Do You Know the Outdoor Lights You Often See?

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I. What are the features of outdoor lights?

Outdoor lamps generally have the advantages of novel design, elegant and unique, soft lighting, generous and practical, convenient installation and strong decoration. For urban greening lighting, creating high-quality civilized residential quarters, and improving the lighting culture of the living environment, outdoor lights are undoubtedly indispensable ideal lamps.

What is the difference between indoor flood lights and outdoor lights? The main reason is that the installation positions are different. For example, indoor light fixtures can be installed on the ceiling and wall, but there is no ceiling outdoors, and they may often be installed on the ground. Of course, some outdoor lamps are also mounted on the wall, but the biggest difference is that there is a roof indoors to protect from wind and rain, but not outdoors.

★ IP Protection Level

Therefore, for outdoor use, outdoor lights must have strict dustproof and waterproof requirements, and the protection level of the shell is divided according to the degree of dustproof and moisture proof, usually using the protection level code IP.

The code indicating the degree of protection usually consists of the characteristic letter IP and two characteristic numbers. The first digit means dustproof; the second digit means waterproof.


 First numberBrief descriptionMeaning
0UnprotectedNo special protection
1Prevent solid foreign matters larger than 50mmIt can prevent solid foreign matter with a diameter greater than 50mm from entering the shell. It can prevent a large area of the human body from accidentally or accidentally touching the live parts in the shell,and can not prevent conscious access.
2Prevent solid foreign matters larger than 12mmIt can prevent solid foreign matter with diameter greater than 12mm and length less than 80mm from entering the shell. It can prevent fingers from touching the live parts or moving parts in the shell.
3Prevent solid foreign matters larger than 2. 5mmIt can prevent sold foreign matters with a diameter greater than 2. 5mm from entering the shell. It can prevent tools and metal wires with thickness(diameter) greater than 2.5mm from touching the live parts or moving parts in the shell.
4Prevent solid foreign matters larger than 1mm It can prevent solid foreign matters with a diameter greater than 1mm from entering the shell. It can prevent tools and metal wires with thickness(diameter) greater than1mm from touching the live parts or moving parts in the shell.
5DustproofDust can not be completely prevented from entering,but the amount of dust can not be enough to hinder the normal operation of the equipment.
6Dust densityNo dust entry.


Brief descriptionMeaning
0UnprotectedNo special protection.
1Drip proofDripping (vertical dripping) has no harmful effect.
2Drip proofWhen the shell is tilted within 15 from the normal position, vertical dripping has no harmful effect.
3Anti drenching waterDrenching within 60 degrees from the vertical has harmful effects.
4Splash proof waterSplashing in any direction has no harmful effect.
5Water spray preventionSpraying water in any direction has no harmful effect.
6Prevent violent wavesIn case of violent waves or strong water spray, the amount of water entering the shell will not be harmful.
7Anti flooding effectThe amount of water overflowing into the specified pressure and entering the shell after the specified time is not harmful.
8Anti diving impact Able to dive for a long time according to the conditions specified by the manufacturer. *Note:it usually refers to watertight type, but water can a
lso be allowed to enter for some equipment of this type, but it should be harmful.

II. What are the commonly used architectural outdoor lighting?

Ground Spotlight and Floodlight

Outdoor ground spotlights will cast light in a large area and shine on a large area of the exterior wall of the building. Ground spotlights and LED floodlights have the same function, illuminating the building from a distance. But floodlights are broad light, and ground spotlights are narrow light, just like indoors, wall washer downlight are broad light, and spotlights are narrow light.

By definition, outdoor flood lights and ground spotlights are different in beam angle. Generally speaking, they can be used in the same lamp housing, as long as the optical device is replaced, the lighting effects of different angles such as narrow, medium and wide can be achieved. Depending on the object to be photographed, different mounting brackets can also be selected.

In ground landscape lights,the buildings also shine and dazzle at night.

Buried Lights

Suitable for decoration and lighting of sculpture building facades, landscape walls, etc. The light source is selected according to the object to be illuminated, and the size is different. The buried lamp is to dig a hole in the ground and insert the lamp, and its surface and the ground are almost flat. This kind of buried ground light is often used for sculpture or wall lighting. For example, large LED buried light can illuminate large areas of walls in a large area. The medium-sized inground light can be used to illuminate a tree.

Buried lights are applied to outdoor lawns, giving the lawn a romantic and quiet atmosphere at night.

Outdoor Wall Light

Outdoor wall lamp is installed on the wall surface and is widely used in architectural lighting or facades that need to create special lighting effects.

Outdoors are nothing more than the ground and walls, so outdoor wall lamps are often installed on buildings to emphasize the different shape effects of the entire building.


LED footlight can be divided into embedded installation and surface installation. It is used in building facades, underground parking lot entrances and exits, parks and other places. Embedded parts need to be embedded, and attention should be paid to the installation height.

Also installed on the wall, the function of foot light for the stairs is not to illuminate the surface of the building, but to be installed on the wall to illuminate the ground down.

Outdoor Courtyard Light

Outdoor courtyard light is suitable for wide sidewalk lighting such as parks and residential areas. Solar garden lighting can illuminate a yard with a single lamp, and its height is generally relatively high, about 3 to 5 meters high in the courtyard. There is a lamp head on a pole, which has various shapes, and it illuminates a larger range.

Outdoor Lawn Lights

Small LED lawn Lights: suitable for pedestrian road lighting with small traffic and quiet.

This kind of lawn lamp has a small range and mainly illuminates the road near the grass.

Medium-sized solar lawn lights: suitable for narrow sidewalk lighting.

There are also slightly larger ones. For example, outdoor lawn lights with a height of about one meter are used in some public areas to illuminate slightly wider sidewalks, and the brightness will be slightly brighter than the solar powered lawn lights.

Street Lamp

The street lamp is suitable for lane lighting with heavy traffic.

Regarding outdoor lighting, it is probably the lamps and lanterns of the above types of architectural lighting. But when we choose outdoor lamps, there are also a few things worth noting:

➢ Architectural Lighting: Beware of glare, maintenance, concealment.

➢ Landscape Lighting: Pay attention to styling, glare, maintenance.

➢ Functional Lighting: Pay attention to meet lighting requirements, glare, maintenance.

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