Do You Know How to Choose Downlights and Spotlights?

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Many people do not know the difference between downlights and recessed spotlights, and they often have no idea what to do when choosing downlights and recessed spotlights for their families. High-quality downlights and recessed ceiling spotlights account for a high proportion of home lighting.

I. How to distinguish between downlights and spotlights?

LED downlights are modern ceiling light fixtures with a beam angle of ≥60° and cannot adjust the beam angle and light direction, while recessed LED spotlights are modern ceiling lamps with a beam angle of ≤60°.

Downlightings and recessed spot lights have embedded and non-embedded points. The flush ceiling spotlight has the functions of adjustable beam angle and direction.

It can be seen that the most commonly used downlights and spotlights are to fill in the light for the decorations in the home. Through different angles and uniform soft light color, make your home have a more warm atmosphere.

Installation of downlights and spotlights

The common installation methods of recessed downlights and trimless spotlights are concealed installation, that is, the home needs to have a ceiling, and holes are opened in the ceiling, and the lights are embedded in the installation.

Scope of application of downlights and spotlights

LED recessed downlights and spotlight recessed lightings have a wide range of applications. Different types of downlights can be installed in entrances, aisles, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms and balconies.

Recessed spotlight and LED downlight fixtures in the living room.

Recessed ceiling spotlights and downlight chandeliers in the bedroom.

Recessed spotlights for kitchen and downlights in the kitchen.

Recessed spotlights and downlights in art galleries, art exhibitions and galleries.

It is recommended to use LED downlights with a waterproof rating of IP44 or higher in the bathroom and balcony to avoid water vapor affecting the service life of the lamp.

Whether you use a home lighting scheme or a home lighting scheme, downlights and spotlights can meet your different needs.

When there is a main light, downlights and spotlights can fill in the main light to create an atmosphere. In scenes without main lights, high-power downlights and spotlights can be used to illuminate the environment.

II. Do you know the selection strategy of downlights and spotlights?

Faced with a wide variety of downlights and spotlights on the market, how do we choose the downlights and spotlights that meet our requirements?

Consider the opening size

Determine the opening size of the home. Most of the downlights and spotlights have a hole size between 68mm-75mm.

The shape of downlights and spotlights

Try to choose a thin style downlight, too high style will affect the visual effect of the floor height.

Light effect

Determine whether the light output is uniform, whether there is glare, and whether it will flicker.

Color rendering index

The most important thing is to pay attention to the color rendering index. Color rendering refers to the ability of the lamp to restore the color of the illuminated object. Generally speaking, the higher the color rendering index, the stronger the color reproduction ability of the lamp. Generally, lamps with a color rendering index > 90 belong to the relatively high and excellent color reproduction ability.

The material of downlights and spotlights

In terms of materials, considering that the pressure on the ceiling is small, we suggest that you can choose lighter materials such as PC or ABS plastic. Nowadays, many PC materials will use a unique process to make the surface more textured like metal, which is very beautiful.

The function of downlights and spotlights

In terms of function, it is common to choose different color temperatures according to the usage scene.

The kitchen and balcony are suitable for 5000K-6500K white light, the living room and bathroom dining room are suitable for 4000K neutral white light, and the bedroom or aisle is more suitable for the warmth below 3000K warm light. Different moods change different colors, which is also a different experience.

Choosing the right downlights and spotlights can not only improve the quality of your home, but also wait silently, always by your side.

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