Bathroom Lighting Design Guide

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Although the space of the bathroom accounts for a small part of the apartment, its location in life is very important. In the process of bathroom decoration, we will attach great importance to waterproofing and layout, but not so much about the scenery layout of the bathroom, after all, it is not a public space, it is for display!

In the eyes of some people who don’t know the truth, it is enough to have a main light in the bathroom. In fact, just one lamp is far from enough to meet the daily lighting needs of the bathroom. Uneven bathroom lighting can easily lead to a variety of home problems, such as poor makeup and so on. Therefore, the lighting in the bathroom also requires a combination of main lights and auxiliary lights, and this lighting design is more reasonable. In terms of main bathroom lights, the most frequently used ceiling lights are simple and easy to clean, and the color temperature is preferably controlled at 3000-4000K. As for auxiliary lights, most of them refer to mirror headlights, with a wide range of options, such as light strips, downlights, spotlights and chandeliers.

I. How to choose the light source for the bathroom: 3 indicators

1. Color Temperature

The color temperature of common household lamps ranges from 2000K to 6000K. The higher the color temperature, the whiter the color of the light. For everyday use, white light can make a room appear brighter. However, if it is a special need, such as taking pictures, putting on makeup, getting up at night, etc., the color temperature should be appropriately lowered.

The bathroom is a very special room, it has both the needs of daily use and the needs of special use. Therefore, for the bathroom, we need multiple lamps with different color temperatures.

It is recommended to choose lamps with higher color temperature (about 5000K) for main lighting fixtures, and local lighting fixtures such as ambient lights and mirror lights, and choose low color temperature lamps about 3000K.

In this way, the lighting in the bathroom has a sense of hierarchy. Whether it is open all for decoration, or only a few of them are opened for daily use, it can be easily adapted.

2. Color Rendering Index

Why can’t I see clearly even though it’s already very bright? This is not a problem with the eyes, but the color rendering index of the lamps is not up to standard. Color rendering means the fidelity of the color under the light. We set the color rendering index of sunlight as 100. By comparing this standard, the color rendering index of the light is obtained.

At present, the lamps with the highest color rendering index are incandescent lamps, and the color rendering index of fluorescent lamps and LED lamps depends on the quality of the products.

Generally speaking, we recommend installing at least one lamp with a high color rendering index in the bathroom, with a color rendering index of not less than 80, and it is usually installed next to the mirror, which can be convenient for dressing up. The color rendering index of lamps in other positions can be appropriately reduced, but it should not be lower than 60.

3. Power

The wattage of the main light is 8 to 16 watts, and the auxiliary light is basically 4 to 5 watts. The wattage of the different lights will also vary. Ask the seller more about this when purchasing. There is also a light beam angle that needs to be paid attention to, after all, it is related to aesthetics. Like downlights and spotlights, they all have beam angles, and different beam angles produce different lighting effects. Generally speaking, with the same power, the larger the beam angle, the smaller the central light, and the stronger the opposite central light.

II. What types of main lighting in the bathroom?

1. Ceiling Lamp

The bathroom uses a ceiling lamp as the main lighting, which is the most common. If the bathroom space in your home is very small, don’t make it too complicated, just choose an aluminum gusset ceiling with a ceiling lamp or a lamp combined with a bathroom master.

2. Chandelier

There are relatively few chandeliers used for the bathroom main light, because the ceiling of the bathroom is generally not very high. If you choose a chandelier, the height of the ceiling is required, and the chandelier generally needs to be matched with a gypsum board ceiling or a ceiling without a ceiling directly. I feel that the chandelier is not suitable for aluminum gusset ceilings. However, the biggest advantage of using chandeliers is that the chandelier itself has a good decoration effect, and it can be beautiful when the lights are not turned on during the day!

3. Downlight

The main lighting of the bathroom is matched with multiple downlights, and the lights are scattered and illuminated, which can also be very bright, and at the same time can create a very warm feeling.

4. Spotlight

There are relatively few spotlights for the main bathroom lights, which are more personalized, especially suitable for Nordic or industrial styles.

5. Light Strip

The light strip can also be used as the main light in the bathroom. Generally, the light strip will be used with downlights, which can increase the sense of space.

The above 5 kinds of lamps are suitable for the main light of the bathroom. I personally recommend that the downlight be used as the main lighting. The downlight is matched with gypsum board, the appearance is very high, and the light can be very uniform.

