Do You Know How to Choose the Most Suitable Light Bulb?

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Chandeliers are a type of lamp commonly used in home decoration, and the overall style can be enhanced by installing chandeliers indoors. Different consumers can choose chandeliers of different materials according to their own decoration style. What material is the chandelier made of? There are various types of lamps on the market, and common chandelier materials can be divided into copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, iron, etc.

If the price is not considered, in terms of practical factors such as durability, anti-corrosion, rust prevention, and damage prevention, all-copper modern chandeliers for the living room are the best.

At present, the materials of lamps and lanterns on the market mainly include iron, zinc alloy, aluminum and copper.

★ Durability comparison between them: Iron < Zinc Alloy < Aluminum < Copper!

I. All Copper Chandelier

The all-copper chandelier has a long service life and a beautiful shape. The most important thing is that the texture and grade are high, and it is resistant to dirt and old. is the price is too expensive!

The all-copper chandelier is applied above the dining table and is dazzling.

Advantages of All Copper Chandelier

1. Strong & Durable

Copper is used as the basic raw material, and copper itself has the advantage of long service life, so that the service life of the all-copper chandelier is also very long, as long as it is properly maintained, it will not rust.

There are certain reasons why all-copper chandeliers are loved by many people. Although all-copper chandeliers are not as luxurious as crystal chandeliers, they can still show a sense of historical solemnity, and all-copper chandeliers use copper as the basic raw material, and copper itself has the advantage of long service life, so that the service life of all-copper chandeliers is also very long, so as long as proper maintenance is carried out, there will be no rust.

2. High Aesthetic Value

For the all-copper chandelier, it is not only the lighting effect, but its beautiful shape and low-key texture, which can not only highlight a very unique atmosphere of the space. You can also show your identity and taste.

For all-copper chandeliers, the first thing we see is not its lighting effect, but its beautiful appearance, various designs and styles. Placing such chandeliers in the home decoration space can highlight the unique atmosphere of the space and can greatly improve the quality of home decoration. Most literati will choose all-copper chandeliers to show their identity and taste.

3. Easy to Clean & Maintain

The advantages and disadvantages of all-copper chandeliers are far more than the above three types. Compared with other chandeliers, all-copper chandeliers are simpler to clean and maintain. Generally, all-copper chandeliers can be cleaned once a year. All-copper chandeliers only need to be dry wiped with a rag dipped in water. Never wash it with water directly. If the surface of the all-copper chandelier contains a lot of water, it is recommended to wipe it dry immediately.

When wiping the all-copper chandelier, you need to wait for the chandelier to cool before wiping, otherwise it will lead to high temperature. The bulbs explode when exposed to moisture. For all-copper chandeliers, it is recommended to check the surface frequently to prevent the all-copper chandelier from falling off due to excessive moisture in the house.

4. High Collection Value

All-copper chandeliers have a long history, dating back as far as the Bronze Age. Only those with noble status can use all-copper chandeliers, and after thousands of years of development and evolution, all-copper chandeliers are in every period. They all have distinctive and characteristic designs, and most of the copper lamps that have been unearthed are displayed in museums. The downlights made of modern craftsmanship are endowed with modern elements. Whether they are used for lighting or collection, all copper lamps are used. All are very good choices.

5. Price Comparison

Since the all-copper chandelier is made of copper, and everyone knows that the price of copper is 5 times that of iron and 4 times that of zinc alloy, the price of all-copper chandeliers must be much higher than that of wrought iron and zinc alloy chandeliers. This may be the only disadvantage of the all-copper chandelier, but you get what you pay for. It is because of its high price that it is selected as a noble in the lamp. If it is too cheap, it will be downgraded, right?

Disadvantages of All Copper Chandelier

The price of all copper chandeliers  is too high.

➢ According to the chemical composition of brass, copper lamps are roughly divided into three types:

H59 copper, copper content 57% ~ 60%.

H62 copper, copper content 60.5% ~ 63.5%.

H65 copper, copper content 63.5% ~ 68%.

II. Aluminum Chandelier

Aluminum chandelier bodies are generally electroplated or painted, so the durability is relatively long.

The aluminum chandelier is applied above the dining table, which is simple and stylish.

III. Plastic Zinc Alloy Chandelier

Zinc alloy is an alloy composed of other elements based on zinc, which is commonly used in chandeliers.

The gloss of the zinc alloy chandelier is good, and the overall natural feeling is smooth.

Advantages of Zinc Alloy Chandelier

1. The gloss of the zinc alloy chandelier is good, whether it is gold or chrome, it has a natural and smooth luster, no bubbles and impurities, and has a good high mirror reflection effect.

2. The zinc alloy chandelier has good wear resistance, and can die-cast a variety of patterns, with a smooth surface. The service life of the zinc alloy chandelier is 3-5 times longer than that of other lamps.

3. Zinc alloy chandeliers have a good anti-oxidation effect and generally do not change color.

4. The zinc alloy chandelier is strong and durable, and the zinc alloy material is a hard alloy material with high safety.

Disadvantages of Zinc Alloy Chandelier

1. If the die-casting process is poor, there will be many pores on the surface of the zinc alloy chandelier, and the potion will be hidden during the electroplating process. After the electroplating, the hidden potion will slowly seep out, which will cause mildew. (rarely)

2. The common defect of zinc alloy chandeliers is surface blistering. When buying lamps, observe whether the surface and welding position are smooth.

IV. Is it better to choose all copper chandeliers or zinc alloy chandeliers for lighting?

1. Material

We all know that lamps made of zinc alloy and copper are more textured. However, zinc alloy is integrally formed, or a combination of several parts, the mold cost is relatively high, and the surface is relatively smooth, but if the pattern effect is to be done, it is not as good as copper.

