Comparison of 6 Kinds of Materials for Lighting

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Lighting is an essential item in the process of renovating a new house. Some people compare lighting to the eyes of writers, because it shoulders the heavy responsibility of beautifying the home environment and creating a family atmosphere, so it needs us to be carefully matched in the process of decoration. As we all know, different rooms need to match different styles of lamps.

But you know what? In fact, there are many types of materials for lamps on the market, such as luxury crystal chandeliers, glass lamps, acrylic lamps, plastic lamps, fabric lamps, stone lamps, copper lamps, rattan lamps, etc. How to choose lamps of different materials? The material of lamps and lanterns has so much to pay attention to? Which one is the best?

Table of Contents

I. Acrylic material lighting

Acrylic is the best new material to manufacture sanitary ware after ceramics, and the acrylic material is a plastic polymer material.


Acrylic has the advantage of high transparency, so the resulting lamps have high gloss and bright colors, so many outdoor lamps are also commonly used in this material. At the same time, acrylic lamps also have the advantages of good wear resistance, high chemical stability and long service life, so they are also common in the design of home lamps in recent years.


Compared with crystal, acrylic material is relatively monotonous, has no luxurious texture, and the shape is relatively simple.

II. Crystal material lighting

Crystal is a colorless and transparent large quartz crystal mineral. Its main chemical composition is silica, the same substance as ordinary sand.

The crystal chandelier material is made of crystal, adsorbed or inlaid on the roof and ceiling, giving a noble and gorgeous visual effect, which is very suitable for traditional classical, European and other decoration styles, with gorgeous and noble characteristics. Usually, crystal lamps are mostly European-style chandeliers and light luxury chandeliers. Crystal can refract colorful light under the light, like a rainbow in the sky. Therefore, crystal is generally more expensive and is often used in high-end places such as hotels and villas. Because the price of general crystal is expensive, the workmanship will not be sloppy, and the workmanship is very elegant. If it is a fake crystal, there is no colorful light.


Crystal material has good light transmittance, crystal clear, good high temperature resistance, unique style, beautiful shape, good texture, high grade, long use time, not easy to oxidize and discolor, and the surface is smooth and wear-resistant.


Difficulty cleaning is a major disadvantage of crystal lamps. No matter how gorgeous things are, sometimes they become dirty, especially the crystal lamps that are crystal clear and dazzling. It is easy to get dirty. Cleaning and maintenance, otherwise it will be ugly, which will seriously affect his appearance.

III. Copper material lighting

There are many types of copper, including brass, bronze, pure copper, etc. Copper is a transition element. As a relatively expensive metal, copper was used as currency in China a long time ago. There are many famous copper lamps in history.

All-copper lamps generally refer to lamps with brass as the main material of the lamp body. Nowadays, many owners will use all-copper lamps to decorate their new homes. It is a relatively high-end type of lamps, and it is common in European-style residences. The copper lamp has strong color and exquisite shape. It is like a finely crafted handicraft when used in the home environment. It has become the most attractive ornament, and will make our home environment more noble and beautiful.


Copper lighting is strong and durable, has a long service life, is not easy to rust, and is easy to clean and maintain.


Copper lighting has almost no disadvantages except the relatively high price.

IV. Iron Material Lighting

Iron materials are iron-based alloys, that is, iron alloys with an iron content of more than 50%, also called iron-based materials. For example, steel, cast iron, and alloy steel are all iron materials.

Wrought iron single chandelier is a relatively common type of lighting, and most of the accessories of lamps have iron components. Iron art can be used as lamp holder, wire drawing, lampshade, etc. It can also be made into lamps of various styles and styles through baking paint technology.


Iron lamps and lanterns use iron as the main material, which is currently the most used material. Due to the common material and moderate price, wrought iron lamps are the choice of many lamps and lanterns.


The most worrying thing about wrought iron lamps is the problem of rust, which depends on the treatment of the surface of the lamps by the manufacturer. If the treatment is not good, it will have a great impact on the life of the lamps.

V. Marble Material Lighting

As a high-grade building decoration material, marble material is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration design, curtain wall decoration and public facility construction. At present, the common stone materials on the market are mainly divided into natural stone, artificial stone and marble.

With the continuous progress of production technology, the shapes of marble lamps on the market are changing. However, the solemn and elegant characteristics of marble make it more suitable for knowledge-based, high-income people and environments with relatively large space. The price of marble lamps is also relatively high. The shapes of stone lamps are very small, and the materials commonly used to make stone lamps are marble and other materials.


Marble lamps belong to the nobility in chandeliers. They do not have to worry about soft light, excellent texture, very high-grade feeling, and have the advantages of heat resistance and waterproofing.


The cost of high-quality marble lamps is more expensive, the weight is larger, and the installation is troublesome.

VI. Fabric material lighting

Cloth art is a wonderful flower in Chinese folk crafts. Cloth art products are made of cloth and are carefully designed and produced. The structure of the lamp body of the fabric lamp is usually made of resin or iron materials. Therefore, after matching with different colors, different textures of fabrics and decorative lace, different styles of fabric lighting can be formed.


The light from the fabric lampshade is softer, and the fabric lamps are more conducive to creating a warm and comfortable home atmosphere. At the same time, it can also protect our eyesight and make our living environment more quiet, peaceful, warm and casual, romantic and soft, and more applicable. Match it with rustic style home decoration. At the same time, the fabric lampshade is easy to clean and replace.


The fabric lampshade is not resistant to high temperature and flammable, and the price of handmade fabric lampshade is relatively high.

VII. Conclusion

Lighting of different materials can be matched with different styles of design. We can choose the lighting material that matches our home style according to our own needs and preferences, so that our entire home design style is more coordinated and unified.

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