III. Regional layout of bathroom lighting

Washbasin & Vanity Mirror

Due to the nature of the work area of the washbasin itself, the requirements for the light source are still relatively high. After all, makeup removal and makeup are basically here. If there is no dresser at home, makeup will be done on the washbasin, and often with the front of the table. Mirror and mirror cabinet are matched, the illumination in this area should be above 300lx, and the brightness should be above 60W. Under high-brightness lighting, the decorative objects on the washbasin can better show their texture. For example, some delicate faucets on the washbasin can make their own metal materials get a good appearance in a high-bright environment. show.

The washing area needs uniform and soft facial lighting with sufficient illumination, and there needs to be sufficient and uniform lighting on the top of the head. In this way, it can meet the lighting needs of washing, makeup, and hair finishing.

1. Spotlights above the basin

The light beams from the ceiling are bright and dark, making the basin look particularly beautiful. The visual experience is better, and the facial features will be more three-dimensional. Since the beam is vertically downward, a noticeable shadow will be formed on the face when there is insufficient horizontal fill light on the face.

2. Downlights above the basin

There is basically no need to worry about facial contour shadows, but downlights are floodlights, and the basin lacks some vitality under uniform illumination. Uniform illumination is conducive to hair care.

3. Comprehensive use

A spotlight can also be set above the washbasin for lighting the washbasin, provided that there is enough fill light on the face, and a floodlight downlight is set behind the person to provide uniform illumination.

If a series of operations such as makeup needs to be performed on the sink, the lamps installed on the top surface often cause a certain facial shadow to the face. Therefore, in addition to the lighting on the countertop, the mirror lamp is also an important lamp in the sink area.

The key to the bathroom mirror with lights is to fully illuminate the face area of the person. Based on the illuminance and light angle, the lamps should be installed on both sides or the top of the mirror. A reasonable mirror light not only provides sufficient and uniform lighting, but also allows the basin. The area and the decoration of the entire bathroom have been greatly improved.

You can install chandeliers, downlights, etc. in front of the mirror for auxiliary lighting to enhance the overall decorative effect and atmosphere of the bathroom. The most important thing is to see the mirror clearly to meet the needs of daily washing and makeup. There are also many options for installing lamps around the bathroom mirror.

Commonly Used Mirror Front Fill Lights

1. Mirror with its own light source

Mirrors that emit light from the front have a certain fill light effect, but the overall illumination is average. Although there is diffusion treatment, the light source that is too bright will have glare, so the brightness of many mirror lights is not high.

If you choose this type of mirror, the reliable way is to buy the concave side. If the fill light is not enough, you can install a light strip yourself, rely on the diffuse reflection of the wall to fill in the light, and have a strong atmosphere lighting. The electrician can reserve the potential in advance, which is relatively simple, but the options will be much less.

For those who need makeup, please remember to buy a light source with a high color rendering index, otherwise your facial makeup will have a large color difference, which will be embarrassing. Because the current mainstream LED blue light chip lacks the color rendering of red, if the requirements for the light source are relatively high, it is recommended to refer to the CRI, and focus on R9 (red) and R15 (skin color). If it does not work, it is recommended to only buy a mirror and install the light source yourself.

2. Built-in light strip around the mirror

It is the most common practice to install a built-in light strip around the mirror. It can create an atmosphere and provide basic lighting needs. The light strip can be installed above the mirror or below the mirror, which can be more flexible and you can even add light strips around the mirror.

3. Install downlight above the mirror

Downlights are installed above the mirror for auxiliary lighting. The light of downlights is softer than spotlights, which is also a good choice.

4. Install wall lamps on both sides of the mirror

Wall lamps can be installed on both sides of the mirror, and the wall lamps can also play a decorative role in addition to lighting.

5. Install a chandelier above the mirror

The chandelier is installed above the mirror, which is very personalized. You can choose lamps of different shapes to enhance the overall decorative effect and atmosphere of the bathroom.

Ambient lighting under the countertop

The lighting under the cabinet is a powerful tool for low-level atmosphere. It is strongly recommended to install this lamp, and the reserved position of the thread head should be considered at the start of construction. Under the mirror cabinet or around the mirror cabinet, you can consider using lights to create the atmosphere. The surrounding light strips will be more convenient than the lights above the mirror cabinet. The light from above will have shadows, but the lights around the mirror will not have this embarrassing situation. In the case of niches, for example, installing light strips in the niches will have a good effect.

Three Types of Lighting Arrangements above the Toilet

1. Install a spotlight in front of the toilet

The advantage of this is that the toilet will be more beautiful when the toilet lid is closed, which is convenient for careful cleaning and lighting of the toilet.

