A Guide to Choosing a Lighted Mirror for Bathroom

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Table of Contents

I. What is a ceiling lamp?

Have you thought about redecorating and renovating your home just in time for Christmas? While we may not want to go through the hassle of a major makeover to our home, it would be better to make some changes. The trick to improvement is to find the most impactful conversions with as little effort and cost as possible! A space where a small fix can make a huge difference is of course the bathroom.

Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is the space where you spend alone time, a moment of freedom and leisure. Having a functional, light-filled bathroom also inspires calm and relaxation, which will positively impact your mental health and well-being.

Abundant light is an important part of the bathroom, and high-quality mirror lights are essential for the bathroom. Because the bathroom is where you start and end your day, activities like shaving, applying makeup, hair styling or plucking eyebrows all require good mirror lighting. Not only is adequate brightness important, but so is the placement of the light fixture on the mirror. The light colour is also decisive for the perfect lighting of a bathroom mirror or mirror cabinet.

Today we would like to share a buying guide on LED lighted bathroom mirrors that you can make a bathroom remodel without much cost or hassle. This blog post features George Light’s mirror lights and recommends which mirror lights are worth buying.

It is recommended to choose aluminum for the ceiling light body, which is lightweight, can reduce the risk of accidental fall off, and has a better anti-corrosion and anti-rust texture; the lamp shade can be made of acrylic material, which has better light transmittance and more uniform light output than glass masks.

II. What are the purchasing criteria for mirror lamps?

1. Even and soft glow

The uniform and soft lighting of the lighted bathroom mirror is mainly due to the widening of the lamp body, and the reasonable matching of the high-transparency PC mask with natural light effect, so that the lighting can truly achieve uniform and soft brightness.

2. LED light source

The light source of the mirror light is bright and soft, and the high-quality LED chips are used for high-quality LED chips, which can not only meet the requirements of high light efficiency and long life, but also achieve low color decay, which can essentially be restored to natural light.

3. Seal design

The prominent function of the vanity and mirror with lights is to prevent dust and fog. Through a series of sealing design, it can effectively block the intrusion of dust and water mist, avoid moisture and rust, and further improve the service life of the lamp.

4. Color rendering index

The color rendering index of the mirror light is recommended to be greater than 95, which is a good light source for illuminating the face in the true sense. The effect that can be achieved is high brightness, accurate color rendering, and no deviation in makeup effect.

5. Material requirements

The material of the mirror lights is recommended to choose high-grade aluminum alloy. The high-quality metal texture is very good, and the surface has been electroplated, and it will not rust. It is anti-corrosion, anti-rust and easy to take care of. The workmanship of the mirror light is processed by refined electroplating and welding, without losing the overall experience.

III. Where should the light be installed on the mirror?

Even glare-free light is very important for bathroom lighting. You can choose a mirror light with the fixture mounted above the mirror or a mirror light with two lights on the side of the mirror. Here, it is advisable to adjust the lighting to the width or height of the mirror. For best results, adjust the position of the mirror lights according to your height: one light above the mirror is ideally about 10cm above your hairline. If you use two lights on the side, it looks especially good if the center of the lights is at the same height as your eyes.

1. Mirror & light in one

The easiest way to fix your mirror lighting problem – use a mirror with built-in lighting! These 2-in-1 solutions are designed to create the perfect match between mirror and lighting. Strive to find the right balance between mirror shape and style.

Lighted Mirror with De-Mister

2. Strip lighting

This is the classic solution for mirror lighting. Place simple strip lights or Hollywood lights on top and/or sides of mirrors for a sleek look. Aim to install strip lighting that is the same width as the mirror (or slightly narrower) to balance the overall look.

3. Wall light on either side

Placing decorative wall or strip lighting on either side of a mirror will not only give you an even glow of light washing across your face but will also add character to your bathroom space. There are many options from contemporary to traditional to set the ambience just right!

4. Backlight mirrors with LED's

Backlit mirrors are on the rise in modern bathrooms. They use waterproof LED strip lights located behind mirrors or alcoves to create a glowing effect and a relaxing ambience. It also creates a layer of depth in the room, adding an eye-catching contemporary design feature.

Flexible LED Strip Lights

5. Strategically placed pendants

This is currently a popular trend and when used correctly, strategically placed pendants can be a great way to add a dramatic design feature to the space. Keep in mind that if placing a glass pendant near a mirror that It could be easily broken, so if you’re concerned about safety, consider using a metal, plastic, or cage pendant.<br><br>

Bathroom pendant lighting can help add style and design flair to otherwise simply designed bathroom spaces. Plus, they are a great solution for when more traditional wall lights aren’t practical.

IV. Which light color is suitable for mirror lighting in the bathroom?

The color of lights in a room can dramatically change how we perceive a space. Warmer colors will create a more comfortable feel, while cooler colors may make it easier to see while doing tasks. In the bathroom, lighting is one of the most critical functions.

The best color temperature for bathroom lighting is 3,000-3,200 Kelvins, which provides bright, crisp light. This light is good for bathroom tasks like styling hair, shaving, or applying makeup. The warm light of approximately 2,700 Kelvin is pleasing to the eye, creating an even better ambience for the guest-only bathroom.

A light colour between 3,300 and 5,300 Kelvin, i.e. a cool white colour temperature, is ideally suited for morning shaving, make-up application and eyebrow plucking. If you want to enjoy a relaxed light when brushing your teeth in the evening, a warm white light colour with a lower Kelvin value and more red components in the light is recommended instead. Therefore, dimmable lamps are particularly suitable for meeting both requirements.

While 3,000K-3,200K is a good range for bathroom mirror LED light, there are many important factors to consider before deciding on a light temperature.

V. How bright should a bathroom mirror light be?

The brightness of a lamp is measured in the unit for luminous flux, lumens (lm), while watts only say something about energy consumption. How many lumens you need for your bathroom mirror light fixture is entirely up to your bathroom. Is it a daylight bathroom with light-coloured tiles? Then the lights don’t need to be as bright as a bathroom with no windows and dark tiles. In this case, the room itself absorbs more light and therefore needs to be illuminated more strongly. A single illuminance is measured in lux and indicates how bright the light is in a specific room situation. For putting on make-up in front of a mirror luminaire in the bathroom, 300-400 lux is a good guide value.

VI. What protection class is valid for mirror lighting in the bathroom?

Since there is a high level of humidity in the bathroom, a certain protection class (IP) is also recommended. The IP values are different for different areas in the bathroom. As a rule, mirror luminaires and cabinets are mounted above the washbasin and therefore need a protection class of IP44. This means they are splash-proof.

VII. How to install mirror lights in the bathroom?

There are different types of mirror luminaires that also require different installation methods. Models that clip onto bathroom mirrors or have suction cups attached are easy to install yourself. Other mirror lights need to be fastened with screws. Since bathrooms are considered wet rooms, special regulations must be observed here when installing mirror luminaires. Therefore, it is best to leave the installation to professionals.

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