Do You Know How to Choose LED Strip Lights?

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LED strip lights are a great artifact of indirect lighting and are commonly used in hotels, high-end shopping malls and home lighting applications. Seeing the light but not the lamp is our most vivid understanding of the best LED strip lights. Because the LED strip is installed in a hidden way, the light source is not exposed, which can effectively reduce the discomfort caused by glare to the human eye. Therefore, LED light strips are widely used in various commercial spaces and home lighting.

They are mainly used for indirect lighting of dry light troughs, large-area luminous ceilings or luminous walls, and lighting of showcases or walls. Although LED strip lights are good, there are always times when the lighting effect is not satisfactory. To solve the problem of poor light output, start from the source, that is, choose the LED strip light well.

1. The light should be uniform.

*Uniform lighting has two meanings:

1. The brightness between the lamp chips should be consistent, which is related to the quality of the RGB light strip chips.

Quick Judgment Method: Use your eyes!

2. The brightness of the head and tail of the waterproof LED strip should be the same, which is related to the voltage drop of the flexible LED strip light.

The waterproof LED strip light needs to be driven by a power supply to emit light. When the voltage of the LED driving power supply is relatively large, the brightness of the head and tail of the LED strip light that is connected too long will be inconsistent.

Quick Judgment Method: Connect the required length, light the groove LED strip, compare them side by side, and observe with eyes.

2. The light and color should be consistent.

The consistency of light color is also a parameter to test whether the quality of an LED strip light is qualified.

Judgment method: look directly at the groove LED strip light, or find a piece of white paper, vertically close to the LED light-emitting surface, you can basically judge whether the light color of this light strip is consistent. Seeing with the eyes is the most intuitive.

3. Choose the right color temperature.

Generally speaking, the general space uses more RGB LED strip lights with 3000K and 4000K color temperature. But for some spaces, low color temperature RGB strips are necessary, such as high-end hotels and villa clubs.

The color rendering index should be greater than 80.

The color rendering problem of LED strip light is not very important when the product is used in indirect lighting troughs, but when it is used in large-area luminous ceilings as basic lighting or in showcases as display lighting, it is more obvious. Color rendering index greater than 80 is a requirement that a professional smart LED strip light must satisfy.

The light band should be continuous.

The continuity of the solar LED strip light is an important consideration for the effect in lighting design, which requires the entire smart light strip to ensure no interruptions and shadows.

LED strip lights are used in large outdoor buildings and terraces around hotels.

The outdoor LED strip lights are applied on the periphery of the hotel, creating a very beautiful scene.

Battery LED strip lights application in office.

4. Connection and installation should be convenient.

When used in a lamp trough, the lamp trough space is relatively small. Therefore, it is necessary to choose grovee LED light strip products that can be quickly inserted and connected without tools, and can be directly installed by snap-fit. Usually, the installation steps and methods of this type of product are relatively simple.

5. The light effect should be as good as possible.

Speaking of LED, energy saving is naturally what it should be. For LED strips, the importance of light efficiency has a lot to do with its application scenarios. For example, when applied to indirect lighting of lamp troughs, the requirements for light efficiency are relatively lower than when applied to large-area luminous ceilings or showcases.

As a professional LED strip, under the premise that the color rendering index greater than 80, the light effect should be at least greater than 60 LM/W. If it can reach 80 LM/W, that’s great.

6. The length of the connection should be considered.

Under the premise that the electrical specification allows and the voltage of the driving power supply is controllable, the longer the LED strip lights can be connected, at least it means that it will save some power. For on-site installation, it means the reserved power supply location and construction volume are reduced, especially for light troughs, which is a very troublesome problem.

The requirements for the maximum cable length will be different for each project site, but knowing the maximum allowable cable length of the product in advance is a necessary step before selecting the product.

So far, you will no longer worry about how to choose LED tape lights!

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