use the fan lamp for the room with low floor height. Whether the fan lamp is good or not depends on the situation of each family.

Modern Ceiling Fan With Light

IV. How to choose the fan lamp that suits you?

1. Dimensions

What size ceiling fan lamp to buy may be the most concerning issue for many small partners when purchasing a ceiling fan lamp. If the area is less than 10 square meters, then 36 inches is almost enough. If it is 10-15 square meters, it is recommended to choose 44 inches. It is good to choose these two sizes for restaurants and rooms. The living room area is generally larger, it is best to choose a larger size. Otherwise, it looks stringy, and the fan’s air supply range is not enough.

2. Style: Straight Blade or Invisible?

Generally speaking, the area of ​​the dining room is relatively small, and invisible fan lights that do not take up space are more suitable. For a living room with a relatively large area, both invisible and straight blades can be used. This depends on personal preference.

3. Selection of boom

Fan lights, how long is the boom? Just look at the form below.

Ceiling Height2.7~3.2m3.3~3.5m3.5~4m4~4.3m4.5m
Recommended boom length10~20cm30~50cm50~100cm100~150cmNot recommended for use

The height of the fan blade to the ground = floor height – boom length – fuselage height (recommended not less than 2.2m)

*If the floor is lower than 2.6 meters, it is not recommended to install fan lights.

4. Fan Performance

The performance of the fan is mainly determined by two factors, the motor and the structure of the fan blades.

Motor Selection

The motor is the core component that affects the performance of the fan. Some fan lights are not durable, and the most problematic issue is the quality of the motor.

A good fan light motor generally uses a silicon steel motor with pure copper winding coils. The electric current is smooth and smooth when the motor is running, the motor friction is small, the noise is small, and the service life is longer. Some motor coils use copper-clad aluminum fan lights that can be ignored directly and are not durable.

In addition, the motor of the fan lamp is also divided into a DC motor and an AC motor.

The DC motor has low noise and low energy consumption, and it can run both forward and reverse. The forward rotation air flows downward, which is suitable for summer. When used in conjunction with the air conditioner, the air conditioner can appropriately increase the temperature, which not only saves electricity but also reduces the harm of air conditioner diseases. Reversed air flows upwards, perfect for winter. We can’t feel the wind when reversing, but reversing can enhance indoor convection, and when used in conjunction with heating, the heating can be delivered to all corners of the space more evenly, reducing the temperature difference.

For southerners who do not need heating, there is little difference between whether the fan light has a forward and reverse function. But northerners are best to buy fan lights with forward and reverse functions.

Compared with ordinary DC motors, DC inverter motors have much lower energy consumption. For the space that has been used for a long time, the advantages of DC inverter fan lights are more obvious, and the electricity bills saved in the long run are quite considerable.

Silicon Steel Pure Copper Motor

Motor Selection

The structure of the fan blades has a great influence on the service life of the fan lamp and whether it is easy to clean.

There are many invisible fan lights on the market. The fan blade structure adopts the design of bearing and spring, which makes it more difficult to open the fan blade. After a long time of use, the spring will lose its elasticity, and the fan blade may not be opened or only partially opened. In addition, when the ceiling fan light is not working, the fan blades cannot be opened, and the cleaning of the fan blades is also troublesome.

A good fan light, the fan blade should be wiped with a light pull. For example, for some four-axis linkage fan lights, when one fan blade is turned on, the other fan blades will also be turned on simultaneously. Another advantage of this design is that after the fan light has been used for a long time, the fan blades can still maintain unity and consistency.

5. Lighting Performance

A good fan light should not only blow air well, but the lighting effect is also critical.

Light Quality

The most important thing is to see if it has blue light and whether it will be stroboscopic. Flickering lights can easily cause eye fatigue and cause certain damage to the eyes. Some children’s myopia has a certain relationship with stroboscopic. How to identify strobe? Turn on the camera function of the mobile phone and aim at the light. If the screen flickers, it means that the light is flickering.

In addition, we have to see if the light uses a lens light source. The illumination area of ​​the lens light source is larger, and the use efficiency is higher. Of course, the price is correspondingly higher.

Light Color

In terms of light color, it is best to choose a fan light with a dimming function. In this way, whether it is a dinner with friends, a family movie, or a home office, under the illumination of different color temperature lights, it can create a full sense of atmosphere and meet the lighting brightness under different needs. For example, in the kitchen and dining room, the requirements for lighting are relatively simple, and it is good to choose a single-color lamp; in the living room, a single lamp is also fine, but multiple lights are better; in the bedroom, it is best to have a small night light design, so that you can get up at night to avoid glare.

Degree of Color Rendering

In terms of color rendering, the higher the color rendering index, the better the original color of the object can be restored, and the user experience is more comfortable and natural.

Shade Material

A good fan lamp generally uses a lampshade made of PMMA acrylic material. This kind of lampshade has high light transmission, the light is soft and not dazzling, and it is not easy to yellow.

6. Wind Speed

As an essential part of the fan lamp, the fan is the key to make people feel comfortable and uniform, and the wind speed has become a very important criterion, which can directly determine whether the air will make people feel comfortable after contacting the human body. When choosing a fan lamp, whether the air outlet is soft and whether the wind speed is large enough is also an important consideration. The larger the fan blade, the wider the blowing range and the softer the wind.

7. Sound

Noise is also the key to test the quality and balance of a fan light motor. The motor is like the heart of the fan light. The efficiency of the DC motor is very high, and the cost performance is relatively high.

8. Reverse Function

A good fan light can not only rotate forward but also reverse, and can be used as an air circulation fan. When the fan light reverses, the indoor air is already circulating.

In the perception of many people, the fan light can only be used in summer, but because of the reverse function design, the utilization rate of the fan light is greatly improved, and it can be used all year round.

Reverse conversion of air in spring and winter, promote indoor and outdoor air circulation, and make indoor air evenly distributed. For the elderly and young members of the family, there is no way to ensure that the temperature of the air conditioner is set reasonably, and it can be used alone when it is suitable for everyone, and the natural breeze relieves the heat in summer.

9. Security

No matter what product you buy, the most important thing is to focus on safety. Safety and not shaking is the primary criterion for examining whether a fan light is qualified. A good fan light has multiple reinforcement functions in the detailed design to ensure the smooth operation of the fan light.

And when purchasing, you can also consider big brands that focus on lighting fans. The quality and after-sales are very reassuring.

V. What are the application scenarios of fan lights in the home decoration space?

Living Room Fan Light

  Ceiling Fans With LED Lights For Living Room

An important factor to consider with living room fan lights is the area. If the size is too small, it looks stringy, and the fan’s air supply range is not enough. In terms of lighting, it is best to have a color matching function and a side light design.

Dining Room Fan Light

Ceiling Fan With Chandelier Light

The dining room is a space where you usually spend less time in your daily life. Personally, I think it is good to buy a fan light with basic functions. No need for forward and reverse rotation, frequency conversion, three-color lighting, etc.

Bedroom Fan Light

Bedroom Ceiling Fan With Light And Remote

Bedrooms and study rooms are spaces where people usually live for a long time. It is best to buy DC inverters. Like me, I can stay in the room for a whole day on weekends. In the long run, the electricity bills saved will be quite considerable. It is best to have a night light or side light function in the bedroom, which I also recommend.

If you need to buy a fan light, it is best to make a choice based on the content introduced in this article and your own understanding to ensure that you buy the right fan light. The advantages and disadvantages of fan lights are also very obvious. If you feel that the fan lights are a bit redundant and there is no need for fans in the room, you can choose ordinary lamps.

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