Different Types of Chandeliers

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Whether hanging in the entryway, dining room or nursery, a chandelier can change the look of a room. Depending on the type you choose, it can add a pop of color, enhance other decor, increase or decrease formality, and more. So which type of chandelier should adorn your space? Our easy-to-follow guide can help you decide. Read on before you pick one.

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1. Antler chandelier

Antler chandelier fixture features real or resin antlers from deer and other animals. They’re suitable for rustic settings, such as log cabins, but you’ll also find versions for modern and contemporary homes. Antler chandeliers fit perfectly into rustic, nature-focused interiors, creating a vibrant ambience without taking up space.

2. Bowl chandelier

As the name suggests, bowl pendant lights have at least one bowl-shaped shade that supports the lighting element of the fixture. Smaller bowls can also surround individual bulbs, and in some designs the container is inverted.

3. Cage chandelier

Thanks to its open design, cage pendant lights can add interest without feeling bulky. The wire “cages” that surround the lighting fixtures can be angular and geometric, curved and elegant, or anything in between. Some are even shaped like birdcages.

4. Candle chandelier

A chandelier with candles and flame-shaped bulbs recalls the original design of these lighting elements. Chandelier means “candlestick,” and the earliest chandeliers were crude designs, used only to hold candles. Today’s candle chandeliers are often suitable for traditional decor, but you will also find candles with more modern designs. Create a warm and welcoming glow in your hallway, or update your dining room decor with a dazzling candle chandelier.

Candle chandeliers are perfect for creating warm mood lighting in a dining room. When you want to change the mood, you can turn on the candle chandelier to instantly add warmth to your space.

5. Crystal chandelier

Crystal chandeliers date back to the 1600s, and the image of ornate lamps set in crystal or cut glass has become synonymous with “chandelier”. This classic look has been updated and reimagined several times over the years, and you’ll now find crystal chandeliers in a variety of styles and colors — often mixed with other materials.

6. Drum chandelier

Drum pendants consist of a cylindrical shade that surrounds all lighting elements or individual bulbs. Shades can be made of fabric, metal, or other materials.

7. Empire chandelier

This classic French style is full of luxury and glamour. Strings of crystals dangle around the light fixture to sparkle and sparkle, perfect for an elegant room. This is an antique brass Empire chandelier with hand cut beveled glass shaped like crystal glass. Brass has a patina for an old world vintage traditional look. The light and shade from the Empire Chandelier looks beautiful anywhere and makes our guests feel right at home in our home.

8. Flush mount chandeliers

The base of the recessed pendant light rests directly on the ceiling. The fixtures themselves take up some vertical space, but they don’t hang like other chandeliers. They’re great for shorter ceilings or areas where you’re worried about bumping your head, like hallways or closets.

Recessed ceiling lights illuminate the work, living and entertainment areas. Modern recessed ceiling lights include Oyster lamps and chandeliers. The low-profile light fixture is designed to be installed flush with the ceiling, leaving no gap between the light and the ceiling. They are perfect for low ceilings or tight spaces.

Recessed pendant lights add style to the room and provide a great spread of light. Energy-efficient LED pendant lights are also available, and they offer the same benefits as traditional incandescent bulbs. Choose the appropriate diameter light according to the room size and ceiling height. Get in touch with our team of lighting experts today for the right advice. Recessed pendant lights sit flush with the ceiling. There are no ropes, ropes or chains to hang from. They are designed to maximize the available space when the ceiling height is low or when people are going to walk under the area.

9. Lantern chandelier

Is your decor leaning toward farmhouse freshness? The hanging lantern fixture fits just right. Some lantern shapes have glass panels, while others are open. Either way, these lights are often relatively simple and will make a statement without overwhelming other decor.

10. Linear chandelier

Source: http://www.home-designing.com/buy-linear-pendants-suspensions-chandeliers-for-sale-online

Use these rectangular or oval light fixtures in the same way you would use a row of pendant lights. For example, a linear chandelier is perfect above a long table or bar. When the shape of the chandelier echoes the shape of the table, it brings a sense of symmetry to your space.

11. Mini chandelier

Chandeliers aren’t always grand. As the name suggests, mini chandeliers are smaller and suitable for tighter spaces, such as breakfast nooks or nurseries. You can even group them — for example, place one above each sink on a double vanity.

12. Orb chandelier

The Orb Pendant Light, also known as the mid-century modern globe chandelier, stands out in almost any space thanks to its rounded silhouette, multiple glass shades and bulbs, and smooth base finish. Other round chandeliers welcome adding an industrial or minimalist touch to their design, as their rounded silhouette softens the clean lines of a given space and adds a touch of coziness.

No matter which round pendant light you choose, there is a spherical light fixture to suit any space you have. They are usually made of a series of lights on a frame, a set of hollow circles forming a sphere, shaped to create a smooth spherical effect, and materials including but not limited to metal, crystal and glass. This design works well with a variety of styles from industrial to modern.

13. Sputnik chandelier

The Spacey sputnik chandelier is named after the first satellite to orbit the Earth. Also known as a starburst chandelier, this unique mid-century style features bursting spikes with bulbs at the ends. It’s kind of funky and fun. Contemporary in style with an iconic Art Deco design, the Sputnik Chandelier adds a burst of celestial-inspired glow to any room and instantly starts a conversation.

14. Teardrop chandelier

A teardrop chandelier, sometimes called a raindrop, is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. This look is often achieved with multiple layers of crystal.

This luxurious design has a formal feel. Crystal Draping French Chandelier featuring high quality teardrop shaped crystals cascading from an antique bronze frame. A perfect classic piece to add a touch of elegance and style to your space. With its beautiful and classic silhouette, the Teardrop is perfect for those who love traditional lighting but want to break the rules and add a modern twist.

15. Tiffany chandelier

Tiffany, popularized during Art Nouveau, is a style of glass created by a designer named Louis Comfort Tiffany. Tiffany glass was originally produced by Tiffany Atelier in New York in the early 1900s, and you can still find this style of stained glass in a variety of decors today. Often used in traditional homes, this look has staying power.

The new, sophisticated and gorgeous Tiffany style chandelier is a handcrafted work of unique, Art Nouveau variant glass. Using genuine hand-rolled artistic stained glass, the lampshade is handcrafted using an original process originally developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany over 100 years ago. Many one-piece shades are being templated and then polished. All handcrafted from these little pieces. The edges of the lampshade are put together with thin copper foil and soldered together by hand. In this way, a highly detailed glass mosaic is created, thus the lampshade gets its unique shape. Depending on the size and number of pieces of glass, it can take up to 100 hours to make a single lamp! Through this handcrafted process, no two pieces are exactly alike, making each design a treasured keepsake.

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