The Best 4 Rules for Choosing Bedside Lamps

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In space, there are always some essential objects, but they are often perfunctory when they are selected. Such an awkward situation is very similar to the protagonist we are discussing today — the bedside lamp.

Like the bedside table, the bedside lamp is an indispensable standard in the bedroom space, but it is an existence that is easily overlooked. It only pays attention to lighting and does not pay attention to matching, which is a true portrayal of its long history.

Which one is better, bedside wall lamp or bedside table lamp, wall lamp and table lamp are common types of lighting in home life, especially in the bedroom space, many owners do not know whether it is better to install wall lamp or table lamp in the room, and it will be difficult to choose, then Which is better, bedside wall lamp or bedside table lamp?

I. Is it necessary to install a bedside lamp?

The lights on both sides of the head of the bed can directly replace the main light, and its effect is very good. It is very symmetrical when installed on both sides of the head of the bed, giving you a sense of belonging at home. Generally, there will be a special lampshade, and the refracted light is relatively warm, which is very suitable for use in the bedroom. The bedside wall lamp that appears in the film and television drama has a delicate and retro visual sense, which makes the bedroom environment elegant. Therefore, it is necessary to install a bedside lamp on the bedside.

II. Is it better to install a wall lamp or a table lamp at the head of the bed?

Wall Lights For Bedroom

1. Introduction of Wall Lamp

Wall lamps are installed on indoor walls. Auxiliary lighting decorative lamps are generally equipped with milky white glass lampshades. The power of the bulb is mostly about 15-40 watts, and the light is elegant and harmonious, which can embellish the environment. There are many types and styles of wall lamps, generally common ceiling lamps, color-changing wall lamps, bedside wall lamps, mirror wall lamps, etc.

Compared with modern lamps and lanterns, wall lamps can create an artistic atmosphere. The choice of lamp shades is larger, and there are corresponding lamp shades for different styles of bedrooms. If the wall of the bedroom has a color, you can create a different aesthetic feeling through the illumination of the wall lamp, making the room more quiet and stylish. In order to create a good atmosphere, the lighting of the wall lamp should not be too bright, and the installation height should be appropriate, about 1.8 meters high.

Bright Desk Lamp For Bedroom

2. Introduction of Table Lamp

Table lamps generally refer to electric lamps with bases that are placed on the table, but with the advancement of technology, the appearance and shape of table lamps are also constantly developing, and magnetic table lamps that can be attached to any position have gradually appeared. Delicate and easy to carry. The function of the table lamp is mainly to illuminate, which is convenient for reading, learning, and work.

The table lamp is a commonly used bedroom lighting tool in modern home decoration. Its illumination range is relatively small, so it will not affect other people’s rest when it is used, and it is very convenient to use. For those who like to read before going to bed, the table lamp is a good choice. It is weaker than the wall lamp in decoration, but it is more convenient to use.

III. Should the bedside lamp choose a wall lamp or a table lamp? What are their advantages?

The advantages of installing wall lamps in the room

Decorative Wall Light

1. Atmosphere-based

The light of the wall lamp is relatively soft, and it can also produce a sense of atmosphere. It is mainly in warm colors, which will not dazzle the eyes, especially when you sleep in a daze at night, you don’t want to see too bright lights, and the main function of the table lamp is its lighting.

2. Strong Decorative

If two wall lamps are installed on the head of the bed, it will look more coordinated on both sides of the head of the bed. Most of the lamps are only turned on on one side, and the other side is turned on less frequently. At the same time, the wall lamp is hung on the wall, while the table lamp just sits on the bedside table. When it comes to the two shapes, the wall lamp must be more beautiful and durable.

In terms of the shape selection of lamps, the appearance and shape of lamps should not be too peculiar, and should choose a more representative, concise and generous shape. Too sharp, triangular, irregular shapes should not appear, it will be more difficult to match the home.

3. Save Space

The table lamp should be placed directly on the bedside table. If it is not in use, it will take up the area of ​​the bedside table, because there are usually sundries on the bedside table, such as mobile phone chargers or mobile phones. The area of ​​the bedside table is not special. It’s too big. If you put a lamp on the bedside table, it will feel a little in the way.

Table Top Lamp

The advantages of having table lamps in the room

1. Convenient

The table lamp is easy to carry and does not need to be fixed in one place. The wall lamp can only be mounted on the wall and cannot be moved.

