Do You Know How to Choose the Most Suitable Light Bulb?

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There are three main light bulb types: incandescent light bulbs, Energy-saving lamps and LED light bulbs. Nowadays, incandescent lamps are basically unavailable on the market. Although incandescent lamps have the best effect and the softest color temperature, incandescent lamps have short lifespan and high power consumption. Energy-saving lamp products are now fully replaced by LED lamps due to the factors of cost performance and light efficiency, so I will only talk about LED lamps in terms of light source categories.

With the continuous development of technology, the effect of LED lighting is getting better and better. The color rendering of some high-quality LED light sources has reached more than 95, which is close to the effect of sunlight. However, the quality of LED products on the market is uneven, and the price is also very different. The price of the same bulb varies greatly from a few pieces to dozens of pieces. It seems to be the same when it lights up, but it is actually very different. There are many cost factors here. overlay.

Taking the most common LED light bulbs as an example, the quality of the product is mainly distinguished from five aspects: lighting structure, lighting material, chip quality, driving quality and heat dissipation effect.

I. Lighting Structure

There are three main types of lighting structures: Full luminous bulb, Semi-luminous bulb and Corn kernel bulb.

1. Full Luminous Bulb

The full luminous bulb can achieve a 360° luminous effect. Among all types of bulbs, the use effect is the most beautiful, especially with high-end lighting products, you can better experience the beauty of the lighting.

2. Semi-luminous Bulb

The semi-luminous bulb has soft light, but due to structural reasons, there is a dark area in the lower half of the lampshade when the light is on, which is extremely unsightly.

3. Corn Kernel Bulb

Although the corn kernel bulb can achieve a similar effect, on the one hand, the corn kernel bulb has an ugly lighting shape, and second, it is prone to glare. If the lighting structure can not see the bulb, it is better. If the lighting structure can see the bulb, the visual effect is very bad.

➢ In terms of lighting aesthetics, the effect order should be: full luminous bulbs > corn kernel bulbs > semi-luminous bulbs.

➢ In terms of price, it is basically the same order. Due to the relatively high structural requirements of the fully luminous bulb, the luminous light source uses a brushed LED light bulb, which has high equipment cost, high process difficulty, the highest cost and the highest price.

II. Lighting Material

From the perspective of lighting materials, there are mainly two types: glass and plastic. The LED light bulb made of glass has high cost and good sealing performance. Inert gas is often sealed inside, which increases the light efficiency of the bulb and prolongs the life of the bulb; the LED light bulb made of plastic has low cost and is not easy to break, but has a high light transmittance. Relatively poor, and as the bulb heats up, there is the potential to release harmful fumes.

III. Chip Quality

The quality of the chip mainly depends on the color rendering index CRI and energy efficiency. The chip is the light-emitting part of the LED light source, which determines the quality of the LED light source. There are many brands of chips, including domestic and imported ones, but generally LED light bulbs will not indicate which chip is used.

An important parameter to distinguish the quality of the chip is the color rendering index (CRI). The color rendering index is the ability of the light source to restore the color of the object. The higher the color rendering index, the better the chip quality is.

Another important parameter to measure the quality of LED chips is energy efficiency, which is to measure the brightness value produced by unit power. The higher the energy efficiency, the brighter the bulbs of the same wattage. The higher the energy efficiency, the better the chip quality.


Drive quality, mainly depends on stroboscopic. Unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, LEDs can be directly connected to 220V AC, and its stable working state needs to be controlled by the LED drive power. Regarding the quality of the driving power supply of LED light bulbs, the quality of the LED light source is uneven. Some bulb products using low-quality driving power supply, on the one hand, have a short service life and fast light decay, and on the other hand, are prone to flicker, which has serious negative effects on human vision development and emotions.

The stroboscopic cannot be recognized by the naked eye, but it can be detected by the mobile phone camera. The light emitted by the stroboscopic product will have obvious ripples when viewed through the camera.

IV. Heat Dissipation Effect

Heat dissipation effect, you can touch it by hand. Like traditional light sources, LEDs also generate heat when they emit light. If the heat dissipation of LED light bulbs is not good, the light decay and lifespan will be greatly affected. The quality of the LED light bulb is good or bad, and heat dissipation is also an important determinant. Regarding the heat dissipation, I won’t talk much about the structure and technology, but I will talk about the detection method.

When we choose products, we directly touch the surface and screw part of an LED light bulb that has been lit for a certain period of time, and feel the temperature. If it is not hot, it means that the heat dissipation effect is good and the quality is more reliable. Pay attention to precautions when doing the test, some products with poor heat dissipation may even burn your hands.

Other important parameters are the color temperature, which is the temperature of the light source. This depends on personal preference. For general home environments, it is best to use 3000K warm light bulbs, which are more warm and comfortable. The light source used in the office is preferably a color temperature above 4500K, will make you more spiritual.

By the way, do you know what to pay attention to when selecting switches and sockets?

Switches and sockets are necessities for household electricity use. Although they are small objects, their quality is closely related to our electricity safety. Electricity safety is very important. Therefore, when we choose switches and sockets, we must choose good quality to ensure our safety. When choosing switches and sockets, pay attention to the following points.

V. Points to note in switch and socket selection

1. Material selection

The shell and interior of switches and sockets are generally made of plastic, which is insulating and prevents the danger of leakage. However, plastics are flammable and are prone to potential safety hazards. When choosing, you should choose fire-retardant materials. Now the fire-resistant materials of switches are generally imported PCs, which are resistant to high temperature and non-flammable.

2. Bracket Structure

The bottom layer of the switch and socket has a bracket structure to increase its pressure resistance. There are generally two types of brackets on the market: steel frame and PC. Although the PC frame is insulated, its compressive capacity is not as good as that of the steel frame.

Therefore, the current bracket structure has two layers and three layers, using a combination of steel frame and PC. The two-layer support structure, the steel frame is directly used as the bottom frame, although the surface is painted, but it is easy to rust once it falls off for a long time, and there is a potential safety hazard. The three-layer structure uses the PC as the bottom frame and wraps the steel frame, which can effectively prevent the contact between the steel frame and the wires, and the insulation effect is better.

3. Steel Frame & Copper Parts

The thickness of the steel frame can ensure the sturdiness of the switch and socket. The thickness of the high-quality steel frame should be more than 1 mm, and the corners should be bent to make it stronger and not easy to deform.

The thickness of the steel frame is low, and the corners are not treated, so it is easy to bend and deform, which affects the plugging and opening of the socket and the opening and closing functions of the switch. The copper parts inside the switch socket are particularly important, so be careful when choosing.

Good switch sockets, thickened copper sheets, copper parts are formed by high-precision phosphor bronze, the surface is smooth and shiny, the performance of electrical conduction and heat dissipation is high, and it is flexible and not easy to deform. Inferior copper parts, copper sheets are light and thin, the surface is rough, the color is dull, the copper content is relatively low, and some are even iron sheets, which are prone to danger.

4. Socket Details

On high-quality sockets, the jacks are relatively tight, and it is not easy to insert them, and it needs to be shaken to insert them. This is a child lock set on the socket, which enhances the protection and avoids the danger of electric shock, especially if there are children at home, this kind of safety protection is more needed. When choosing switches and sockets, it is best to choose a child lock, double protection, and more secure.

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