If you have the habit of sitting down and looking at your phone, the spotlight will be prone to glare, and the phone screen will be automatically adjusted to the highest brightness by the light perception, which is not very friendly to people who don’t like bright phone screens.

2. Install downlights and spotlights behind the toilet

The wall can be used as a decorative piece, and the light acts on the wall, which can beautify the wall, avoid glare, and illuminate the space through the reflected light in the front, even if the light is enough to read on the toilet.

The light bar of the alcove needs to be installed on the top to avoid the damage to the lamps and the hidden safety hazards caused by the accumulation of water. The light strip can be considered the 24V waterproof model, and it is recommended to use warm yellow light.

  • Ra90
  • Safe voltage
  • No video flash
  • Fair price

3. Auxiliary lighting

It will also be considered when going to the bathroom at night, and some auxiliary lighting can be installed at the lower level, so that the lights at night can illuminate the road clearly without being dazzling!

Shower Room

The lighting in the shower area should not only let you see if you have washed it, but also create a certain atmosphere. The lighting in the shower area should be dominated by soft light. In most cases, the shower area will be equipped with a top shower. In the arrangement of the ceiling lamps in the shower area, attention should be paid to the distance from the top shower to avoid the light being blocked by the top shower and causing a lot of shadow areas.

In addition to direct lighting at the top, indirect lighting is also a mainstream method now, especially in the current minimalist style, such as letting the light strip match the shape of the top surface for indirect lighting or decorating some niche lights, so that the entire shower area can be illuminated by indirect lighting. The light appears more gentle and atmospheric. Generally, wall lamps or spotlights and downlights are installed on one side of the shower to make the whole body see clearly, and the brightness is about 100lx. A warm yellow color temperature can have a relaxing effect. The beam angle of the lamp is best to use a large beam angle, especially for families with elderly people at home, it will be more suitable!

1. Ceiling Downlight

A waterproof downlight can be used for the ceiling, and the waterproof level must reach IP65 to be safer.

There are usually two kinds of lamps, waterproof spotlights and waterproof downlights. The beam angle of the spotlights is about 30°, and the light output of the downlights is more uniform. In the shower, the downlights are more practical than the spotlights.

Downlights and spotlights can be considered 2322 waterproof models.

  • IP65
  • Ra90
2. Wind Heating Bathroom Master Lighting

Using the air heater is the simplest and most rude way. Most air heaters have their own lighting, so there is no need to use downlights for lighting in this area.

Bathtub Lighting

The lighting of the bathtub is also dominated by soft light. Generally, bathing in the bathtub is the most relaxing time of the day, and soft lighting will naturally make people feel more comfortable. Some people will also do some reading, reading or watching videos while enjoying the bath. At this time, they need some accent lighting. Additional wall-mounted reading lights are a good choice, without destroying the whole lighting atmosphere. meet people’s reading needs. In creating a bathroom lighting atmosphere, it is not only limited to the top lights, but also the lower lights can be used to enhance the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

The light strip can be designed on the ceiling, or it can be used as an alcove, taking a hot bath against the background of the ambient light, it is easier for people to relax, remove physical fatigue and take a bath for the soul.

It is the most common practice to design a spotlight above the bathtub.

Then there must be a small friend asking, is it not dazzling to lie down and take a bath?

The answer is that it will be dazzling and very dazzling, but this light is not for you to turn on when you are bathing. Its function is to clean and illuminate the bathtub, understand?

Therefore, this lamp must be an independent switch, and the lamp can be selected as a spotlight, with an IP65 waterproof level.

IV. The Bathroom Background Lighting

The background light source of the bathroom is generally decorated with light strips or spotlights. Installing light strips around the wall of the bathroom is a very trendy method that is simple and beautiful, and it is easier to highlight the personality and style.

Spotlights can also be used for wall decoration in the bathroom. The spotlight beams hit the wall, which is also very beautiful. Multiple spotlights can be used to illuminate from different angles, bringing a rich sense of hierarchy to the bathroom.

V. Conclusion

Lighting has a huge impact on the whole bathroom, but all aspects of the bathroom also affect the lighting fixtures. The waterproofing of bathroom lamps is also commonplace. Moisture is the most feared point for most spotlights, especially the water vapor emitted during the shower, which is sewn into the interior of the lamp through the edge of the spotlight, which not only affects the life of the lamp, but also poses certain safety hazards.

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