The copper material is generally treated with dyed surface treatment, and can be used for dewaxing parts, sanding parts, the pattern is relatively clear, delicate and delicate, especially when it is made of antique effect, it looks particularly high-end.

2. Weight

People who buy all copper lamps will ask a question, how heavy is this copper lamp in your home? Why ask this question, I believe many people also know. If the copper lamp is too light, there will be doubts, and you will feel that it is not a real copper lamp. It is too light and has no feel.

Therefore, the all copper lamp also pays attention to the feel, and it will be heavier to pick up. The density of copper is greater than that of zinc alloy, so the weight of copper is heavier than that of zinc alloy for the same volume of product. Conversely, for the same weight of zinc alloy and copper, the volume of zinc alloy is much larger than that of copper.

3. Maintainance

The maintenance of lamps is essential. When it comes to maintenance, let’s take chandeliers as an example! Usually zinc alloy chandeliers are generally made of zinc alloy for the outer decorations, curved arms and lamps. If the zinc alloy elbow and the main body of the zinc alloy chandelier are not well die-cast, there will be more loose holes, so that the medicine will be hidden during the electroplating process. Water, when the electroplating is completed, the hidden potion will slowly seep out, which will cause mildew. Another point is that the most common defect of zinc alloy chandeliers is surface blistering, which will seriously affect the aesthetics of the lamps.

For all-copper lamps, oil-sealing treatment can effectively prevent rusting. Usually, if the surface of the lamp needs to be cleaned, just wipe it gently with a dry rag. In fact, the longer the copper lamp is used, the more charming it is, and it looks more retro, and it has a collection value.

V. Iron Chandelier

Iron chandeliers are one of the most common chandeliers on the market.

Iron art chandeliers are the most widely used material, and the price of iron art lamps is cheap.

Advantages of Iron Chandelier

1. The iron chandelier has super plasticity, and can create a variety of lamp shapes at will, with a wide variety of patterns and styles.

2. The iron chandelier has no bubbles, no impurities and no cracks.

3. The low price of iron chandeliers is also an important advantage.

Disadvantages of Iron Chandelier

1. The grade of iron chandeliers is slightly lower.

2. The surface treatment of iron chandeliers is not easy to rust, so be careful when buying lamps.

VI. Wooden Chandelier

Wooden chandeliers are often used in Chinese lamps, Japanese and Korean style, Nordic style.

The wooden chandelier is applied in the living room, which is elegant and dignified.

Advantages of Wooden Chandelier

1. The wood is taken from nature, which is more environmentally friendly and less polluting.

2. The wood has been degreased and anti-corrosion treated, so it will not crack or deform, and it is strong and durable.

3. Wooden chandelier is warm, natural and tasteful.

Disadvantages of Wooden Chandelier

The shape is difficult and the price is high. It is difficult to feel its value if you don’t like wooden lamps.

Due to the large quality gap of wood itself, we must pay attention to the wood when choosing wooden lamps, most of which are oak.

VII. Rattan Chandelier

Rattan lamps are commonly used lamps woven from bamboo, hemp rope, rattan, plastic, etc.

The rattan chandelier is applied above the dining table, which is warm and natural.

Advantages of Rattan Chandelier

Rattan lamps are more rustic, closer to nature and more stylish than lamps made of other materials, which can bring us inner peace.

Disadvantages of Rattan Chandelier

Compared with chandeliers of other materials, it is more difficult to take care of rattan chandeliers.

Is it good to use all copper chandeliers in the living room?

To use a retro and elegant chandelier in the living room, we must first make sure that the home decoration style can accommodate the chandelier, and secondly ensure that the chandelier can meet the relevant needs of the living room decoration.

As long as these two points are combined, the all-copper chandelier Only then will it play its due value in the whole home decoration environment, so the key to whether the all-copper chandelier in the living room is good or not depends on the actual situation of your own home decoration.

VIII. How to choose a good copper lamp?

1. Look at the surface

After anti-oxidation treatment, the gloss is delicate and bright.

Color: good copper lamps have consistent color throughout, uniform color, natural and smooth, no color spots except for high light points, and the color is firm.

Workmanship: high-quality copper lamps have delicate and delicate workmanship, pattern texture The processing is clear and beautiful, smooth and natural.

2.Touching the surface

The high-quality copper lamp has no burrs, the touch is smooth and round, and it has the unique cool feeling of copper.

Secondly, an excellent design work, no matter how superb its design style and expressive techniques are, is inseparable from the expression of craftsmanship and materials. Under moderate lighting, the thickness and fineness of material texture, textured and untextured are the main factors that affect psychology.

The surface of the material is rough, so that the light is diffused and the vision is soft; the surface of the material is fine or smooth, so that the light is concentrated and reflected, and the vision is dazzling. Materials without textures are monotonous and lacking in reality; materials with textures are visually rich, varied and realistic.

Coarse materials give people a rough and simple feeling, fine materials give people a delicate and gorgeous feeling; hard materials give people a cold and blunt feeling, and soft materials give people a soft and warm feeling. The diversity of material surface texture provides rich visual aesthetic material for modern chandelier designs.

Be good at selecting and using modern technology, craftsmanship and materials, and be innovative in the overall design and the expression of local details. Transparent materials such as glass and acrylic, as well as the hollow design, can give people a feeling of being vague, light and elegant. Acrylic is a novel decorative material, which is moisture-proof, flame-proof, anti-static, anti-aging, odorless, and has a strong three-dimensional effect.

Recently, people have paid more and more attention to home safety issues. The overall metallic material of the lamp tends to be copper and its alloys, and the process will be more stringent.

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