2. Strong Lighting

Generally, the lighting range and brightness of table lamps are larger than that of wall lamps. When lighting is the main purpose, table lamps are more suitable. It is also important to pay attention to the brightness of the light, and it is more taboo to avoid the light that is too dark, which will give people a heavy sense of depression and cause restlessness. And for those who have the habit of reading, it will also affect their eyesight. Therefore, the light should be bright and dark, so that the user can have a lot of mood.

3. Lower Price

The price range of table lamps is large, but in general, they are cheaper than wall lamps. Owners with low budgets are recommended to choose table lamps.

The choice of bedside lamp is based on the size of the room, the type of lamp, the general furniture arrangement, the overall decorative style and personal needs. Table and wall lamps are the first choice for bedside lamps in most homes.

1. The size and quantity of table lamps can be selected according to the size, style, material or personal preference of the bedside table. The two lamps can be placed separately or symmetrically.

2. The wall lamp needs to be selected according to the size of the bed. Typically, a large bed should have a light on each wall on either side of the headboard, and a small bed should have a double headed wall lamp in the middle of the headboard. If you want easy reading, you can also choose a wall lamp with a retractable handle and adjustable head.

3. Besides table lamps and wall lamps, floor lamps and pendant lamps can also be used as bedside lamps. While floor lamps are primarily decorated in various shapes in the living room, they are equally eye-catching in the bedroom. Floor lamps on bedside tables are often the first choice for simple shapes and slender supports. This style is the most economical, and even if you have a nightstand, it won’t affect your need to open and pull out drawers. However, if you just want to create an atmosphere, it’s not impossible to place a lamp in the shape of a horse-shaped tellurium lotus. In addition, a low-hanging pendant light can be installed on the ceiling above the bedside as a bedside light.

The light of the bedside lamp pays attention to softness. Therefore, when choosing the design of the lamp, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the material of the lampshade can make the light soft. For example, a lampshade made of frosted glass, parchment, polyvinyl chloride, silk, etc., its translucent texture can create a warm atmosphere of half-light and half-dark, striped light and shadow in the living room, making people feel calm and serene.

Minimalist Table Lamp

IV. The best 4 rules for choosing bedside lamps

In fact, for the bedside lamp, it should not only be used for lighting, but the combination of function and aesthetics is the best description for it. Let’s talk about the selection rules of bedside lamps from an aesthetic point of view.

Although the bedside lamp is just a small object and does not need to be so troublesome, in fact, a wrong choice of bedside lamp will not only greatly reduce your lighting experience, but also destroy the coordination of the overall design. Therefore, in the choice of bedside lamps, you need to pay attention to these elements:

1. Identify the point of use

In the purchase of bedside lamps, how to maximize their utilization is the key. Therefore, when choosing, you need to consider these two points:

  • What is the meaning of the bedside lamp?
  • How many bedside lamps are needed to meet the needs?

Only by clearly understanding the role it plays in the space can you choose the most suitable bedside lamp.

2. Determine the color temperature and brightness of the light

The bedside lamp is the auxiliary light source, which is close to the human body. Considering the human body’s response to the light source and the creation of the atmosphere, it is recommended to choose a mild and soft warm yellow light, which helps to create a quiet and comfortable space atmosphere and reduces bright light visual stimulation.

3. The shape needs to match the design style

The shape selection of the bedside lamp is mainly simple and needs to match the overall design style. Simple and interesting bedside lamp design is an important magic weapon to complete the finishing touch.

4. Grasp the overall installation details

Except for table lamps and floor lamps, which can be placed at will, other types of lamps require an installation process. Therefore, when designing, these details need to be controlled.

Wall Lamp Installation Location

The installation position of the wall lamp is also particular, and the main one cannot be installed directly above the bed. This is the phenomenon of the lamp pressing the bed, which will give people greater mental pressure and lead to poor sleep. In addition, the direction of the light should not directly shine on the face of the person, otherwise it will form a light evil on the person.

When installing wall lamps and bedside lamps in the form of chandeliers, you need to consider the distance between the lamps and the bed board, and note that the horizontal distance between the two should not exceed 7.6 cm.

Bedside lamp Installation Location

When installing a bedside lamp in the form of a table lamp, it is necessary to consider the height distance between the bed and the bedside table to determine the actual lighting position, which is preferably higher than the sitting position.

Any light fixture needs a power source, so the location between the light and the power socket needs to be considered when designing. In addition, the installation of the light switch is based on the convenience of use.

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